Miss Julia Child Visited Me!

Actually, it was just my friend Karl.

Karl is a super super good cook AND baker.  I know!  How annoying that he gets to be awesome at BOTH!  I requested a private lesson, and his other half, Matty (who is also my Soul Sister and Lola’s Godfather) even came with and kept Lola entertained.   So I now know how to make some new things.  🙂  Yay for everyone in my house, because I’m not a very good cook.  But I feel that just watching someone who’s good at that stuff helps a ton.  Especially with the baking stuff that I’ve already got at least a lot of the practicing done on.  It’s easy then to pick up little things.  Whereas with the cooking I was mostly writing stuff down and trying not to be impatient. 

So, Sunday was a busy day overall.  It started with a GREAT idea to have breakfast with Elmo.  Apparently the humane society was having this for charity at the local Moose Club (Lodge? Den?  whatever it’s called.)  So I mentioned it to my mom, and she decided to bring my nephew and meet me there, which was awesome because that meant she’d pay.  🙂 

I should have known how the day was going to go when I saw the parking lot.  It was both PACKED LIKE SARDINES and totally muddy.  SO GLAD I decided to have Lola wear her brand new Nikes.  So, with Corbin in the Peanut Shell (that’s a baby sling, for those who aren’t into that stuff), and diaper bag in hand, I then also carried Lola to the door.  To preserve her clean shoes.

Then we had to wait in line.  Forever.  Because apparently EVERYONE ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH NEEDED to see Elmo and eat pancakes yesterday.  I can’t tell you how much a 5 month old, a 3 yr old, and a 2 yr old LOVE waiting in line in a crowded hallway.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have brought Corbin, but I had no idea that this was the hippest spot in town.  What was weird was the people who were there without kids.  I mean, really?  Just for a 7 dollar plate of pancakes?

We were all packed in the Lodge (or whatever) like sardines.  Like, it was such close quarters that when a large-ish guy sat behind me I was unable to hold Corbin on my lap and sit at the table.  So DEAR GOD WHY did so many people insist on bringing their giant jogging strollers!?  This is a point of irritation with me.  Parents who need to carry the entire contents of their homes around with them in a wheeled contraption roughly the size of a Ford Explorer.  I have never ever found either of my children to need that much stuff when we’re out for an hour or whatever.  I was able to carry both of my children plus all of our things across the parking lot without breaking a sweat.  That should be the standard, I think, of whether you have TOO MUCH CRAP.  End rant.

Basically, it was pretty lame.  But Lola and Michael did get their photo with Elmo.  Which I will try to remember to scan in later.  You know, looking back on all that, I realized how boring it probably is to read about.  I’m not feeling very witty today, so oh well.

Corbin turned 5 months old last week.  Insert lament about it flying by too fast here.


Here’s Lola at the same age:


You can’t tell in those two pictures, but I was AMAZED by how alike they look at the same age.  So then I tried to imagine Lola as a boy, to see what Corbin might look like in a few years.  Which is funny, because I usually try to imagine Brian as a girl, to see what Lola might look like in a few decades, lol.

I tried for a few minutes to get a picture of the two of them, because the one I wear in my nametag at work is still a 2 week picture of just Corbin. (and as an aside, what is with people insinuating that I’m a bad mom for this?  They’ll be like “Come on, Mom! Geez!”  verbatim.  I’m BUSY, FOLKS!!!  And my baby likes to be crabby at the exact moment I pull out the camera.)  So, here’s 3 shots from that session, none of which are really nametag quality. 


Um…what are you guys looking at?  You’re not even looking away in the same direction!


Corbin, could you be more bored?  Lola, could you have more syrup on your sleeves?  There’s a thing called a napkin!  And also, the camera’s up here.


What the…?  Okay, I quit. I told you to “say cheese,” not to “fake sneeze.” 

On Wednesday, I SWEAR I will get a decent picture of the two of them!

And THEN came the cooking and baking.  We made profiteroles.  They looked like this:

Please ignore the ugly orange juice mustache, Crystal Light makes a much prettier one.

So, I didn’t write stuff down, but they were WAY easier that I thought!  Basically:

Melt one stick butter with one cup water in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Add 1 cup flour, remove from heat, stir it up.  Add 4 eggs, one at a time.  Then pipe them out onto a silpat mat (or parchment paper I suppose) on a cookie sheet and bake at 450 (ish.  Karl’s REAL nonspecific on times and temperatures.)  When they start to look golden and puffy, turn the oven temp down to about 350F and let them cook a bit longer till they get all dried through.  I think he planned for that to be about 12 min.  You can take one out and open it up, if it’s still a little “wet” or doughy in the middle, just leave it in a little longer.  They seem to be fairly forgiving.

Here’s Ina Garten’s profiterole recipe, if you’d want something more specific.

Then we filled them with filling, this is just as detailed and precise:

1 block of cream cheese, whip it up in the Kitchenaid.  Add enough heavy cream to make a nice, thick creamy filling.  Maybe a little less than a cup? Keep whipping.  Add some powdered sugar till it’s as sweet as you like.  And then a splash of vanilla.  (I can’t even get on Karl for this, this is how all my frosting type recipes are, I don’t measure anything unless I’m making swiss merengue buttercream or something like that.)

Slice up some strawberries and toss them with some sugar and a splash of vanilla.  Put the cream and the strawberries into your sliced pastries.  Then douse with chocolate sauce.  I’m not going to give away Karl’s awesome secret chocolate sauce recipe, but that’s easy to find.  Or you can use store bought.

Voila!  They’re even tastier than they look.  🙂

Then he taught me to make chicken parmesan with tomato sauce and pasta.  And it was ALSO delicious.  I”m not going to type it all up though.  Also, it’s more of the same types of measurements (i.e.  “kind of a lot” of oregano, etc.  lol.)  But Lola sure liked pounding the hell out of the chicken breasts with a rolling pin!


Are you guys getting sick of my recent discovery of and total ineptitude with Photobucket’s weird effects?

Lastly, here’s a super cute picture of Lola and Brian.  Brian really needed some Lola love, and she was being silly and refusing, so I told her I’d take a picture if she sat by Daddy.  That kid LOVES to be in pictures!


Sometimes you just hope you can absorb your 3 yr old’s oblivious happiness by osmosis.

Start getting used to obnoxious, poorly done, SUPER amateurish photo effects.  yay! 


I’ll miss this

Corbin’s usually a real happy little guy in the morning.  He and I hang out a bit in the morning while I get ready for work and everyone else is still sleeping.  He’s not sitting yet.  But I sit on the couch and I sit him on my lap, and he smiles and smiles.  And he flops right against my chest, the side of his little face pressed into me.  He doesn’t have the strength or control to do anything but sit there, all floppy, cheek pressed into my chest.  And he smiles about it the whole time, like that’s just exactly where he wants to be.

God I’m going to miss this as Corbin, my last little baby, keeps getting bigger.

Wednesdays With the Kids #4

– Confession time: I tend to sleep topless. There is a newly postpartum period where nursing pads are a must, but once that calms down, I’m back to topless.  And since I breastfeed and cosleep, it’s really easiest anyway.  This morning I stumble into the bathroom to discover claw marks all over my chest.  I swear I cut them all the time, but I just CANNOT stay on top of Corbin’s super speedy fingernail growth.  The pediatrician said I should paint them silver and tell my husband it’s just like Wolverine.  LOL.

-Add to the list of Weird Things That Make Corbin Happy: getting his clothes changed.  I start pulling his arms out of his sleeves, and he starts smiling like he’s at a free puppy giveaway.  Weirdo.

– I have instituted a rule in our house that whomever drinks the last of the Crystal Light has to make a new pitcher.  Brian now routinely drinks all but about 3 tablespoons of the Crystal Light.  GRRR.

– I intend to get SOOO much done on my one day off.  But today it’s raining, and I decide that all we’re getting done is hanging out in the living room, snacking all day, and watching TV.  Why yes, I AM Mother of the Year.  🙂  Lola wants to watch My Little Ponies.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to my beloved My Little Ponies!?  The Ponies were the largest source of happiness in my childhood, I swear.  Now they all look like they’re on crack.  RAGE!

– Lola came home from preschool yesterday with a hospital mask.  Today I ask her who gave her that and she says “The nurses.”  I guess some nurses came to her classroom, all I can discern from the little that Lola feels like sharing is that one was a boy and one was a girl and “They telled me about something I can’t eat: candy.  I don’t want to eat candy anymore.”  Thank you, nurses!

-Lola can write her name!  We’ve been trying and she’s been getting close, but today without any prompting, she writes it twice. I am so proud.  She then breaks the pen, and while looking at it broken on the ground, says to the pen, “we’re not bein’ best friends anymore.”  I think the pen is pretty crushed.

– Corbin has apparently decided on a favorite toy: a little stuffed Tigger.  Brian swore it was Corbin’s favorite, but I thought Brian was just being a weirdo.  Sure enough, every time I try to give him something else he does nothing but roll to the Tigger.  And then cover it in saliva.  Much like his other favorite, me.

– Corbin is not on board with Laid Back Day anymore, and I’m reminded of something I read about kids once: “if they’re crabby, put them in water.”  Bath time! I tell Lola that if she wants to take a bath (which she always does,) she has to get herself undressed while I get Corbin ready.  When I walk back into the bathroom a minute later, she is completely naked and says, “Tada!” like it’s a magic trick.  I think maybe I should try that at the OBGYN’s office.  When she tells me to undress and steps out of the room.  Then when she comes back in, I can say, “Tada!”  Or maybe that’s something that’s really only cute when you’re 3.  😛 

– After I take Corbin out, Lola starts doing this weird thing where she sticks her butt up and sticks just the ends of her hair in Corbin’s little pink tub (now containing Dora the Mermaid.)  I don’t know what this is about, but when I tell her she might get hurt if she keeps horsing around, she tells me, “yeah..probly.”  Well, as long as you’re aware, I guess.


Here’s one of Corbin, just for good measure:


– I’m not sure why, but Lola thinks that when you’re cold you say “Drrrrr,” with a D instead of a B.  She does this every time she comes out of the tub.

– Lola comes running up to me yelling “Spider!  Spider! It was crawling on me!”  Horrified, I go back to the kitchen with her to look.  “There it is!”  Turns out it’s just a combination of me being in the postpartum shedding-like-a-husky-in-springtime period AND being behind on housework.  It was a little tangled bit of hair.  Which I guess is almost as gross as a spider, though, if you think about it. 😦

– Lola has an accident on her bedroom floor.  A “holy crap, how did that much liquid even FIT inside you!?” accident.  Then walks through it and tracks it down the hall and into the living room.  Then she proceeds to be obnoxious while her brother is sleeping and I’m at my wit’s end and tell her she needs to go play by herself.  5 minutes later, I see her over by Corbin, and am about to get upset with her, when I hear her say “are you all done with your cupcake, Little Brother?”  And I find it so sweet that she was including her sleeping brother in her play, and so nicely, but also very quietly so she didn’t wake him up.  Sometimes she’s so sweet.  🙂

– And then she decides to spend the rest of the night being a HOLY TERROR, inspiring no more cute stories.

Movies I Love, part two

The rest of the list.  I think I’ll go alphabetical.

Almost Famous – This movie is really sweet without being really cheesy.  This was before Kate Hudson decided to make nothing but crap.  Her Penny Lane is absolutely delightful and irresistible.  I like that this movie was played JUST RIGHT on all accounts.  I feel like it could have easily been silly or smutty or forgettable.  And instead it’s an utterly charming coming of age story.  It has a killer soundtrack that is pitch perfect (I hated that pun, but the only other phrase that came to mind was “hits all the right notes,” which was SOOO much worse!) and just makes you feel really good.  It also contains the very memorable quote that is what I will ALWAYS think of when I see Philip Seymore Hoffman now, “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what we share with other people when we’re uncool.”

As Good as it Gets There are SO many Jack Nicholson movies that deserve a spot on lists about movies.  I’ve seen the classics, and I do really like them (except Easy Rider, I am not cool enough to get what’s so great about that movie.)  But this is the one that I really love.  I’m pretty sure this movie still holds the award for the most laughing out loud I’ve ever done in a theater.  And it helps that it is such a nice memory because my dear, since-departed Grandma was laughing right next to me.  This movie definitely has its flaws.  But it’s so funny!  And so well acted.  And has some really poignant lines and scenes to go along with the laughs.  This is an often-quoted one in my life. (ETA- runner up for funniest movie to me, is The Ref.  I didn’t see it in a theater though.)

Black Hawk Down – Now, since I’ve seen Band of Brothers, all other war movies have been measured against it, and found to be lacking.  But I’m not counting that one here because it’s a miniseries.  And also, I saw Black Hawk Down before I saw BoB.  With that caveat, this is my favorite “war” movie.  I read the book too.  Of all the movies I’ve seen that are representational of actual events, this is absolutely the truest to the reality.  Right down to very much of the dialogue.  We can know that, because there is so much actual documentation from the event.  I love this movie because it does not try to be romantic about war; it does not try to make you feel any particular way; it just gives a very factual representation of the experiences of the soldiers involved in this terrible incident in Somalia. I think a major theme could be summed up in the line “It’s about the man next to you.”  It did stir up some strong feelings, though.  It is amazing to see the reality of our soldiers and their courage and abilities.  I encourage you to read the review.  It explains very well what I love about this movie.  I was pleased to see that Ebert gave it all 4 stars.  It’s not a movie that I really ever see paid its due respect.

Elizabeth – If you were to ask anyone who knows me what my favorite movie is, I’ll bet they’d tell you Elizabeth.  I don’t know if it still holds up as my number one, but it did for a long time, and it’s definitely still top 10.  When I saw this in the theater when I was about 15, I didn’t love it.  I was bored, and confused, and historical dramas are SOO not my thing, especially this particular era (I don’t care for Shakespeare either, sue me.)   But I could tell that there was something great there.  That the failure to love it was on MY part.  So I rented it again a bit later, and fell in LOVE.  In LOVE!  It’s very complex and VERY dramatic.  It tells a human story of an almost mythic figure.  And Geoffrey Rush’s Walsingham (Elizabeth’s trusted advisor) is INCREDIBLE!  Plus, there are not enough adjectives in this world to accurately give enough credit to the fabulousness that is Cate Blanchett.  I found her before the rest of y’all! (Unless you beat me by loving Oscar and Lucinda back when it first came out.)  Daniel Craig’s in it, too.  So to everyone else he is James Bond, but to me, he’s always been “the priest from Elizabeth.”

Inglourious Basterds – This movie is sometimes gory and disturbing and even a little slow, but what really puts it in my “love” list, is it is SO FLIPPIN FUNNY!  But not in a stupid comedy way.  I’m not a huge Tarantino fan, but he NAILED this one.  It is so stylish and cool.  And really funny. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but once we got to the part where Brad Pitt’s Aldo Raine tells his troops “we ain’t in the prisoner takin bidness, we’re in the Nazi killin’ bidness.  And cousin, bidness is a-boomin’!”  I was delighted and HOOKED.  The roles were INCREDIBLY well-cast.  And I know a lot of folks are down on Brad Pitt, but he is AWESOME in this.  The first time I watched it, I spent a lot of the time wondering when Brad Pitt would be back on.  I think this one isn’t for everyone.  It’s a love it or hate it kind of movie.  Some people I know are put off by it.  I LOOOOVE it!  Stylish and fun is how I’d sum it up.  And I could quote the funny lines all. damn. day.  But you have to actually SEE how well played those lines are.  Interestingly, when we went to see this it’s because dinner ran too late for us to see District 9.  THANK GOD!!!!  Because THAT piece of garbage would be very near the top of my Most Hated Movies list.  And I without a doubt think Basterds is the best movie I’ve seen in a few years.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Whoa, big leap from a crazy Tarantino movie to a heartwarming Jimmy Stewart one.  People tend to sort of roll their eyes when I mention this one.  I think because it used to be on TV basically 4000 times a year.  But did y’all every really sit down as a grownup and WATCH the whole thing start to finish?  It’s so so so good.  I think it offers the biggest sense of elation and love of humanity of any movie I can think of.  George Bailey is sort of my hero. Just make sure your DVD isn’t scratched so that the movie cuts out before the last 5 minutes.  Any of you who have actually seen the film will know how HORRIBLE that was when it happened to my husband.  Who was so disillusioned that he never bothered to watch it in its entirety.

Jaws – I think Jaws is a masterpiece.  I really think it’s one of the most flawless movies I’ve seen.  It is just perfectly built.  I mean, it inspired people forever after to be a little afraid of the water.  I’m not gonna lie, even in a particularly big swimming pool, I can rarely go under the water without being haunted by scenes from Jaws.  A big part of the genius of the movie is the way that they establish the terror and establish the shark without ever really showing much of anything.  And yet they show you everything.  Just not in the obvious, gratuitous way that most scary movies do.  And the scene in the boat at night when they drink and compare scars and Quint gives that chilling monologue (awesome!) and they sing and the shark attacks?  I think that is the best scene I’ve ever seen in any movie.  It’s perfect.  We came thisclose to naming our son Quint, that’s how much Brian and I love this one.

L.A. Confidential – I ALMOST didn’t include this one.  There’s no question that it’s a great movie, but I don’t know if it still makes it to my LOVE list.  But then I started thinking about the opening scene, and how I had that memorized still, and I was instantly transported back to being 15 and being obsessed with this movie, and I couldn’t leave it off the list.  This was back before anyone knew who Russel Crowe was (I was in love with him as soon as I saw it.)  But the whole cast is amazing.  It’s very noir, and the plot has some twists and turns.  It’s very well made and cool to watch.  I’m not doing a good job of selling it, but this one actually is on Ebert’s Great Movies list, so there.  Oh, one disclaimer, it is very very different from the book, for those who would care about that.  A lot of people compare it to Chinatown, another good movie.

Pan’s Labyrinth – This is usually the one that comes out of my mouth when people ask what my favorite movie is.  I feel like I should stop that, as I don’t watch it all the time like some of these others and perhaps I’m naming it because it makes me sound so cool to have this as my favorite movie.  But I tend to describe it as dark and beautiful and terrible and totally magical.  How could that not be a favorite?  Warning: it’s subtitled.  It’s Mexican made, by Guillermo Del Toro, and set in Spain.  It is absolutely a thing of beauty and rich images.  It is very layered.  Telling a brutal story, and connecting that so well with fantasy, fantasy that you don’t know whether to be delighted or terrified by at times (and at other times, it is DEFINITELY the latter.)  And, while some people don’t like what I call “choose your own adventure” style endings, where you’re not totally sure what the reality is supposed to be, this one is perfect.

Waitress – (There isn’t an Ebert review for this one.)  I definitely can’t totally claim this as a Great Film; it isn’t terribly deep or profound.  What it is is delightful.  It’s the closest on this list to being a Chick Flick, but it’s better than the vast majority of those.  It’s a little quirky.  It’s not about a woman who needs a man to feel complete.  And our protagonist isn’t perfect and wholesome.  But it’s such a nice story, sometimes funny, sometimes touching.  It makes my heart smile.  And it will DEFINITELY make you want to live in a small town and bake pie. 

So there you have it.  Illustrated and everything.  I tried to pick pictures that captured a scene or a theme that I really liked about the movies (except, they didn’t have ANY pictures of the scenes I love Elizabeth for.)

I totally wish I could sit and watch all these with you guys (and if you’re Matty, I pretty much have.)  Just talking about them, and finding the pictures and reviews made me get all wistful and emotional thinking about how each one makes me feel.  There are other movies that make me say “Oh my God, I LOOOOVE that movie!” (Zombieland, Crimson Tide, the Fifth Element and Quiz Show come to mind.  I also have A Few Good Men memorized line for line in its entirety, I have watched it so much. Oh! And there’s an Irish movie called Once that I urge people to check out, and also it’s great soundtrack.)  And I really do appreciate the Great Greats.  But these are the ones I would call my favorites. 

That was kind of fun!  Maybe soon I’ll have to type out my favorite albums or something.

Now I just have to decide which one I want to watch tonight!  (If I can stay awake.  Not likely.)

Movies I Love, part one

Wanna know who I’m crazy about?  Roger Ebert.  He’s such a good writer, and he seems like a very interesting person.  I think people miss what a good writer he is because they just don’t notice such things about film critics.  He’s really unbelievably smart and thoughtful and I look up to him.

I happened upon his list of Great Movies the other day.  I have seen maybe a dozen or so from this very large list.  I don’t go back and watch old movies that came out before my time very often.  In relation to the general public, I’m a little bit of a movie snob.  In relation to ACTUAL students of film and REAL movie snobs, I am an imbecile.   I could never make a Great Movies list.  However, I sort of feel like making my own list of Movies I Love.

Not all of these movies are Great with a capital G (though some of them do appear on Ebert’s list.)  And there are movies not on this list that definitely ARE Great, Great films. Films that I can absolutely acknowledge and appreciate as fine specimens. From the always-agreed-upon greatness of Braveheart or Shawshank Redemption to some less-talked-about great movies like Traffic or No Country for Old Men. I think they’re great, too!  If I were making a list of like 25 or 30 favorites, I think those would all be on it.   But those are all a little hard for me to watch over and over due to the upsetting factor.  I don’t like my movies to bum me out TOO much.  In movies, like in literature, I reject the unwritten rule that to be great, you must depress people. (And yes, I realize that at least a couple of those are uplifting as well as upsetting.)

 But this isn’t a Great Films list; this is a list of the movies that I love. The ones that I actually bother to own (which is in fact meaningful, as I don’t own very many DVDs that are actually mine.  Brian owns hundreds.  I just don’t have the time/money/inclination.  So if I bother to own it, I really love it.)  These are the ones I get sucked into ANY time they’re on TV (even though I own them.)  The ones I take time out of my busy life to watch over and over and don’t get bored with.  Some people will judge me a rube for my unsophisticated taste.  But hey, most women I know would have movie lists consisting almost entirely of romantic comedies and Rachel McAdams movies.  At least I’m cooler than that. 😛

I’ll link to each film’s Ebert review, just so you can appreciate how good he is.  Even if he doesn’t agree with me on all of these.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Yup, I’m starting with this one.  EVERYONE disagrees with me on this one, even Ebert.  Their reasons are varied.  I don’t care.  I LOVE this movie.  I find it epic, and tragic, and haunting, and sad, and beautiful, and life affirming.  Seriously.  Now, admittedly I first saw this movie at the theater a mere 4 weeks or so after Lola was born when Brian and I had our first night out after I became a mother.  So, the parenthood themes hit REALLY close for me and my hormones.  But it still holds up for me. It is beautifully shot and really well acted.  Just reading quotes from the movie transports me and makes me feel sappy.   And just makes me FEEL.  This is a movie that really makes me feel.  I actually begged Brian to let me name our second baby Benjamin, because every time I think of that name, I think of the remarkable Cate Blanchett saying it.  He vetoed it, sadly.

Y’all, just looking at that poster makes my heart swell.

Juno – I didn’t want to watch this movie.  It was so hyped up, which sometimes makes you sick of a movie before you even see it.  Moreso, though, was the fact that I am really opposed to anything that makes teen pregnancy seem neat-o, and I thought this was one of those.  I don’t remember what finally made me watch it, but I am a sucker for good writing, so that’s what hooked me.  And then it turned out to be a really wonderful movie.  Sometimes it’s just a LITTLE to cool for it’s own good with the dialogue.  But mostly, it feels very honest.  One of my favorite things about the movie is Juno’s parents.  First of all, Allison Janney is SO AWESOME ALL THE TIME.  But also, they are warm yet disappointed yet loving.  Sort of how ACTUAL parents might be, and not caricatures like parents in movies often are.  I think Ebert mentions that fact, also.  Overall, it’s just a touching portrayal of good people and tough situations.

The movie that finally made me stop disliking Jennifer Garner

I started with those two, not because they are necessarily my MOST favorite, but they are two that touch me deeply.  Two that make me cry EVERY time, no matter how much I think I’m not in a sappy mood.  Just re-reading their Ebert reviews almost had me overcome by tender weeping just THINKING about watching them.

Moving on.

You know, I think I’ll move on in a separate post; this one’s getting huge!

Aw, shucks.

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your kind words everyone.  I realize my last post sounded kinda doom and gloomy, and everyone was so nice about it.  I’m starting to cope better with the stress I’ve been feeling.  Yay!  Now I just need the 70 and 80 degree weather to come back, and I’ll be right as rain.

In the meantime, to distract myself and have fun, I’ve been working on a couple posts that are not like anything else I usually talk about here, and were mostly for me for the fun of creating them.  Bear with me.  I bet by next week or so, I’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming.


StephiCakes is going on hiatus.

I have so much going on right now.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned, but Brian has a really bad back and is in desperate need of surgery and is in pain (translation: is a crabby-pants) all the time and can or will do almost nothing but lay prone on my living room floor.  Also, Corbin’s been non-stop sick (I seriously contemplated pulling him out of daycare as I spent my 3rd night in a row with virtually no sleep at all.)  And other stuff.  TOO MUCH other stuff!  Basically, I’m in a stressed-out, negative place and I’m no good for blog posts.  Unless you want ones that are like “Reasons I Cried Today”  and “How to Resist Drowning Your Husband in His Cereal.”  (And by the way, that second one wouldn’t be any good anyway, I only am able to resist it because my husband doesn’t EAT cereal.)

Anyway, I think I should probably devote what small amounts of energy I can muster to getting through his surgery (May 10th) and recovery with my marriage, sanity, and employment status intact.

If I come up with something I can’t resist (I definitely have some thoughts on the Working Mother / SAHM kerfuffle right now that I may try to find some time to articulate,) I will pop in.  But otherwise, I’ll just try to get back to this when I can get back to a better place mentally.   I hope y’all will come back then.  🙂  Maybe I’ll get over my pity party sooner than later.