The Tournament of Bad

The Chicago sports radio station, 670 the Score, has this AWESOME afternoon show with Boers and Bernstein.  They are so funny and they have lots of funny segments, and I’m so sad that I can’t listen to them at work (too many strip club commercials).  But the BEST THING that they do is called the Tournament of Bad.


Okay, so basically, they have tons of things that suck, and then everyone votes, and they narrow down the winners (er, losers I guess) tournament style.

Here is the 2012 bracket

As you can see, there have been some gems knocked out already.  “Couples who sit on the same side of the booth” was knocked out by “wet socks.”  Personally, I think the former is worse.  i just throw my wet socks on the end of the hairdryer.  No lie.  Works like a charm. 

Others from their tourney that made me chuckle:

Guys that say “we’re pregnant” 

Unsalted nuts

Wearing a jersey tucked in

Using the word “supposebly”

Anyhow, you get the point.  What if!?  What if I made my OWN tournament of bad?  Would people play?  I was thinking that between my blog readers and some of my other online friends, I might be able to get this going.  OR! I might fail in complete embarrassment when no one wants to play with me.  Don’t make me an embarrassed failure!

Please submit your ideas for Bad Things for a StephiCakes Tournament of Bad.  Since this is a parenting blog, I’m okay with a lot of them being parenting-related.  But they don’t have to be.  If I can get enough good ones together this will be fun.  I promise!  Here are a few that just came to me to get us started:

Virgin drinks

Spilled breastmilk

Unsolicited advice

Misplaced apostrophes (eg. “Hot Dog’s: $3.00”)

People who get really pissed about their baby’s gender

Eyes on potatoes (if I haven’t told you all about my INSANE PHOBIA of these, trust me, I will.)

Angelina Jolie

Close talkers

So, leave your suggestions in the comments.  You can add as many as you want and keep doing so until next friday, March 30th.  Then I’ll try and put a bracket together.  I’m going to open this up to my facebook group too and hopefully it will work out.  🙂


27 thoughts on “The Tournament of Bad

    • It says I can’t reply because I already said this. I am so confused. Can you tell I’m a newbie blogger?

      – People who knock on an open door while simultaneously saying “knock knock.”

      – When babies go to the bathroom in the bathtub. It just really freaks me out. And then they step in it. Guaranteed. (It happened to me. One time. It scarred me.)

      – The Vulcan sign. It makes my fingers feel weird. Fingers shouldn’t move like that. Ever.

      – Two-and-a-Half Men.

      – Installing car seats.

      – When strangers give my children candy or money…I know they are being nice, but creeeepy.

  1. It might be quicker if we just talk about things that don’t suck…
    But mine would be people with bad attitudes, always looking on the dark side of things, moaning and whining, and carrying on…. Oh, poor me,…
    But really, everything sucks, so why bother…
    (That was a long way to go for a bad joke…sorry)

  2. – adult men who talk baby talk to other adults. ie. I is right?
    – women who can wear pre preggo jeans after 1 week
    – sucking the nose snot from your baby’s nose – nosefrida anyone?
    – baby grunting … for hours… in the bassinet ALL night long

      • Hell call it like it is. I AM bitter about that 😀 Those skinny bitches and their “breastfeeding just melts away the pounds” “I had to stop breastfeeding because my metabolism can’t keep up” make me sick. Not really, but if I have to be bitter I may as well play the part right. 🙂

  3. Okay, totally agree! “Same siders” are the worst.

    My bads are:

    – Leaking in public
    – Baby farts – adorable at home, the epitome of embarrassing in the grocery store (do you loudly blame the baby? Accept that others will think you have no shame?)
    – Hiccups
    – Referring to your wife as your “bride” years after you’ve been married (I know, I sound like a mega-jerk)
    – Ruining a nail after you’ve waited patiently for them to dry

  4. I love the idea, will put on my thinking cap, the only one I have right now is having 20 clean sippy cups, but only one clean sippy cup lid. I am still not sure how this always seems to happen to us!

  5. Maybe it should be called the tournament of the annoying. LOL
    not having a comeback until 1 minute after the time you needed it
    not remembering the punchline of a joke but trying to tell it anyways
    visible thongs on fat people
    male speedos
    kids who poop or pee in random places
    Sarah Palin
    people who drive Hummers, especially those with custom paint jobs to match their favorite sports team

  6. The waiter that doesn’t write down your order and then gets it wrong
    “I’d never let my kids do…” from the non-parents
    Asking if your pregnancy was planned
    Asking if you’re “trying” to have a baby
    Peeing on your hand instead of the cup for the OB
    The GD test drink
    kids catching you sneaking a snack they shouldn’t have
    kids trying out their new cussword, in front of your grandparents or in-laws

  7. People who pronounce library “liberry,”

    Eating noises

    Having to pee while playing hide-and-seek (instantly, every time)

    Ditto for when you’ve just finished painting your nails

    Husbands who put the dirty diaper on top of or right next to the diaper genie, but not in it

    Ditto for dishes in proximity to dishwasher

  8. Slow talkers

    Men who don’t adopt grown-up names, so continue to be called: Robbie, Donny, Jimmy, etc.

    Dishes spread all over the counter, rather than put in the empty dishwasher or at least stacked next to the sink


    Strangers calling me “honey,” “dear,” “sweetheart,” or “love”

    People who get all defensive and justify their food choices when they find out I’m vegan

    Ectcetra (when spoken) or (more commonly) ect. when written

    People who use “literally” to describe something that cannot be mistaken as figurative, e.g., “I literally smiled at the guy”

    • those are some good ones. Irregardless totally gets my dander up, as do those terms of endearment from strangers. But NOTHING is as bad as misuse of literally. People! You’re using it to mean the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it means!!! You didn’t literally jump right out of your skin! That’s not possible!!!

  9. Oh! Oh! How could I forget this one, though it’s in line with one above…

    People who – trying to be politically correct or something – refer to pregnant ‘people’ rather than pregnant women.

  10. What a fun idea! Here’s a few.

    –Strangers talking to you in a loud voice, about your obviously sleeping baby.
    –Thinking that if a baby can ask for it, they’re too old to nurse.
    –The “oh, you must be poor and can’t afford a stroller look” when carrying your baby in a sling.
    –People who give advice without actually knowing what they’re talking about.
    I see this last one all the time on forums. Why reply to an honest question that you obviously know nothing about?

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