Sad when I should be proud

My baby just rolled over.  I found out about it via text.  I’m at work.

I posted a little bit ago that he rolled over, but it was sort of a one-time, tentative, there might have been some help from angles and gravity thing.  He just full-fledged rolled over. 

I have been slightly worried, as I told y’all, about him not rolling over.  I spend lots of time with him on the floor trying to show him how and cheer him on.  He finally did it.  And I am proud, but also, I’m sad and teary.  I’m at work and I missed it.  I spend most of my day thinking about him and missing him, and now I missed this.

I know how LAME this is.  This sort of thing happens and WTF?  Overly dramatic much?  With Lola, she was with a babysitter when I was at work, and I’m sure I missed a milestone or two, but Babysitter never let on if it DID happen, so I don’t know one way or the other.  But with the kids being home with Brian much of the time while I’m at work these days…

Have I mentioned how much I HATE having to work full time!?



11 thoughts on “Sad when I should be proud

  1. I have missed a lot of milestones, too, and it never gets any easier. My kids were home with their dad most of their lives. We put them into childcare when Emilia was three and Sidrah was 11 months. I’m sorry you missed the rolling. Bittersweet.

    I bet he rolled over trying to find you…

  2. I would fire the sitter! You don’t tell a mom that. I’m joking, but not, unless it’s like your mom that watches them. For real, he would roll over for the first time again in front of you. I need your sitters phone number. 😉
    I cannot remember the first time my kids rolled over but I do remember when they asked me how the lab dad dog made the puppy half lab and half poodle if the puppy came out of the mom. I know its no consolation today but they save all those “milestones” for their mom. Because they don’t care what they share with you. Peter called me from his classroom last Friday to tell me his butt itches. I have no idea how many months he was when he began crawling but I can tell you it was hilarious last Saturday when he realized he had a leach on him and was screaming, “I am scared for life!”
    Hope I made you smile and not hate me because I really do think it sucks you cannot do what you want to do and was hoping to cheer you up.

    • LOL! Those are some good ones!
      The sitter is my husband, so I’d fire him, but he works cheap. When my daughter went to an ACTUAL babysitter, she kept mum (or maybe I just really DID get to see all the milestones.) But my husband isn’t going to pretend. He could try I guess, but he’s a bad liar.

  3. Oh, man, that stinks. But on the other hand, I”m glad it was your hubby who was with him. I know it doesn’t make it any easier for you to have missed, but at least he was with someone who actually cared about it. But maybe next time he could keep that bit to himself! 😀

  4. awwww! but YAY he rolled over!! 🙂 maybe you need one of those cams so you can constantly monitor his movements remotely.

    also, since someone nominated me for this blog award and the rules say to pass it on i’ve decided to pass it on to you! so check out my blog for more deets. 🙂

    and i’m dreaming of oatmeal milk. once i’m done with one of the milks in my fridge and create some space that will be my next purchase!

  5. Ugh. I remember this feeling. Do what I do and when they tell you about a milestone, pretend you don’t/can’t (you choose) hear them. Then when he does it for the first time call the person who told you and shout, “OMG Babysitter, CORBIN JUST ROLLED OVER FOR DEFINITELY THE FIRST TIME THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN WITH YOU!”

  6. I completely empathize! I missed Aiden’s first steps when I was at work! And the sitter did tell me. Sigh. Not looking forward to doing it again.

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