Wednesdays With the Kids

So, the reason I started this blog is because my friend suggested it.  I had emailed him one of my journal entries (every now and then I SWEAR I’m going to keep a journal to remember this time by, and then I do for a week, and then I quit.)  It was just a recap of our day, basically.  I work 4 ten-hour days and I LOVE it because it gives me a whole day with the kids midweek.  So one day I decided to just journal our day, and that’s what I forwarded to Matty, who suggested that I do a blog because I could add pictures and share it with family.

I was thinking I should start making this a regular feature, since for me the real point of this blog is to look back on and remember.  Except yesterday frustrated me so much that I don’t feel like writing it down.  Instead, here is that initial Wednsday With the Kids.  The one that got this party started.

February 15, 2012

-It begins in the wee hours of the morning (AGAIN!) when I haul my sleep deprived (and disappointingly large) ass out of bed to change Corbin’s diaper while he cries.  Until I flip on the booklight that Brian attatched to a bandana that was hanging from the mirror (Klassy!).  This Corbin stares at transfixed as though it were the Very Special Light of the Universe.
-We are then up for the day, and Corbin has for some reason developed a particular fondness for laying on the bathroom rug.  So he is ALL. SMILES! while I slowly realize that I am brushing my teeth with a tiny, Tigger shaped brush.
-Lola wakes up with the kind of epic bedhead that only a crazy-sleeping 3yr old with hair rivaling Shakira’s can create.  She smiles sleepily and wishes Good Morning to everyone, including the cat, because I suggested she try being a little nicer to poor Logan and not just take advantage of the fact that he’s the one member of the household who won’t put her in timeout for yelling at him.
-Lola stands by my side while I eat my cereal and repeatedly points out which piece I should eat next.  I find this partly very amusing, and partly very annoying because apparently I actually have my own oddly-strong opinions about which piece to eat next.  I fear we might both be weirdos.
-Today I have my first session of Counseling for the Weak and Overly Sensitive (it turns out one of the things I need to work on is self criticism).  Lola keeps asking me where I’m going and I oh-so-expertly explain that I have to “go somewhere and talk to someone.”  She spends the rest of the morning begging to please go somewhere to talk to someone too.  I tell her it’s her LUCKY DAY because she gets to go and talk to the Dr. later about her RAGING ear infection!  🙂
-Corbin has developed a Pavlovian response to the Dr’s office and starts crying to be fed every. time. we walk in the door.  The poor pediatrician has seen WAY too much of my nipples.
-Lola starts squatting suspiciously on the other side of the Overly Tempting Train Table of Germy Death.  So much for not peeing or pooping on Princess Rapunzel.  But I congratulate myself for being SuperMom because I don’t yell at her AND I have a spare pair of (admittedly seasonally inappropriate) pants to change her into.  Go me!
-Lola critiques my driving the whole way to the pharmacy.  “watch out for that big truck!” “Whew, that was a close one.”  I swear that there were no near accidents at all; she’s got me feeling defensive.
-I am STOKED to discover that her prescription does NOT need to be refrigerated, because my sleep deprived state has also caused me to leave Corbin’s refrigerated prescription out on the counter overnight THREE TIMES already.  Talk about being thankful for the little things.
-Lola sees me cutting bread (which I am SO excited to slather with butter after self-diagnosing Corbin’s allergies as None.) and says “there’s the bread!  Bread A-ho!” as if she’s a Thundercat or a sea-weary sailor spotting land.  I’m with you kid, bread IS awesome.
-I not only slather the bread with butter, I add deep dish pizza, a steak quesadilla, and way too many cookies because that elimination diet was For. The. Birds. and I’m making up for lost time.
-After one too many meltdowns I have decided it’s bedtime.  She gives cheery goodnights to everyone, INCLUDING the cat! Because apparently she has decided to listen to SOMETHING I told her for once!  Why couldn’t it have been that “don’t pee on the Princess Rapunzel” bit?
-I don’t even feel an unrelenting need for a glass of wine tonight!  🙂


11 thoughts on “Wednesdays With the Kids

  1. I always feel like it’s weird that I read your posts and, instead of thinking, “oh, man, there’s more than one of us that this stuff happens to,” I think (disturbingly joyously), “it’s not just me!”

  2. So now I’m kind of sad that I came to your blog, because it’s a buffet of wit and awesomeness, and you’re super funny, and I find myself jealous but unable to quit reading. Totally reposting on my blog. I am a definite fan of yours, working to get to your skill level. xoxo

    • LOL, you totally made me blush! You’re too kind. Seriously. Your blog is very good! I added it to my favorites! And I’m selective about that. I am looking forward to reading more from you as well. 🙂

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