Notes from the weekend

All right, I admit defeat, my joke chain was a bit of a flop.  I was in a silly mood on Friday is all.  And then the rest of the weekend happened.  There were some highs, but mostly I’m hoping to never have another weekend like that again.

First off, there are the fails that I failed to take pictures of.  In retrospect, I wish I had.  But when the fails are my own life, I don’t always feel at the time like Canon-izing the moment.  ( I just made that up right now.  That is heretofore what I might call taking pictures with my Canon.  That will tell you the level of wit you can expect from this post.  Which is basically none at all.  I’m still recovering from my weekend.)

Friday night I went to my sister’s house to eat and let the kids play together.  When we didn’t hear any screaming for about 15 minutes, we should have known something was up.  I think that we did know, deep down, and just wanted to enjoy our few minutes of adult time and pretend nothing was happening.  They were just quietly watching Nemo in my sister’s room, I SWEAR!  Then my nephew came into the kitchen with black feet.  And when I went to investigate what might have happened, I found Lola, “painting.”  She had found my sister’s mascara, and painted the entire bedspread, part of the wall, her cousin, and just the right side of her own face.  When she saw how upset we all were (I mean, AFTER we left the room to giggle a little and came back in with our mad faces on) she said, “I was just painting.”

My sister wanted to take a picture, but I worried that Lola would then think it was a cute and funny thing she had done.  I couldn’t get all the mascara off of her eye, so she had one eye with makeup on it for the better part of the weekend.  It was disconcerting.  Especially when my sister said it reminded her of A Clockwork Orange.  Shudder.

I thought about calling this post “The Baking Post That Almost Was.”  I volunteered to make cupcakes for my nephew’s 2nd birthday party this weekend.  I made the frostings on Thursday night, and on Saturday morning I baked the cupcakes.  ALL of the recipes I used were from my tried and true favorite baking book.  I swear, I’m a pretty good baker!  But no, not this weekend.  This weekend was put forth by the universe to knock me down a peg.  I must have been getting haughty.  “Oh, there are leaves on the trees, the kids are doing well, maybe my life is pretty Okay these days!”  HA! says the universe, I’ll show you!

All of it TASTED delicious, by the way.  Like, so good that I stood in the kitchen and ate 6 cupcakes in quick succession.  And still haven’t thrown away the frostings because, while I KNOW that I CANNOT eat 2 bowls of frosting by myself, they are so delicious that I MIGHT do it anyway.  So, I’m going to fix my consistency problems, and then you just wait: Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Frosting.  I will dare you not to stand in your kitchen and just eat half a dozen of them like a chain smoker, er, chain eater?  You get it.

I did make two successful pies.  But they were just the chocolate pies that I’ve already posted about.

I wish I could show you pictures from the pool party (of ANYONE BUT ME!  I hope there will never AGAIN be pictures of me in a swimsuit.)  But my husband bailed on me last minute and it was PLENTY of work just doing a pool party with two small children by myself, so I didn’t bother about the camera.

I wish I could show you some good pictures of A LOT of things from the weekend, but something was wonky with my camera.  I went to upload my pictures from the weekend last night, and discovered that they all had the same obnoxious blurry spot in the middle of the picture.  Probably the lens cap is there for a reason and I should use it sometimes.

I do have pictures of what Lola and I did on Saturday evening:



Just disregard the blurry bits.  I had visions of beautiful pictures with natural light with my kids enjoying their beautiful eggs.  But it got late.  And Corbin was not present (apparently being carried around a pool all day tired him out).  And my camera was all effed up. And the eggs were not quite Martha Stewart quality.  Maybe next year.

On Sunday morning, the kids and I went to church and they looked SOOOOO cute.  Again, I was flying solo and it was hectic.  And again, my camera was nutsy.  So the only picture I have to share is this one:


She shoved an entire Cadbury egg in her mouth.  She was begging for one, and I told her only if she promised not to get chocolate on her dress.  Her solution was to only handle the chocolate for the 2 seconds it took her to shove the ENTIRE thing in her mouth.

And even though they didn’t turn out very well, here are some more pictures of the kids:


There were a lot of fun things this weekend, just a lot of work!  The upside?  Lola learned what the word “exhausted” means.  Yay!  Vocab!

The kids also got to play with my Father In Law, who lives in Minnesota, but was in town visiting. 

I’m not really sure that they enjoyed themselves, what do you think?  😛

Okay, I will try to recover quickly and come up with something better soon.


10 thoughts on “Notes from the weekend

  1. Wow, what a terrific weekend! I mean, look at what you’ve canonized. How can that not be a success? (My camera has the blurry spot, too. I think it’s because I let Emilia use it. I never know about the blurry shot until I’ve taken a day’s worth of pictures and upload them to the big screen. WHY BLURRY SPOT WHY?)

    I can’t stop picturing Lola with the mascara eye. It sounds hilarious, and yet also very scary because mascara is kind of scary. The putting it near your eye part is what’s scary to me.

    • You’re right. there was lots of good stuff. Its just that EVERYTHING kept going wrong. And my husband spent the whole damn weekend laying around being crabby and not so much as holding the baby for me for a couple minutes while I tried to accomplish way too much.
      What? I’m not bitter. What do you mean? 😛

  2. I had full intention of doing your chain-joke-thing, but I’ve been busy all weekend. I still intend to do it, perhaps later today. For what it’s worth, I thought it was a great idea, and I thought your jokes were hilarious.

    On the plus-side, it looks as though she managed to not get any chocolate on her dress!

  3. I have the day off today! The first one since our “winter break” and I wanted to take advantage by getting a lot done. I did not sleep in. After Dave left with George I went for a short run and then showered. By 8:30 I was sitting at my computer with every intention of doing homework… but for the past hour I’ve just been reading your blog! I miss you guys and I can’t believe what an awesome little girl Lola is, onion donut 🙂 what a hoot!

    • Oh come on- you were glad to have a reason to put off homework for an hour. 😛

      Yay for a day off!

      We miss you too. So much. Can’t wait to see y’all soon.

      Lola is pretty awesome I think. She takes after her Godmother. 😉

  4. Oh Stephicakes, don’t beat yourself up, k? Everyone is still alive and made it where they needed to be, with clothes on to boot! I can’t wait to see the recipe for your cupcakes, they sound incredible!

    When I started reading about the kids, in the back of my mind, I know where this is going, just not how it’ll end. I was worried. A guy I dated forever ago had two little girls maybe a year apart. He was divorced, obviously, and he said he hadn’t heard anything from them in a bit. As a parent, that’s always our clue that something just isn’t going to turn out well. He found them, in his bedroom closet, ‘painting’ their nails & walls…..WITH POOP!!! Urgh. So glad I didn’t get to witness that one! My girly vanished when she was about two. She liked to hide and was so dang quiet I couldn’t find her. Finally, she’s in the spare bedroom….with a package of markers, and has done a smashing job of putting on lipstick, very clownlike, all around her face, in a rainbow! And of course, it didn’t wash off! I think if they get out of childhood not having done something like that, they’re not normal! My boy went in the back yard when he was about 3, and pooped under the tree! Hilarious!

    Don’t worry, you’ll look at the weekend and just smile and shake your head. It goes by so fast. My babies are 8 and 11 now and I so miss the little ones. The pics you got of them are wonderful, blurry or not! I love the one of grandpa inspecting Corbin and as Lola’s jungle gym. It’s just precious!

    • The poop story made my eyes get so big! I wish you could see my face! lol. I’m glad mine was only mascara.
      The marker thing- been there. But Lola’s was washable. I’m laughing thinking of your little one walking around for a couple days like that. 🙂

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