Corbin woke up laughing yesterday.  He was sleeping, his eyes were still closed, and then a smile crossed his face and he giggled.  He kept on like this while we both got up and got out of bed.  Is there a cuter way to wake up?  That was not rhetorical.  I can tell you for sure that, No, there is no  cuter way.  🙂

Corbin’s kind of a morning person.  Every now and then he wakes up crying, but more often than not it’s easily assuaged.  The only downside to Corbin’s a.m. enthusiasm is that it can get a little loud.  I generally have to get up before six, either for work or because Corbin is up.  And when his happy hinder lies there on the bathroom rug and coos and goos and chats excitedly, I keep trying, to no avail, to shush him to avoid waking up Lola.

Lola is not a morning person.  In fact, on the rare precious day that I get to still be in bed past 6, I hear any thud and get this sort of clenching in my stomach- is that Lola’s feet hitting the floor?   Our bedrooms share a wall (which is also the reason that I intend to move before she reaches tween years,) and when she gets up you hear a thud, and then a stomp stomp stomp, and then her door clumsily opened and shut with a slam, and you start to wonder if maybe she hulked out overnight.  She comes right to find me, and almost every time, Courtney Love sings in my head:

“Here comes a storm in the form of a girl…”

She used to get to my bed and stand right by my head and whisper something at me, usually “waffles!”  Now there’s a co-sleeper in the way, and anyways, I’m usually up.  She usually finds me in the living room with Corbin, and she always has this sleepy, somewhat crabby, sort of bewildered look on her face, and her hair is always totally bed-headed.  USUALLY she warms up pretty quickly, thank God. 

She gets to watch cartoons in the morning, and pick at her breakfast.  She’s not a big breakfast eater (which is CRAZY!  I LOVE breakfast!  I often eat two!) 

And now, here I am at the end of my paragraphs about morning time, and I realize, I have no point.  I feel like there might have once been something I wanted to say about this, but in the meantime, both the kids are up, and now I’m pretty distracted. (Which, by the way, makes me think of the Cafe Mom member who read one of my other blog posts and commented “and her family is doing what while she’s writing all this?”  lol.)  So, I think I’ll just let it stand for now as a picture of our mornings, for me to look back on when I can’t remember any of this.  And I will TRY to do better next time, lol.  No promises.

ETA- I would also like to have written down somewhere:  Lola likes to make up songs about EVERYTHING.  And last night she was on a roll!  She has this little Woody guitar that’s maybe 6 inches long, and she plays it while she sings.  I PROMISE to try and catch a picture of this next time it happens.  I wish I could remember all of her songs from last night, but the only two I can remember verbatim are-

“Oh there is a Momma / She lives right here on the couch / Momma’s couch / Momma’s couch / Momma Momma Momma”


“Kitty Kitty Kitty / There’s a baby in the bottom of the sea / Oh yeah / Oh yeah / Wah Wah Wah!”

That last one is because whenever it was my turn I sang the Hole in the Bottom of the Sea song (and played the guitar completely incorrectly according to Lola), and also because Lola tends to sing about whatever’s nearby.


11 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. When I need to get up early, I really enjoy eating my breakfast in peace and quiet, while everyone else is sleeping. I walk around as quiet as humanly possible, so as not to wake Saarah, for as soon as that occurs, all hell breaks loose. There’s a fair amount of screaming involved, which is purely the result of having woken up. I’ve tried many times to explain that there’s no reason to scream and cry, simply because you woke up, but she seems to disagree with my opinion. Today was one of these mornings, and so your post rang especially true to me.

    • Lol, I have used that EXACT line- “you don’t have to cry just because you woke up.” Wow, being up before BOTH of the kids sounds like Heaven. Well, except for that whole part where it means you have to wake up at, well in my case it would be like 4am.

  2. “She lives right here on the couch.”
    Some days I *want* to live on the couch, but no. Hahaha, Ally makes up songs about everything, but that’s because we do too. Sometimes it’s funnier to switch out the lyrics and try to catch them off guard. My kids are getting too good at it though!

    • Lol! In my defense, I had ALSO worked 10 hours that day, eaten dinner with her, played in her bedroom, taken care of Corbin, etc. But, I guess when you’re Lola, anyone who can sit still on the couch for more than 3 minutes counts as living there.

      • Yepp, that’s how my kids view the world too. We took them to the zoo and walked around for three hours straight. As soon as we got home they wanted to go to the park. Ha! No. Mommy’s feet hurt, I just want to sit down. As it turns out I ‘always’ want to sit down. Sheesh!

  3. Uuugh I cannot stand CafeMom. The commenters are so negative. And btw, I saw a comment in Facebook about one of my posts, the lady was annoyed that I refer to Logan as being 35-mos-old instead of two. Lol. But she’s closer to three. Anyway, hope y’all have a great day! – Kimberley

  4. only you could make a chaotic AM sound ‘perfectly chaotic’. this column also reaffirms what we already know, that Lola and i are obviously cut from the same stone =)

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