Lost in Translation?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what your 5 month old is saying.  I don’t really speak Baby that well.  I mean, I have gotten pretty good at knowing whether his fussing and crying means “I’m tired” or “I’m bored.”  But the rest of it is just a bunch of random sounds.

Or is it?

It turns out that Lola speaks Baby pretty fluently.  How fortunate!  I don’t know why she’s been keeping this from me.  I guess really she’s been trying to let me know, and maybe I just wasn’t listening.  When I used to tell her she had to wait because I was feeding the baby right now, and she would cry “He’s not hungry!”  I thought she was just being resentful of my time spent nursing him.  Now I wonder- maybe he wasn’t hungry. 

Because she was my little translator this morning.  First of all, I put Corbin in the car and then went back in for her, and as we walked out she said “I noticed you’re  not bringing Corbin.”  Which I thought was cute (and probably just wishful thinking on her part as we were headed to Grandma and Papa’s house.)  But that’s beside the point.  

As he sat back there making what I thought were meaningless baby noises, she told me: “He said ‘Hello.‘”  And then moments later: “He said ‘Hello’ again.”   

Then later, when he was fussing and I asked him if he could please chill, in my ignorance I assumed he had no idea what I was saying.  But Lola helped me out.  “He said ‘Sure.’”  Great, thanks.

The best part was when he said “Eh eh eh.”  And she told me “He said ‘eh eh eh.‘”   I guess some things don’t have a good Baby-to-English translation.


4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation?

  1. Well clearly you must have Lola create a baby translator and sell it for a gagillion dollars. All us moms would buy it in a heartbeat.

    What a cute story though. They’ll love reading this later one.

  2. My elder child was definitely not fluent in baby. He described The Younger as “he just says ‘Eh!’ a lot.” But that’s all he was able to make out, despite the frequent baby babbling. You’re lucky!

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