Next time call ahead

Over the last few days the blogger awards have been passed in my general direction.  Like crazy!  I feel like I need to make a post about it to express my gratitude.  I’m new to this, but it’s so fun to be sort of getting to know some wonderful other bloggers.  I’ve really found some good stuff here in the blogosphere.

But here’s the thing.  Now I feel like my site’s going to have visitors, and I wasn’t prepared.  Much like when my dad stops by unannounced and I feel like I have to spend the entire time doing dishes so that he’ll THINK I was JUST ABOUT to start cleaning this pigsty, and maybe will keep his judgement silent.  Hmm, that simile got out of hand.  I’m not sure it’s actually entirely like that.  Unless you guys are going to start calling me up to tell me about my failings in life.  Then I can certainly compare you to my dad.  You guys, my dad’s a really good guy who loves me.  We just don’t communicate very well.

So, to separate the gist from the blahblahblah: I am now self-conscious about the fact that I don’t have a witty and moving post readily available.  Maybe I will someday.  Watch this space.

I think I’ll do another award acceptance post to address these latest.  I think I will stray even farther from the rules this time.

Some (more) things about me:

– I have two children, Lorelai and Corbin…I’m just kidding.  I mean, I’m not kidding about having the kids, but since you’re reading my blog, you are VERY aware that I have these children.  And that they’re super cute.

– My favorite band of all time is The Rolling Stones.  But I also ADORE the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bruce Springsteen (my favorite SONG of all time is Thunder Road and I think that if you don’t like Bruce Springsteen, you are UnAmerican. Which is only OK if you are one of my Canadian readers.), and Lucinda Williams.  And others, those are just the ones that popped in my head.

– I have 3 tattoos that are all of pretty poor quality, and that pisses me off and keeps me from getting any more even though there’s one I’d LOVE to have.  I can’t afford tattoos anyway.  And if I COULD, Brian would declare it his turn.  Again!

– I’ve always wanted to invent a line of nail polish in muscle car colors like SubLime and Plum Crazy.  There could even be Primer Gray and Bondo Pink.  The bottles could be shaped like mag wheels.  I’ve thought about this a lot, lol.

– I spend an inordinate amount of time feeling bad that I’m not as good of a person as I’d like to be.  And then I commit to changing that.  And then I give up because I apparently have no idea how.  And then the cycle starts again.

– I am addicted to House Hunters International on HGTV.  Except I get really mad when Ugly Americans go on the show and talk about how “weird” it is to have a washing machine in your bathroom while looking at apartments in Rome.  Assholes.  I also refuse to watch the ones where it’s like a rich family searching for a 400,000 tropical vacation home and they’re complaining that NO ONE could POSSIBLY live OR vacation with ONLY 3 bathrooms instead of 4.  Those ones make me bitter.

– I think that’s enough about me for now.

Here are the blogs where I’ve recently been nominated for either the Leibster or the Versatile Blogger award:

The Speech Monster

Going Coverless

Soapfi and Other Stuff

All That Makes You…

Thank you all SO MUCH for reading and for nominating me.  And everyone else, go check out their blogs!

And here are some blogs that I’d like to mention that I didn’t nominate in my first award post a while back.

Beef Burritos n Coconuts


Almost Supermom

Two Boys Club

The Single Crunch


Also, thank you to everyone who cheered me up yesterday afternoon.  Little bugger still hasn’t rolled for me!

P.S. I’d like you all to know that I typed the majority of this post with just my left hand while nursing a baby and then holding a sleeping baby.  It took FOREVER!


13 thoughts on “Next time call ahead

  1. Do you like the newer (um, 1990s is newer, right?) Stones stuff? Like Love Is Strong? Boy, those were some good times, sitting in front of the TV on a channel with a signal so weak it barely came in (“The Box,” it was called), eating a bowl of cereal (Cookie Crisp, I’m pretty sure) and just wishing I could grow about 50 times my size and walk through a metropolitan area in skimpy clothing.

    Thanks for the mention of my blog. I feel like I’m too new at blogging to receive any awards. Also, I recently (yesterday) ran out of blog material. I better screw something up and fast. I did lose my wallet on the way to the Blue Man Group show last night, but I’m not sure how to turn that into a post. It was the worst kind of screw-up: a boring one.

    PS You are awesome!

    • Ah yes, the Voodoo Lounge album. That was a GREAT one. Mick Jagger could sing nursery rhymes and I’d be into it. In short, yes, I like the newer stuff too.

      I saw Blue Man Group once and thought it was SUPER FUN. Sorry about your boring screw up. THat is the pitts. You’d at least like a good story. Once I left my wallet on top of my Jeep and drove down the street like that! And then I got to the ATM and realized it was missing. And I started to freak out. And THEN I saw it, it had fallen off just like 50 feet away from where I stopped. I was so lucky!!

      PS- thanks. 🙂

      • Hahahahahaha. Zeb (aka Ben aka Flathead) did the same thing once with a library book and a cup of coffee. Except he did not stop at the ATM and never found the library book again. He did buy the library a new copy because he’s that kind of person. He also bought himself a new cup of coffee because he’s also that kind of person.

  2. I agree with people being ridiculous, needing so many bathrooms. We have one, and while two might be nice, especially as the kids get older, I don’t think that I’d much care for cleaning all of those extra bathrooms!

    Congratulations, it is a well-deserved award.

    • We have one in our basement that is not the loveliest, but at least there’s an extra toilet. I TOTALLY agree that sometimes I’m glad my house is small because it’s less to clean and lower utility costs. 🙂
      and thanks.

  3. Hilarious. I’m also addicted to HH international!
    I know what you mean re blogging n having followers n all that. I hate the way I write n m so embarrassed that people read it yet I still write. Ugh it’s a love hate relationship for me.

    And btw I also just typed this with my left hand while nursing the little one. Getting faster at this… 😉

  4. Yeah, the extra toilet is handy (because the kids have this crazy knack for needing “to go to the bathroom before I pee/poop my pants!!!” every time I have to use the washroom). Beyond that, not really necessary.

    So happy to be let out of the Bruce Springsteen fan-dom. Some of his stuff is okay, but I much prefer many Canadian artists.

    Well-deserved awards, and visitors most definitely will not be disappointed (well, unless, they suck. Visitors who suck might be disappointed, but they suck, so it doesn’t matter…).

  5. Thanks for the mention! I think my poor husband would be embarrassed if he knew more then 20 of the people we know read my blog… actually who am I kidding, he’d start doing more crap to give me something to write about.

    Anyway, we will want to see pictures of the tatoos and the stories if any that go along with them… I dreamt i went to vegas with hubby, got seperated, and ended up with two disgustingly huge, poorly done, and tacky tattoos on my back and Jeremiah chastising me for drinking too much as a mommy. It traumatized me and though I wanted one prior, I’m no longer sure.

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