Maybe I WILL Make Breastmilk Ice Cream

Or at least some variation thereof.

Folks, I am DYING for a Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  It’s so damn cute!  And I could make wonderful treats for, um, Lola.  Yeah, it would be totally For the Kids!  And actually, my random stuff post got me thinking, I really COULD make a breastmilk popsicle for Corbin, couldn’t I?  Have I gone round the bend in my efforts to justify this purchase?

Here’s the thing: it’s a 50 dollar popsicle maker.  But it makes popsicles in 7 minutes!  And they are appropriately sized for children! (a lot of the molds I was looking at are way too big for my kid to finish.)  And have you seen how cute they are!?  AAAANNND! The car dealer gave us a $50 visa gift card when they didn’t repair our car fast enough, even though I never even complained!  It was fate!

It’s been so warm here lately, that I’m a little carried away by the Summer Fever.  And also, I will now admit that the point of this post was mostly that I wanted to try out the polling feature.  I will attempt to post something more intriguing soon.  In the meantime, Will she? Won’t she? Intrigue!


10 thoughts on “Maybe I WILL Make Breastmilk Ice Cream

  1. Man, now *I* want one too! I think $50 is actually a pretty reasonable price in the long haul. And it’s something you can involve the kids in, coming up with recipes and fun things to make with it. I know I *loved* making ice cube tray pops as a kid, and when my mom splurged and got the tupperware molds I was in heaven. But this is even better – just 7 minutes instead of having to wait agonizing hours. Not to mention being more in control of what goes into them, and being able to make smaller batches, I don’t need to mention how many half eaten boxes of pops that were routinely thrown out because we didn’t like the lime ones…. we loved the rootbeer and banana flavors, but the variety pack came with lime too. If you truly think you’ll use it for the summer, it will be worth every penny.

    Have I convinced you yet? Cause I have certainly talked myself into getting one!!

    • Those were all my arguments too! I think we’re going to buy it eventually. But this weather has been so crazy, truth be told, after today it will probably be 3 months before its hot enough to use it again, lol. SO I’m waiting a bit to see if I get over it. I’ve wanted it for like 2 months already though.

  2. Make someone give it to you as a gift! 😉 I didn’t know it existed until I got mine as a Christmas present. And I haven’t tried it out much, so I don’t know if you should spend your hard-earned cash. I’ll be sure to try some more “recipes” and let you know (via my site) how they go.

  3. $50 is more than worth it when compared to, “Mommy, are they ready yet? Are they ready now? How about NOW? When are they *ever* going to be ready? But, I *really* want a popsicle now….” that you would endure without it.

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