I am so sleep deprived….

…that I was halfway through brushing my teeth the other day before I realized I was using a tiny, Tigger-shaped toothbrush.

…that Corbin’s medicine, which requires refrigeration, had to be refilled THREE times in the first month due to me leaving it on the counter.  I wonder what I was putting in the fridge.

…that people do a double take and say “you must be tired!”  Translation: You look like crap, lady; couldn’t you at least make an effort on your hair?

…that I repeatedly turn off my alarm without any knowledge of this occurring.

…that when I sit down to go to the bathroom, I spend a few moments questioning whether I REALLY need to get back up now, and another few moments finding the motivation to do so.

…that I’ve been meaning to talk to Brian about some things after the kids go to bed for the last WEEK AND A HALF, but I never make it ALLL the way to 8:30 with my thinking and conversing skills intact.

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the men in my family:

Lucky Basterds.  (yes, I can spell, I am just SO IN LOVE with this movie).

What sort of sleepless antics have you been up to?


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