Pregnant Sister Thanksgiving Pie

When my sister was pregnant on Thanksgiving a couple years ago, she requested a chocolate silk pie.  Now, traditionally, these have uncooked eggs in them.  And since I had only been through one pregnancy so far, I was still sort of a lame-ass rule-follower.  So I had to find her something similar without the raw eggs.  I made a baked chocolate pie, and it was heaven, and I named it Pregnant Sister Thanksgiving Pie.

I made another of these last night.  I usually use chocolate graham cracker crust, but Lola (yeah, that’s right, it was LOLA, never ME) ate all my chocolate graham crackers, and we’re on a strict grocery budget these days.  I’m sure it would also be very good with a regular pastry crust, but that’s more time consuming and I’m lazy about it.

So, basically anything that starts with THESE fantastic things, is going to be at least pretty tasty no matter what!  Graham cracker crust, quality chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk.  YUMMY!


And when it’s done, it looks like this:


It’s better when you whip your own whipped cream, but this was just for my coworkers and I didn’t feel like it, lol.

Cakesy’s Graham Cracker Crust

1 sleeve graham crackers

1/4 C sugar

5-6 T butter, melted

Large-ish pinch of salt

– crush up the graham crackers, fine. I stick ’em in a big ziplock and go at it with a rolling pin.

-mix the sugar and salt into the crumbs, then the melted butter.

-press into a 9″ pie dish and bake at 350 degrees F (or 325, or 375, its not a big deal if you need the oven at a different temp.)  for about 7 minutes.

Pregnant Sister Pie Filling

1 C coarsely chopped chocolate

4 T unsalted butter

1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk

1/2 C half and half or light cream

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1 pinch salt

1 T flour

-melt chocolate and butter together with gentle heat.

-once melted, whisk in condensed milk.  (and try really hard not to just eat this entire mixture with a big spoon.  Good luck!)

-whisk in cream, eggs, vanilla, salt, and flour, whisking until smooth

-pour into prebaked crust, and bake pie at 350 degrees F for about 35minutes.  You’ll know it’s done when the edges brown and it doesn’t look liquidy when you shake the dish a little.

-cool completely, serve with whipped cream, store in the fridge.


11 thoughts on “Pregnant Sister Thanksgiving Pie

  1. Wow, that looks about a thousand times better than instant pudding in a pre-fab crust. Also, I would love to try to make it. I bet I could screw it up big-time. Mmmm.

  2. Yeah, I’m not a baking blogger, so my instructions and photos are pretty mediocre, lol. But it is GOOD STUFF! And I am usually not that complimentary to my own baking. 🙂

    • I feel like you are an everything blogger. But I guess I don’t know you that well yet. Still, I like what I see. And I like pie. 🙂 I wonder how far away from me you are in Wisconsin. Pie-far???

      • I’m all the way in the SE corner, and my pie throwing skills are, sadly, pretty rusty. Basically I throw like a girl. And you should see me when someone tries to toss me some keys or something. High comedy!!

  3. You do yourself a disservice saying you’re not a baking blogger! That pie looks delish, I think I just licked my monitor! I am all in for anything that calls for dark chocolate! I think I need to take a look around and see what other yummies you’ve got posted!

      • I can totally relate! My kids are a bit older and have their own things to keep them occupied these days. But when they were little, it was a bit trickier. when I’m baking, I let my daughter mix the dry ingredients. She feels so important! Now she’s moved up to cracking eggs and you’d have thought she just got her drivers license!

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