The Problem with Not Sleeping

Corbin still sucks at sleeping.  I hope he’ll improve on this skill in the near future.  The sleeplessness in my household is starting to wreak havoc.

If you’re so tired, why don’t you SLEEP, dammit!?  See that smile on Brian’s face?  That is the face of a man who has no idea how much more sleeplessness is in front of him.

I have been back to work since having Corbin for just over 2 months now.  During that time I have forgotten some important breast pump component at LEAST 6 times.  I think it’s been more.  In fact, yup, it’s definitely been more than 6.  Usually it’s my bottle caps.  They are RIGHT NEXT to the bottles.  But there have been FOUR times now that I have left them at home.  The first few times I had Brian bring them to me when he had a break between classes.  The last time, I was too embarrassed to even tell him.  I made do with some plastic baggies and some rubber bands and some extra caution.

The Geneva Convention does not allow for prolonged periods of sleep deprivation for POWs.  My OWN little terrorist didn’t sign that treaty, sadly.

I can never remember to thaw the damn chicken.  And if I do remember to thaw it, I forget about it in the fridge until it’s not good anymore.

I CONSTANTLY go to a store for something and forget what I’m there for.  When it’s only like 2 items, I don’t bother with a list.  Clearly, my life needs A LOT more lists.

Furthermore, this incessant sleeplessness among the adults in our household has turned us into crabby people who are too quick to anger, too tired to enjoy each other, and who often have conversations with one another that one or the other of us doesn’t remember later.  This is a problem especially because we are on opposite shifts and are often only seeing each other in passing.  Yesterday was my day off and I think I saw Brian for about 30 total minutes.  And I’m sure I forgot to tell him something important. Which doesn’t matter, because if I DID tell him, he’d have probably forgotten it immediately. 

But this morning? This morning was a ridiculous little Sleeplessness Comedy of Errors. I went to pump at work and realized I forgot the horn parts that you hold to your boobs.  I call them horns.  I think they’re called flanges or something.

the round things there that look like the openings of brass instruments

There’s really no making do without those.  I’m at work for 10 hours.  I am NOT manually expressing the milk.  It would TAKE 10 hours.  I had to call Brian who was planning to bring them to me before his first class.

So I get a phone call a little while later.  “You have to come home.”  Ummm… NOT the way to open up a conversation with a mother.  Do you KNOW what goes through a mother’s head when she hears those words!?!?!  Anyway, what he did was, he locked the door on his way out, got the kids in the car, and then realized his keys were still in the house.  Now, on weekdays, he actually gets less sleep than I do, so considering we’re 1 to 4 on having to bail each other out, he deserves some accolades.  So I went and unlocked the door.  And I got my horns.

And THEN, I get back to work and realize that I forgot my name badge.  I can’t get into the building from the parking lot.  So I had to walk all the way around.

I’m a little afraid to see what happens next.  I CAN tell you that there is no chicken thawed for dinner tonight.  I’m still trying to figure out how to remedy that one.


6 thoughts on “The Problem with Not Sleeping

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  2. The word “flanges” reminds me of Regina Phalange. I always used to call mine Regina Phalange. At least in my head. I think this is the first time I’ve actually admitted that.

    I feel like it might be a pizza night. Except at my house, where Emilia will not eat pizza. She finds it vile and deplorable. Perhaps, then, a chicken nugget night. No thawing necessary.

  3. I was going to stop and pick up fresh chicken on the way home from work. I like your idea WAY better.
    My pump is just my pump, but you know what, I’m pretty sure a name is in order. I’ll have to think about that one. Hopefully its eaiser than naming my son was.

  4. When my Baby had us up that much at night, I remember a few times where I was prepping a bottle and realized way too late that I didn’t put a liner in the bottle and formula went everywhere. I never thought I would crave sleep so much in my life! Hang in there!

  5. Oh dear . . . we’re due any day now. Doc has actually put me on bedrest this time due to an episode of preterm labor. And this post makes me mildly terrified about what’s ahead :-/ I think I’ve forgotten.

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