Wednesdays with the kids #2

– We’re waking up SLIGHTLY later these days, but I still pretty much get out of bed thinking I want to be dead because then I wouldn’t have to stand up.  Corbin, on the other hand, is perfectly chipper and smiles through his first morning diaper change.  I KNOW he’s smiling thinking “haha, you have to clean up my pee while I get to just lay here and act innocent.”

– Lola’s up shortly after and really struggling with whether she wants cereal or a waffle.  She’s got quite the exquisite palate, that one.  She stands and watches closely while I pour the syrup on the waffle and inspects every little crater. “You missed one.”  Oh geez, sorry your highness.

– Corbin wants to eat.  And eat and eat and eat.  I’m thinking about all I have to do and what little time I have and Come on, Kid, aren’t you going to be done soon?  And then I force myself to relax and just enjoy this.  It’s sad that I have to be FORCED by circumstances to slow down and enjoy my baby sometimes, but that’s life.

– Lola comes to me whining that her lips hurt.  I ask if she bit her lip.  She says “No, I was doin’ this.”  And then puts her fingers in her mouth and stretches it all out.  Stifling a laugh, I say Well, Honey, maybe don’t do that anymore. To which she replies “I was just doin’ it to make you laugh.”  You’ve succeeded admirably; let’s go get some chapstick.

– Corbin’s ready for a nap, so it’s time to start our Nap Dance.  If I hold him a specific way, I can bounce him to sleep like a pro.  I don’t know any real lullabies, so I sing Didn’t Leave Nobody but the Baby from the O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack.  With Lola it was Tiny Dancer.  I’m enjoying this while it lasts because it’s all too soon that he’ll start telling me “That’s enough, Mama.” every time I sing.  Just like Lola does now.  We used to rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody together, missy, and you LOVED it.  How did you get too cool already?

– Lola wants a yogurt.  I set her up with one at the kitchen table and run downstairs to throw in some laundry.  I get back to find her dumping half her strawberry yogurt into her milk, trying to make “Pinkalicious milk.” 

– Now, this is when I should have known not to leave her alone with her yogurt again, but my desire to get SOMETHING done outweighed my inner word of caution.  I walk BACK in the room a few minutes later to discover that she has dumped the other half of her yogurt out on the table and is finger painting with it.  “What do you think of this picture?” she asks.  I think she wasn’t very hungry, was she.

– I have errands to run with both kids today.  Lola is still having accidents fairly regularly and the idea of having to try to clean one of those up in a public bathroom while wearing a fussy baby on my chest is competing pretty hard for precedence over my fear that putting a pullup on her will derail her overall success lately.  I go with just the underwear.  Do you know what the result of this is?  I spend pretty much every second of our errand-running watching Lola for signs of impending elimination.  I manage to get my stuff taken care of in between Do you have to go potty!?!?! moments (which are somewhat counterproductive, because it’s likely that the tone in my voice damn near scares the piss outta her.)  On the way home I smell something less than pleasant and my head snaps right around: Did you poop? Ignores me.  Did you POOP!!!??  And then I realize that we’re passing a stinky field and I have the window cracked.  Will there be a time in my life when I will fully recover from the PTSD that has come from potty training Lola?  I hope so.

– The rest of our afternoon was pretty uneventful.  Corbin STILL hasn’t demonstrated his rolling prowess for me.  WTF?


5 thoughts on “Wednesdays with the kids #2

  1. Oh how I wish to have my own nap dance! Anything besides the myraid of different positions I try to lay him down in besides on me, until I just give up and browse overpriced coach, marc jacobs, and dkny purses online and think about my marriage ending if I brought another child into the mix… seriously. how people manage more then 1 child in diapers or potty training AND working without the marriage ending. ha

    • um…not well. In my case, anyway.
      p.s. Corbin is sort of laying sideways in my arms during the nap dance, and when I need to put him down I lay him on his side in the Boppy Pillow (I figure it sort of cradles him like arms.) He sleeps MUCH better if I just hold him, but at least I dont HAVE to hold him the whole time anymore.

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