I guess I’m ‘That Mom’

Back before Lola was born, my mother-in-law told me, “you’re going to be that mom who makes their kid wear a bicycle helmet in the driveway.”  At the time I think I felt mildly insulted.  First off, that didn’t seem to me like my personality at all.  But also, no one wants to be That Mom.  Whomever That Mom may be.  That Mom who does whatever undesirable thing causes someone to call her “That Mom.”

And now, as it turns out, I MIGHT be That Mom.  Woops.

I keep thinking- How the hell do you let your kids just go play at the park?  I used to go play at the park as a kid.  Without my parents.  It was fun and normal.  And doesn’t it seem sort of unthinkable now?  Or is that just me being That Mom?

My parents talk about taking Lola to Florida, and I don’t know if I can bear it.  The idea of my kid being all the way across the country scares me too much.  I’ve actually had nightmares about it.  I’m really not even comfortable with her at a swimming pool without me or her dad. 

And remember last weekend when I was the only one who didn’t really want my kid playing in Pee Pond?

My cousin told me that she actually thinks I’m more relaxed than she expected.  Thanks, Dani!  Of course, she probably thought I would be a nutcase based on the fact that I followed the bulk of The Rules while pregnant, and once when Lola was a toddler, this cousin witnessed me having a freakout about Lola having a juicebox.  I believe I said “They’re terrible for her!”  And I believe I did it while Dani’s kids were happily enjoying their juiceboxes.  I’m lucky she didn’t hold that one against me, lol.  I lost the juicebox battle, by the way.  I REALLY wanted to be That Mom who only ever gave her kids milk or water and now they would RATHER have water than juice.  But alas, I’m not That particular Mom.  Though we still work hard at keeping limits on the juice and we buy the fruit and vegetable no sugar kind.

And my aunt just sent me an article about how a swallowed battery can burn a hole in a child’s esophagus in 2 hours.  So, I guess I have even more to worry about.

Now, Lola doesn’t actually have a bike helmet.  Gasp!  But that’s only because she JUST learned to ride it, and it still has training wheels, and I just keep forgetting to get to the store for one.  But overall, I think that I am That Mom.  And you know what?  Kids have survived worse kinds of mothers than the ones who make them wear bike helmets in the driveway.


19 thoughts on “I guess I’m ‘That Mom’

  1. I promise I’m not a blog stalker, but once again – awesome post! Wear the THAT MOM badge proud – I do 🙂

    • Feel free to stalk! When my cousin said the other day that she doesn’t think I’m That Mom, my mom quickly piped up with ‘She sure is!’ Of course, my mom thinks I’m That Mom because I don’t like Lola to drink Diet Coke and walk around on the countertops. But honestly, I’ve decided that deep down she means it as a compliment, or at least I’m going to take it that way. It’s a GOOD thing to be looking out for your kid. 🙂

  2. I freaked out when my mother-in-law gave Emilia some Smarties. Now I look back at myself and laugh. I was so strict about the foods she was allowed to eat and the no candy, no junk food. Sidrah is already onto the chocolate milk.

    And Emilia wears her bike helmet in the driveway. LOL.

  3. I get so sick and tired of hearing, “When you were little you didn’t wear helmets,” or seat belts, Or whatever. Yeah, and more kids cracked their heads open, suffering brain damage or worse, and the fatality rates for child passengers in motor vehicles were much higher. Yes, our mothers can bemoan that it was a more carefree time; it was also a more careless, dangerous time. But one generation scoffs. Whatever. We just have to do what’s right by our kids as we see fit and wear earplugs to drown out those who scorn.

    • Totally! My favorite are the people who tell you, “back in the day women just delivered babies without any medical attention at all.” Exactly, and back in the day a lot more women and babies died in childbirth.

  4. You know, I just had the “no diet coke or standing on the kitchen counter” conversation with my mother-in-law, who didn’t quite see anything wrong with it either! How is it the very person who laments all the terrible people and events in the news, retelling me each horrid detail of the latest baby-snatching or terrible-mother-who-left-her-kid-in-the-car story, can look at me 15 minutes later with that “you’re over reacting” look of condescension when I remind her that I’m not ok with my one year old putting pennies in her mouth? Even if she’s sanitized them!

  5. I am That Mom who insists on Gabe wearing a helmet anytime he is riding his bicycle, scooter, roller skates, or skateboard outside. I don’t do it because I think he is constantly in danger of cracking his head open, but just so that it becomes a habit for when he gets a little older and becomes in actual danger of cracking his head open. Like when he rides his bike to the park by himself!
    Did you celebrate Take Our Children To The Park And Leave Them There Day?

    • Sadly I was unaware of that holiday. I’m hoping that I’ll feel better as she’s older, and then I can look at my former self and see that I was just being That Mom, and really Lola and Corbin will be allowed to play unsupervised oncein a while.

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