Well, I’ll be Damned

I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me.  Meaning, I’d like to thank  meizac, who submitted the sole vote.  😛

I’m really glad that someone likes my blog who doesn’t share my hometown.  But I’ve got to be honest, my first thought was “crap, I’m not very versatile.”  I mean, sometimes I write about one kid, and sometimes I write about the other, and sometimes, for something completely different, I write about BOTH.  I’m trying to branch out though.  I’ve got a post in the works that MAY not mention either of them.

Anyway, thanks, and here are the rules:

The rules for accepting this award are as follows:

1. Thank the award-givers and link back to them in your post.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass this award along to 15 other bloggers.

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award. Happily.

Seven things about me:

1. I LOVE sneezing!  Love it!

2. I love to bake and am obsessed with desserts.  I am still a beginner, though, and sadly can’t find much time for it anymore.  I read baking books like they are novels, and now and then I go to Barnes and Noble just to look at them all and covet them.  Baking stuff stores are to me what Tiffany’s probably is to many women.

3. I’m DYING to be an insufferable yuppie mom who can stay ay home, or have a nanny, and buy my kids all kinds of trendy natural stuff, and feed them all organically, etc.  I’m much too poor for this, which is probably a good thing.

4. I used to have a shaved head.  In fact, my hair was very short (like under 3 inches) for probably as much of my life as it’s been long, and I secretly miss it.  I would probably cut all my hair off again if I hadn’t become so insecure about my appearance.  I’ve really been longing for the carefree supershort hair lately.

5. If I could look like anyone, it would probably be Milla Jovovich.  But Diane Kruger and Mila Kunis are inching up the list.

6. I cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. that I watch Juno or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  And if you hated Benjamin Button (or thought it was creepy, KARL!), please keep it to yourself.

7. If I had money to blow, I would have SOOO many outrageously expensive pairs of cowboy boots and aviator sunglasses.

You know, that list makes me sound shallow and whiney.  I mean, I AM sometimes, but not quite as much as that list makes me sound.  Just so you know.

This part is much harder.  I’m really new to this blogging thing and I can tell you right now that I don’t have 15 blogs to pass this on to.  I dont even read 15 blogs I don’t think.  But here are a few:

Mommy Man- I just found this one recently and LOVE IT! 

Nostalgia in the Making–  She’s a mom, and clearly a more together one than me.  Very thoughtful.

The Parenting Gig–  Another thoughtful mom blog.

Belly Button Blues– This one is very versatile indeed.  My favorite post is called Working on the Wild Side.  Love it.

Undomesticated Housewife– Super funny!

I’m stopping at five cause I have to get to work.  Sorry I broke the rules.  I’m a renegade.

Thanks for reading y’all!


4 thoughts on “Well, I’ll be Damned

  1. you’re way more a Milla than a Diane Kruger =) and I rarely say this but I agree with Karl. Creepy Case of Benjy Buttons.

    And congratulations on your award, I hope you don’t let it go to your head like Halle Berry.

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