At least I don’t have to blow money at Toys R Us

Lola is doing this thing now where when she sees a toy on a commercial she says “I wish I had a ….”  It doesn’t matter what it is, or if she understands what it is, or if she can even SAY what it is correctly.  She wishes she had one.  It is AMAZING how good that advertising works, isn’t it?  They play the commercial, and my kid wants one. 

She never gets one, though.  First off, I don’t have the money or the space to be buying her that crap.  But even more so, Lola doesn’t really play with toys.  She has a toybox full of them, but the only ones she really plays with over and over are her toy cash register, her wooden cupcake set, and her baby dolls (and assorted other stuffed animals at bedtime).  She plays with her other toys if she happens to notice them, but they don’t seem very important to her.

Here are the things she plays with instead:

– A set of wooden coasters.  These are definitely some of her favorite non-toys.  She flips through them sometimes and says she’s reading a book.  But her FAVORITE use for the wooden coasters is to use them as phones.  She gets one and you get one and then you play some weird version of Room Service.  Basically you take turns making and taking food orders over your “phones.”   She always orders macaroni and cheese.  She’s also a fairly rude order-taker.  She never asks me if I want anything else with that.

– A beaded necklace, like mardi gras beads, you know the kind.  Don’t get me wrong, she will occasionally enjoy WEARING these accessories, but mostly she drags them into shapes on the floor and then tells what the shape looks like.  It’s similar to finding shapes in the clouds.  She’s very advanced.  She usually asks me what the shape is, but I always get it wrong.  I look down at the somewhat bumpy circle on the floor and it usually just looks like a necklace on the floor.  “Um, a moon?”  No, silly, are you blind?  It’s a guy sitting on a chair!  Of course.

– Her little brother.  I sometimes fear that he will not survive his little sister.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve made it clear to her that she is NOT to pick him up.  I hear a thud, and then a cry, and then she’s trying to pick him BACK up after DROPPING HIM!  One of my cousins used to drag her baby sister around by the foot of her pajamas and every time she crossed between rooms her head would bounce over the floor strip things.  So, I’m sure Corbin has something similar to look forward to.  it is AMAZING to me how much he seems to adore her, considering the abuse, accidental and otherwise.

– A sink full of dishes, or a dustcloth.  I would KILL to be that into cleaning.  It’s only really a problem when she decides to “clean” with completely inappropriate supplies.  She came into the bathroom while I was in the shower the other day, and I opened the curtain 10 minutes later to find that she had “washed” the entire floor with a bottle of OxiClean that I had accidentally left out, using one of her foam bath toys for a sponge. 

– And then there are the REALLY fun things.  Like when Corbin was still really new and she repeatedly took all the gauze pads that were intended for circumcision care and pasted them to the back of my closet door with the vaseline.  Or when she went through a kick of “painting” on the bathroom mirror using hairgel and my blush brush.  Basically, if you haven’t heard from Lola in 10 or 15 minutes, you probably have some serious clean-up ahead of you.


9 thoughts on “At least I don’t have to blow money at Toys R Us

  1. LOL! I could REALLY relate to this post. Emilia ALSO asks for everything she sees on TV. Even PBS shows, she sees Angelina Ballerina eating an ice cream cone and SHE wants an ice cream cone. Doesn’t happen as often with broccoli, I must admit.

    She also likes the non-toy items more than the toy items. I cannot tell you how much of her life has been spent playing with pillows and couch cushions. Boxes, wrappers, empty containers: these are all the stuff dreams are made of.

    Sidrah is even worse. She was playing with the packaging from Emilia’s birthday tights on Saturday. At the end of the day, we found out she had been wearing the enormous sticky packaging on her stomach throughout the entire day, like ten hours or more! It was completely stuck to her and several baths later there is still some residue.

  2. Both of our kids seem to really enjoy Tupperware, and plastic cups. When Tevye was between one and two, I don’t even know why we had actual toys in the house, he never played with them, just assorted plastic containers and cups. Even now, their favourite bath toys are plastic cups and empty shampoo bottles, despite the abundance of actual bath toys they have.

  3. “She’s also a fairly rude order-taker.” nearly spit my tea at my computer.

    Z was all about boxes, big plastic containers, etc. He’d just sit in them. For hours, if I let him (yes, I actually tested this one day).

    M’s all about blankets.

  4. LMBO at the commercial. Logan says, “Ooooh Mom you buy dat me?” LOL. And she LOVES playing in a sink full of dishes, she says she’s “making sausage n’ hotdogs.” It’s so funny what they turn every day household items into.

    • makin sausage n’ hotdogs is HYESTERICAL. I wonder where she got that idea. She must never have SEEN sausage made. I did once when my grandparents used to do it, it’s gross.

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