So…about that last post…

Wow, my number of site visits increased like tenfold yesterday.  It seems my last post was a hit on Facebook.

To any new readers who might be sticking around, Welcome!  I hope the regularly scheduled programming is also fun and interesting for you.  Though, I gotta warn ya, the space here is usually disproportionately devoted to Funny Things Lola Said.

I am so glad that so many people were able to read and enjoy my post about the Perfect Mother Fallacy.  It was very personal for me; I wrote it in honor of a friend whom I wish I could have said it to sooner.  I actually wrote it in a rush just as it popped in my head.  I never expected so many people to read it! (I am not delusional about how many, er few, people usually read here.)  Now I kind of wonder if I should have taken more time with it.  You know.  Kind of like when you write a big paper in the hour before class in a hungover daze and then your professor decides to share it with the class.  And on the one hand you’re kind of proud, but also you kiiind of want to hide in your sweater.

Anyway, a couple comments I want to make on the post…actually, I’ll just copy in a couple replies I made to some commenters:

To Satisfied Momma, who wrote,  “So, what if you’re a mom who really DOES love being a mom? and really DOES think that it’s a good thing MOST of the time? Am I gonna get booed? …”

My reply:

I’m so glad you wrote this, I was a little afraid of things being misconstrued, and I want to clarify.
I think the VAST majority of moms love being a mom. I don’t think anyone needs to say that it sucks or something to be an honest mom. (I mean, PARTS of it suck for everyone though, right? Maybe not, but that’s been my experience.)
What I wanted to get at here was just the DISHONESTY about how great at it you are. I’m CERTAIN that for every example I give above, there are a million moms who really DO that and ARE that good at that. But some of them are just lying to make themselves look better. And that’s super shitty. And even those moms who do feed their kid a super perfect, healthy diet- they aren’t better moms because of it! And they probably are not so hot at something else.

I wrote this really quickly and without much editing or anything due to a tragedy I experienced recently. After SOO many people read it, I started to wish I had taken more time. I hope I didn’t give the impression that loving motherhood and feeling good about your successes makes you a lying bitch or something.

And most importantly, to everyone who said some variation of  Thank you, I really needed to hear this.

My reply is:

I’m SOOOO eternally glad for the people who were able to find comfort in this when they needed it. That’s EXACTLY what I wrote it for.

If anyone was feeling down about their lack of perfection, and I was able to make them feel better (even if it was just, as I told another commenter, in the way that watching Hoarders makes you feel like a REALLY good housekeeper,) then that is fantastic and I’m so thrilled and it’s the best part of my blogging life so far.


Thanks for reading and commenting, everyone!  I feel kind of cool now, lol.  Hopefully my head hasn’t gotten so big that I’ll feel sad when my stats bars go back to their normal size, which now in comparison looks like teeny tiny bumps. Lol.

ETA: I can’t help but notice that no one said “Thunder Road IS the best song ever!” 😛


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