Today with Lola

Just some random things I may want to remember someday.

-She wanted to breastfeed her “baby” (a two liter soda bottle wrapped in a blanket), and when she lifted up her shirt, she also reached under and made a clicking sound like she was unhooking a nursing bra.  Lol, the things they notice.

-She has recently gotten very into Simon Says (though, she doesn’t understand the point of it.  You know, the whole NOT doing it when Simon DOESN’T say.  So basically for her it’s just lots of instructions, not sure what’s so fun about that.)  Well, she was Simon in the car today, and some of her gems were “Simon says pat your sunglasses” and “Simon says look at those trees.”

-We had to do a little shopping today (which is turning into a LOT.  Trying to find boys’ clothes is INFURIATING!!!!!!!!), and it was so amazing to have people all over smiling and what a cute pair with such a well behaved little girl.  Delightful.  Until she threw an absolute fit at the end and we had an EPIC meltdown.


2 thoughts on “Today with Lola

  1. That is completely precious – her version of the Simon Says! Oh, and boys clothes – as a Mom of two boys, missing cute girls clothes, I always found that Old Navy at least offered some funky color options for boys.

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