The Happiest Part

Corbin is kind of a morning person.  I actually was too, back when my mornings weren’t preceded by MAYBE 5 or 6 hours of sleep captured in 20-30 minute increments.  I believe I mentioned that he really digs the bathroom rug.  Well, he REALLY digs it.  And every morning when I get ready for work, he lies there (yes, its lies, I checked, cause I really wanted to type lays.   Why is that one so hard for me?) and we just smile at each other.  I would imagine that sounds like a THRILLING morning to the majority of folks, lol. 

But yes, first I change his diaper.  This is his second favorite thing, and the thing that starts the smiles.  I sit by him, and I smile at him, and he smiles even BIGGER.  Until eventually I have to get up and start getting ready, because HELLO- I leave for work before 7.  But we continue the smile exchange.  For once, I don’t feel all awkward smiling like a weirdo while I put my blush on.  (I do, however, still feel like a weirdo when I get 3 inches away from the mirror and do that open-mouthed, stupid face that somehow makes the mascara go on better.)

He has to take reflux medicine every morning.  Which he HATES. HATES.  And I feel like such a rat as he smiles at me while I get ready to shove that stuff in his mouth that makes him spit and gag and cough and cry.  And then I’m all- Look, here’s the bathroom rug! <smile>, ..aaannd..we’re right back at it.  🙂

I tried to photograph this today.  Because seriously, a baby who looks cute when he smiles?  This is earth shattering stuff!  But every time I held up the camera…nothin.  After acting like a complete idiot and trying to trick my infant into smiling for my blog, I finally remembered that- HELLO! Work! 7am! 

I think it would be awesome to be SO. DELIGHTED. by the wonders of a bathroom rug or a diaper change.  Alas, my delight requires something more sophisticated.  Like a 2 for one sale on Crystal Light.  Or opening my sock drawer and actually finding a matching pair of socks in a color somewhat close to the one I need.  Or a smiling baby who distracts me for so long that I never really manage to get my hair curled.  It’s the happiest part of my workdays.


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