Two priests and a rabbi walk into a bar…

Do you know what I thought might be fun?  I thought we could do a chain-mail style thing where we all share our favorite joke.  I could share one and then pass this to a couple people, and then they could pass it to a couple people, and then we’ll all have a bunch of new jokes!

I’m not a big joke teller.  I’m not super great at it (though, I’m not NEARLY as bad as one of my relatives who always forgets the joke halfway through, has to start over, makes it WAYYYY too long, and then gets to the end and can’t remember the punchline.  It’s like Nemo’s dad, only worse.) and I just never seem to have good ones handy.  But growing up, as I have, with my mom, I know the value of having a joke or two at the ready, at least one fairly clean.

So, my usual go-to that’s quick and easy (as, by the way, am I :P) is this:

“A guy walks into a psychiatrist’s office wearing nothing but cellophane pants.  The psychiatrist takes one look at him and says, ‘Well, I can clearly see your nuts.'”

Badum bum

Preisdent Obama thinks I’m hilarious!

That one doesn’t work at all in print, due to the play on your/you’re that only works when spoken.  But there you have it.  My runner up? (I know you’ve all heard this one)

“A pirate walks into a bar with a ship’s steering wheel attached to the front of his trousers.  The bartender asks what the wheel is for.  The pirate replies, ‘Ahrrr, it’s drivin’ me nuts!'”

You guys, I just realized that BOTH my favorite jokes have nuts as the punchline.  I didn’t even KNOW I was a 12 year old boy inside.

So there you have it.  I’m going to pass this on to 3 people: SillylissTatte, and The Single Crunch. (I had a hard time picking 3, but I didn’t want this to be too out of control.  ETA: I edited my list because Betcy already has some listed right on her site.)  Here are the rules:

-link back to the post that linked to you.

-pass the torch to 3 people, link to them in your post.

-notify those people, so they can share their jokes too.

Easy peasy.


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