Going Bananas!

Lola has been telling me a few times lately that she “saw a Robin Hood.”  I of course tell her how cool that is, but I haven’t been able to figure out what she was talking about.  Well, this morning, she pointed the Robin Hood out to me.  It was a robin.  As in the bird.  She’s so cute.  Isn’t it funny how we associate words when we’re little?  She used to say anyone with a hood was a Robin Hood, as well.

What a beautiful weekend we had!!!  Hooray for weather in the 80s!

On Saturday, we decided to begin our enjoyment of the weather by visiting Milwaukee’s awesome Third Ward.  Our top priority was cupcakes, from the fancy cupcake place.  The kids were pretty good on the drive up.  Corbin’s not the world’s happiest car rider, but I discovered that both of the kids really enjoyed AC/DC’s If You Want Blood.   What?  That’s totally kid-appropriate.  Hey, at least I turned off the Ol Dirty Bastard after the 4th extreme expletive or so.

Our cupcakes were so huge that Lola actually didn’t even finish hers!  I wish I’d have brought the camera.  She managed to eat a giant, super chocolatey chocolate cupcake and only wear a few stripes of chocolate on her arms for the rest of the afternoon.  I managed to nurse a baby at the table while we ate without feeling too awkward OR getting any less-than-complementary looks/comments.  🙂  We also did a little shopping.  Which is to say: I tried to chase after Lola while wearing Corbin in the Ergo and DREAMING of someday when I might visit these places without my children and actually be able to look at the merchandise.  And trust me, looking is about all I’ll do even then, because I can’t really buy 20-dollar kitchen towels.  Even if they do have the cutest matryoshkas on them.

And then!  The big day!  Corbin tried his first solids.  I use the term “solids” loosely, it was pureed banana.  First, lets take a trip down memory lane.  Lola’s first solids:


My little Sweet Potato Queen

IMG_0571-1Sometimes you just have to go bananas!

We got many spoonfuls into his mouth.  There was only MAAYYYBE one that didn’t come right back out.  We’ll see if, like Lola, after I take the care to homemake his babyfood, he actually starts SWALLOWING them only when my mom gives him a jar of the store bought stuff.  And then:


Lola prefers her pureed bananas frozen up Quick Pop style.  🙂   This Zoku was TOTALLY WORTH IT, by the way.  This popsicle is just pureed banana mixed with milk and a little honey.  That’s a pretty healthy popsicle, and cheap.

– – –

More hot, sunny weather on Sunday.  We had the treat of Daddy accompanying us to the park in the morning.  Okay, is it just me, or is taking your kid to the park kind of a snooze?  I know!  Who SAYS stuff like that!?  But really, I feel like there’s pressure to have fun, but not that much fun to be had.  Lola enjoyed herself though. And she rode her bike there, which is SOOO cute.  I will definitely take some bike riding pictures soon.  She looks like such a big girl on that thing.  I tried and tried to get her to ride that thing, then Brian spends like an hour with her and she’s a pro!

And then I discovered why running in the sprinkler is such a popular childhood pasttime.  You get to water the lawn and keep your kid busy and cool all at the same time!  That is, if you happen to have sunscreen on hand.  Which I didn’t.  So we had to wait for Brian to go get some.  And then we had to wait for him to go BACK to the store when the first tube he brought home was expired.  And then the sprinkler fun ensued!


 I also discovered that my daughter has inherited my extreme insect phobia.  Only even more intense.  Perhaps it’s concentrated in her due to her smaller size?  I spent a LOT of time out there saying “no, Lola, that’s just a piece of grass.”  And at one point I traumatized her to a degree that MIGHT incur future therapy when I didn’t want her to stand dripping on her brother’s blanket, so I physically FORCED her onto the grass while she screamed “THERE WAS GONNA BE A BUG THERE!” at an intensly accusatory tone that actually made me feel bad.  And then irritated.  Because come on, you’re playing outside.  Every gnat can’t be a total meltdown moment.

 You’ll never guess what we did next…


I’m kind of thinking that Zoku probably owes me some of their advertising dollars.  These were my best yet, by the way.  The light blue parts are bllue raspberry flavoring syrup mixed with milk and a little heavy cream (healthy, eh!? 😛 ).  The stripe in the middle is pureed raspberries that I strained the seeds out of.

I think Lola felt bad that Corbin didn’t get a popsicle, because she then spent quite a while trying to get him to suck on his own feet.  Which is admittedly pretty cute when he does it.  And usually prompts Lola to say “He looks like a bowling ball!” 

First there was a demonstration of how tasty and fun it would be.

Followed by verbal instruction.

And then a little assistance from the instructor.

 I think that half the fun of that photo series is Corbin’s expression.

It was such a nice weekend.  My very dirty house and overflowing laundry basket are sort of hoping that we don’t have too many weekends that nice in a row.  But my popsicle maker is ready to go, just in case!



20 thoughts on “Going Bananas!

  1. So freakin’ cute! What a nice weekend. I wonder if Fae is going to pick up on my wasp/hornet phobia. She witnessed me freak out over a wasp that I almost touched in the attic on Sunday while digging for yard sale stuff. She looked a little horrified.

  2. Hahahaha, that last series of pictures is a riot.

    I kind of want a zoku now that I see all your pictures. Only, I bet it would be another thing I would be too lazy to actually use and it would just collect dust in a closet until one day when I think I might actually have the motivation for a project and then BLAMO no idea where the thing is anymore.

    The blue popsicle looks pretty freakin’ amazing.

    Look! Robin Hood! Eating a gnat!

    • I keep mine in the freezer, cuz the catch of 10minute popsicles is that the unit has to be frozen for 24 hours in advance. But seriously, I just had a popsicle for breakfast this morning. Its just so easy! And the portion sizes are perfect.

  3. You could write books. Children’s books, memoirs, whatever. I would buy them. Just saying. 😉

    I say that because I don’t even know where to start with the commenting and such…. it’s all so cute and funny! Good job with using sunscreen, that’s an important mom-skill.

    • You are way too nice!!! And I am the Sunscreen Queen. I get so sick of people making negative coments about my and my kids’ pale-ness. Unprotected sun exposure is NOT HEALTHY PEOPLE! I’m going to start just handing these people flyers about skin cancer, I swear.

      • i agree with sparksofme!! you need to start getting published! we’re spoiled to be reading this for free.

      • My mother must have retired from her position, lol. All the sunscreen as a kid drove me nuts but I’m grateful for it now!!

        And I wouldn’t say that I’m too nice, I just need more laughs!! 😉

        I know it was a joke, but flyers are not a bad idea. people are so uninformed. >.< My mother refers to it as 'woefully ignorant'. "Pamphlet to the Woefully Ignorant… You are killing yourself with sun. Way. To. Go."

  4. The last three photos had me laughing like a fiend! Ally is always prompting Kira to do stuff that makes her giggle. Normally her prompting results in the two of them laughing at their comedy, and then ALL of us burst into giggles because of how ridiculous it is.
    Also, parks are boring for adults. I bring a coffee and try to just sit down and make conversation with another adult. Parenting is very lonely during the day.
    ALSO, taking kids to the store SUCKS. I hate trying to chase them and saying ‘don’t touch’ a billion and three times, every time I feel rushed and flustered and I MISS JUST WINDOW SHOPPING at a nice leisurely pace. What? So it’s a bit of a sore spot. 😀

    • Well I am WITH you on the desire to shop. I’ve already told my husband that when he’s finally all healed up, I am taking one entire afternoon with no kids and I’m going to blow HOURS and a little bit of money on shopping for nothing in particular.
      And I LOVE the kids laughing together! Its a recent phenomenon in my house, but it’s AWESOME! I wish I knew how to work the camcorder. But I’m sure as soon as I got it out, they’d stop. That’s what usually happens with the camera.

  5. Love that 2nd picture of Lola in the sprinkler! So funny. It looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend. Also, very smart of you to have Corbin test the bananas outside for the first time. If he gets all sticky, hose ’em off. Nice. Just a word of warning — Omar was the age Corbin is now (that is to say, fairly recently) when he managed to squirm entirely out of his Bumbo, and ended up faceplanting on the dining room table. Really glad I was there to catch him. So if Corbin is a wiggle worm, too, watch out! 😉

  6. oh.my.goodness. i love it all. Lola feeding Corbin is perhaps one of the best pictures i’ve seen all month. even better than any picture in June’s VOGUE. Next time i visit you HAVE to make me a banana & honey popsicle. Literally my two favorite things to eat! the pictures of lola in sprinkler are amazing, you have to save them forever. i love your exciting day. glad B could be around for it too! hope his backs better! give everyone a big big big hug from ‘my matty’ (as said by my soul sister Lola).

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