Miss Julia Child Visited Me!

Actually, it was just my friend Karl.

Karl is a super super good cook AND baker.  I know!  How annoying that he gets to be awesome at BOTH!  I requested a private lesson, and his other half, Matty (who is also my Soul Sister and Lola’s Godfather) even came with and kept Lola entertained.   So I now know how to make some new things.  🙂  Yay for everyone in my house, because I’m not a very good cook.  But I feel that just watching someone who’s good at that stuff helps a ton.  Especially with the baking stuff that I’ve already got at least a lot of the practicing done on.  It’s easy then to pick up little things.  Whereas with the cooking I was mostly writing stuff down and trying not to be impatient. 

So, Sunday was a busy day overall.  It started with a GREAT idea to have breakfast with Elmo.  Apparently the humane society was having this for charity at the local Moose Club (Lodge? Den?  whatever it’s called.)  So I mentioned it to my mom, and she decided to bring my nephew and meet me there, which was awesome because that meant she’d pay.  🙂 

I should have known how the day was going to go when I saw the parking lot.  It was both PACKED LIKE SARDINES and totally muddy.  SO GLAD I decided to have Lola wear her brand new Nikes.  So, with Corbin in the Peanut Shell (that’s a baby sling, for those who aren’t into that stuff), and diaper bag in hand, I then also carried Lola to the door.  To preserve her clean shoes.

Then we had to wait in line.  Forever.  Because apparently EVERYONE ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH NEEDED to see Elmo and eat pancakes yesterday.  I can’t tell you how much a 5 month old, a 3 yr old, and a 2 yr old LOVE waiting in line in a crowded hallway.  In retrospect, I shouldn’t have brought Corbin, but I had no idea that this was the hippest spot in town.  What was weird was the people who were there without kids.  I mean, really?  Just for a 7 dollar plate of pancakes?

We were all packed in the Lodge (or whatever) like sardines.  Like, it was such close quarters that when a large-ish guy sat behind me I was unable to hold Corbin on my lap and sit at the table.  So DEAR GOD WHY did so many people insist on bringing their giant jogging strollers!?  This is a point of irritation with me.  Parents who need to carry the entire contents of their homes around with them in a wheeled contraption roughly the size of a Ford Explorer.  I have never ever found either of my children to need that much stuff when we’re out for an hour or whatever.  I was able to carry both of my children plus all of our things across the parking lot without breaking a sweat.  That should be the standard, I think, of whether you have TOO MUCH CRAP.  End rant.

Basically, it was pretty lame.  But Lola and Michael did get their photo with Elmo.  Which I will try to remember to scan in later.  You know, looking back on all that, I realized how boring it probably is to read about.  I’m not feeling very witty today, so oh well.

Corbin turned 5 months old last week.  Insert lament about it flying by too fast here.


Here’s Lola at the same age:


You can’t tell in those two pictures, but I was AMAZED by how alike they look at the same age.  So then I tried to imagine Lola as a boy, to see what Corbin might look like in a few years.  Which is funny, because I usually try to imagine Brian as a girl, to see what Lola might look like in a few decades, lol.

I tried for a few minutes to get a picture of the two of them, because the one I wear in my nametag at work is still a 2 week picture of just Corbin. (and as an aside, what is with people insinuating that I’m a bad mom for this?  They’ll be like “Come on, Mom! Geez!”  verbatim.  I’m BUSY, FOLKS!!!  And my baby likes to be crabby at the exact moment I pull out the camera.)  So, here’s 3 shots from that session, none of which are really nametag quality. 


Um…what are you guys looking at?  You’re not even looking away in the same direction!


Corbin, could you be more bored?  Lola, could you have more syrup on your sleeves?  There’s a thing called a napkin!  And also, the camera’s up here.


What the…?  Okay, I quit. I told you to “say cheese,” not to “fake sneeze.” 

On Wednesday, I SWEAR I will get a decent picture of the two of them!

And THEN came the cooking and baking.  We made profiteroles.  They looked like this:

Please ignore the ugly orange juice mustache, Crystal Light makes a much prettier one.

So, I didn’t write stuff down, but they were WAY easier that I thought!  Basically:

Melt one stick butter with one cup water in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil.  Add 1 cup flour, remove from heat, stir it up.  Add 4 eggs, one at a time.  Then pipe them out onto a silpat mat (or parchment paper I suppose) on a cookie sheet and bake at 450 (ish.  Karl’s REAL nonspecific on times and temperatures.)  When they start to look golden and puffy, turn the oven temp down to about 350F and let them cook a bit longer till they get all dried through.  I think he planned for that to be about 12 min.  You can take one out and open it up, if it’s still a little “wet” or doughy in the middle, just leave it in a little longer.  They seem to be fairly forgiving.

Here’s Ina Garten’s profiterole recipe, if you’d want something more specific.

Then we filled them with filling, this is just as detailed and precise:

1 block of cream cheese, whip it up in the Kitchenaid.  Add enough heavy cream to make a nice, thick creamy filling.  Maybe a little less than a cup? Keep whipping.  Add some powdered sugar till it’s as sweet as you like.  And then a splash of vanilla.  (I can’t even get on Karl for this, this is how all my frosting type recipes are, I don’t measure anything unless I’m making swiss merengue buttercream or something like that.)

Slice up some strawberries and toss them with some sugar and a splash of vanilla.  Put the cream and the strawberries into your sliced pastries.  Then douse with chocolate sauce.  I’m not going to give away Karl’s awesome secret chocolate sauce recipe, but that’s easy to find.  Or you can use store bought.

Voila!  They’re even tastier than they look.  🙂

Then he taught me to make chicken parmesan with tomato sauce and pasta.  And it was ALSO delicious.  I”m not going to type it all up though.  Also, it’s more of the same types of measurements (i.e.  “kind of a lot” of oregano, etc.  lol.)  But Lola sure liked pounding the hell out of the chicken breasts with a rolling pin!


Are you guys getting sick of my recent discovery of and total ineptitude with Photobucket’s weird effects?

Lastly, here’s a super cute picture of Lola and Brian.  Brian really needed some Lola love, and she was being silly and refusing, so I told her I’d take a picture if she sat by Daddy.  That kid LOVES to be in pictures!


Sometimes you just hope you can absorb your 3 yr old’s oblivious happiness by osmosis.

Start getting used to obnoxious, poorly done, SUPER amateurish photo effects.  yay! 


11 thoughts on “Miss Julia Child Visited Me!

  1. Hi Cakesy,
    I’ve been blowing off work to poke around on your blog this afternoon. And I stole your Disney princess picture and posted it on the pregnancy thread at http://www.notmsnmoney.proboards.com, in case you want to come visit in your copious amounts of free time…

    And I’m still jealous as hell of your ability to bake!


  2. I want to absorb my child’s oblivious happiness by osmosis! Me, me, pick me!

    I think you should put Take 2 on your nametag. (How does that work, exactly? Picture on a nametag? Of your kids?) And geez, mom, hurry up and get it slapped on there. What are you waiting for? LOL.

  3. Takes one, two, and three remind me of Calvin and Hobbes. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about. 🙂
    Is That what those giant strollers are for? Jogging? I thought their purpose was to look like you live in NW DC… (… yuppies)

    • lol, I know very few people who ACTUALLY jog with their expensive strollers.
      I don’t know anything about Calvin and Hobbes, only of it’s existence. I’m lame. I’m sorry.

      • I think you would love Calvin & Hobbes. 🙂

        I haven’t seen people jog with them either, just make a nuisance of themselves by crowding the metro elevator. lol.

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