Weekend Fun

So…I feel a LITTLE bad doing yet another “let me tell you about my weekend” post.  Which are probably only interesting to me.  Even my husband is all “snooze!” because, after all, he was there.  But!  Here we go anyway.  And when things are less hectic, perhaps quality will improve around here.  Although, it’s just as likely that perhaps it won’t.  It’s not like my publisher is going to mind.  She was a little disappointed at first, but what’s she gonna do?  I mean, seeing as my publisher is me.

Moving on.

Lola is SUCH a cute big sister lately!!!  I mean, sure, sometimes I spend 20 minutes trying to get Corbin to take a nap and she decides 8 seconds later to be a big sister just a little too closely (and loudly) and then I am less than amused.  But most of the time, she’s just cute and attentive and a little bit bossy.  It makes my heart smile. Especially now that she seems to accept the “you cannot pick him up” rule.

On this particular day she was in Super Big Sister mode as I putzed around the house.  Actually, she was pretending to be his mommy.  Which mostly involved covering him with a blanket and patting him on the back while calling him “my Corbiny.”  A bit of a clunky nickname I think.  When after a bit I looked in and saw this:


And I said “Honey, why is he wearing a kleenex on his head?”  And she cleared that up with. “Etuz [that’s how she says because] he’s jus’ a silly guy.”  Oh, of course.

And then later that day…

Now, I know that most people choose to celebrate Memorial Day ON Memorial Day.  But really, that’s getting a bit predictable and outdated isn’t it?  My family, being the trendsetting hipsters that we are, chooses to celebrate basically everything on a Sunday (unless it’s football season, and then if you schedule something on a Sunday you better be okay with the fact that everyone’s bitching about you behind your back.)  And just LOOK at all the trendsetting hipsters at this gathering:

This really is pretty close to heavenly.  I know it LOOKS like just a random collection of people in lawnchairs and one sorry excuse for a pool.  But really, well, okay it IS that.  But there is plenty of food, plenty of shade, plenty of loved ones and plenty of conversation (offensive and non-).  The only heavenly aspects missing are the friendly, ride-able polar bear and the never-ending, free State Fair.  (yeah, my vision of heaven rocks!)  The less than awesome pool, however, was genuinely less than awesome.  First off, it was actually a portable ice rink and only held 3 inches of water.  Which, after a while I was pretty sure was more like 2 inches of water and one inch of pee.  And oddly, I was the ONLY person disturbed by that.  I love when the kids get to play with their cousins though!IMG_0659


Look at the noggin on that kid!  And by that kid I mean Corbin.  We found out at his 6 month well baby visit that he’s 25th percentile for weight and 75th for head size.  No wonder he can’t sit for more than 3 seconds without doing a faceplant!  Less explicable is why on earth his dad and I keep sitting him up and then focusing our attention elsewhere while he succumbs to said faceplant.

Those are like the only pictures I managed to take, despite far more adorable photo ops because keeping track of your kids is TIRING, y’all!  Also, yes, I make my kids wear those t-shirt style swimsuits because we are a pasty pasty bunch.

– – – Monday – – –

How was your Memorial Day?  Mine went like this:  After barely sleeping all night due to Corbin’s bad cough, I got to go to work in the morning, where, YAY, there was a wound care patient with a gross gaping hole in his knee that I got to assist with the cleaning of.  Score!  And then I got home to find that Lola had painted her own toenails.  Except, translation:  Lola had painted the entirety of her TOES AND FINGERS plus much of the bathroom with like 12 shades of nail polish.  As I was cleaning her up, I kept thinking, I REALLY wish I could post a picture of this.  But I didn’t want her to think she had done something cute.  And then I caved and tried to take one anyway.  But this was AFTER a LOT of cleaning up.  And I STILL count blue, black, aqua, green and red remnants, including between her toes.  I had gone through my whole bottle of remover at that point.


I want to take a small detour here and talk about how awesome yard sales are.  I never have time to go to them, which is such a shame, because DUDE, major money saving!  I happened to meet my mom and Lola at one this weekend, and it was a happy happy day.  I had been dying for Corbin to have a ball popper toy, but they’re like thirtysome bucks and I could never bring myself to buy one, but Hey, what’s this?  A practically new one for 3 dollars!  As well as some cute clothes, and another barely used toy (a cute rolling caterpillar thing) that the lady at the snobby toy store tried to sell me a while back (for thirtysome bucks.  I’m spotting a trend.)   

A couple of things about that picture:   1. I still can’t get my kids to ever take a good picture together.  And B. do you see that string of drool stretching from Corbin’s mouth all the way to the floor?  That is a permanent part of my life.  And nope, he’s not teething (despite many people telling me over and over and over that he MUST be.)  Nope, that’s just my comeuppance for so despising the drool of other people’s children and pets for most of my life.  Touche, karma.  A bitch indeed.

I bet you can never guess what we did next….




That’s right…

Bananberry!  Yummmmmm.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. I like hearing about your weekend posts! Probably because that’s what I post about too, but it’s great. It’s like having a giant virtual coffee date with people and catching up. 😀 BUT only when it’s convenient for them! Sweet!!!

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