One more reblog

Okay, one more that I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! and then I’ll get back to my own stuff.  Except, what if my stuff seems super boring in comparison?  Should I post this?

Yes.  Because it makes me laugh out loud EVERY time I look at it, and I’m a giver.

From The Two Boys Club

There’s a new regime in our house putting up little signs with new rules. A kindergartner’s Hammurabi’s code of law, if you will. And to some, these might even read like cuneiform.

The first sign to appear:

NO TALKING. Really, what is it with these parents who try to converse with their much  cooler 5-year-old offspring? And they ask the lamest questions, like would you like chicken or pasta tonight. Duh, obviously the answer is always nigiri tuna sushi.

The next:

NO IPHONES. Doesn’t this mean the parents are in fact obeying the first sign, and zoned out while reading? No, it means they are obviously depriving the ruling 5-year-old of precious time that could be spent playing Angry Birds or trying to purchase new games.

Thankfully, we have kids under 6 to lay down these rules for us.--Jillian O’Connor

I seriously hope my kids do something this awesome someday.  Currently, Lola’s still learning to draw circles.


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