Wednesdays With the Kids #4

– Confession time: I tend to sleep topless. There is a newly postpartum period where nursing pads are a must, but once that calms down, I’m back to topless.  And since I breastfeed and cosleep, it’s really easiest anyway.  This morning I stumble into the bathroom to discover claw marks all over my chest.  I swear I cut them all the time, but I just CANNOT stay on top of Corbin’s super speedy fingernail growth.  The pediatrician said I should paint them silver and tell my husband it’s just like Wolverine.  LOL.

-Add to the list of Weird Things That Make Corbin Happy: getting his clothes changed.  I start pulling his arms out of his sleeves, and he starts smiling like he’s at a free puppy giveaway.  Weirdo.

– I have instituted a rule in our house that whomever drinks the last of the Crystal Light has to make a new pitcher.  Brian now routinely drinks all but about 3 tablespoons of the Crystal Light.  GRRR.

– I intend to get SOOO much done on my one day off.  But today it’s raining, and I decide that all we’re getting done is hanging out in the living room, snacking all day, and watching TV.  Why yes, I AM Mother of the Year.  🙂  Lola wants to watch My Little Ponies.  WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to my beloved My Little Ponies!?  The Ponies were the largest source of happiness in my childhood, I swear.  Now they all look like they’re on crack.  RAGE!

– Lola came home from preschool yesterday with a hospital mask.  Today I ask her who gave her that and she says “The nurses.”  I guess some nurses came to her classroom, all I can discern from the little that Lola feels like sharing is that one was a boy and one was a girl and “They telled me about something I can’t eat: candy.  I don’t want to eat candy anymore.”  Thank you, nurses!

-Lola can write her name!  We’ve been trying and she’s been getting close, but today without any prompting, she writes it twice. I am so proud.  She then breaks the pen, and while looking at it broken on the ground, says to the pen, “we’re not bein’ best friends anymore.”  I think the pen is pretty crushed.

– Corbin has apparently decided on a favorite toy: a little stuffed Tigger.  Brian swore it was Corbin’s favorite, but I thought Brian was just being a weirdo.  Sure enough, every time I try to give him something else he does nothing but roll to the Tigger.  And then cover it in saliva.  Much like his other favorite, me.

– Corbin is not on board with Laid Back Day anymore, and I’m reminded of something I read about kids once: “if they’re crabby, put them in water.”  Bath time! I tell Lola that if she wants to take a bath (which she always does,) she has to get herself undressed while I get Corbin ready.  When I walk back into the bathroom a minute later, she is completely naked and says, “Tada!” like it’s a magic trick.  I think maybe I should try that at the OBGYN’s office.  When she tells me to undress and steps out of the room.  Then when she comes back in, I can say, “Tada!”  Or maybe that’s something that’s really only cute when you’re 3.  😛 

– After I take Corbin out, Lola starts doing this weird thing where she sticks her butt up and sticks just the ends of her hair in Corbin’s little pink tub (now containing Dora the Mermaid.)  I don’t know what this is about, but when I tell her she might get hurt if she keeps horsing around, she tells me, “yeah..probly.”  Well, as long as you’re aware, I guess.


Here’s one of Corbin, just for good measure:


– I’m not sure why, but Lola thinks that when you’re cold you say “Drrrrr,” with a D instead of a B.  She does this every time she comes out of the tub.

– Lola comes running up to me yelling “Spider!  Spider! It was crawling on me!”  Horrified, I go back to the kitchen with her to look.  “There it is!”  Turns out it’s just a combination of me being in the postpartum shedding-like-a-husky-in-springtime period AND being behind on housework.  It was a little tangled bit of hair.  Which I guess is almost as gross as a spider, though, if you think about it. 😦

– Lola has an accident on her bedroom floor.  A “holy crap, how did that much liquid even FIT inside you!?” accident.  Then walks through it and tracks it down the hall and into the living room.  Then she proceeds to be obnoxious while her brother is sleeping and I’m at my wit’s end and tell her she needs to go play by herself.  5 minutes later, I see her over by Corbin, and am about to get upset with her, when I hear her say “are you all done with your cupcake, Little Brother?”  And I find it so sweet that she was including her sleeping brother in her play, and so nicely, but also very quietly so she didn’t wake him up.  Sometimes she’s so sweet.  🙂

– And then she decides to spend the rest of the night being a HOLY TERROR, inspiring no more cute stories.


8 thoughts on “Wednesdays With the Kids #4

  1. How cute is all that. This will be a fun post for Lola to read when she’s older. “They telled me about something I can’t eat: candy” Too cute!

    • Aw, thanks. I actually do write pretty much as I would talk. That’s why I don’t observe the rules of grammar. I KNOW them, I swear! I just choose not to follow them for sylistic reasons. 😉 I actually struggle with who and whom sometimes, so feel free to tell me if my “whomever” was misused.

      • You can also feel free to tell me about my misuse of “whilst” and “while.” Whilst just sounds sillier to me.

        You can pretty much get away with anything by couching it in the term “stylistic reasons.” I applaud you, sir.

  2. Hilarious! This is also so similar to Ally when Kira was a new baby. And both of the kids love bath time. I don’t think they’ve ever said no to a suggestion to romp in the tub. If only tidying was as fulfilling for them..

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