Where’s the Plause Button?

Lola says “plause” instead of pause.  “You need to plause it so I don’t miss anything.”  And then, if we forget to plause it, she tells us to “unwind” it.  Cutie!

Lately, I’ve been in desperate need of a magic plause button.  My kids are the cutest ever.  I know, everyone thinks THEIR baby is the cutest one.  But in Corbin’s case, I’m pretty sure he really IS the cutest.  Ever.  He’s just so damn sweet!  I wish I wrote well enough to put the charm into words.  He flops around and smiles with his tongue half sticking out and when he giggles it becomes perfectly clear- Cutest. Ever.

And Lola is getting more freckles every day.  And being such a big girl.  But in the new, still-little kind of way.  She can use the bathroom and dress herself and all those things that make life a little easier.  But it’s all still new and exciting and adorable.  She’s learning things and exercising her independence, but still wants and needs her mommy.  She makes me so proud when she works on a new skill.  And she’s HYSTERICAL!  She says so many funny things (that I want to remember forever but then forget by an hour later.)  And really, if you ever saw her run, you’d have a heartwarming happy thought to treasure.

There are challenges for sure.  Lola’s a pretty strong willed kid, which can be exasperating, but I’ve been learning and am getting better at managing it.  And having an infant and a 3 yr old can be REALLY exhausting sometimes.  There is nary a moment when we’re together that one of them isn’t needing my express attention.  Corbin can be a little on the fussy side.  Blah blah blah all the issues you’d expect with two little ones.

People tell me CONSTANTLY that it gets “so much better” when your kids are a little older and really independent.  Maybe that’s one of those universal lies that people perpetuate because it makes them feel good.  Or maybe it’s just really the truth.  I can see that things are sure a little easier in some ways when your kids are more like school-aged.  I’m sure there’s more freedom, more adult time, a little less physical exhaustion.  I am kind of looking forward to seeing Lola go to school and make friends and etc and so forth.

But then, a happy baby who smiles his damn face off just because I give him a squeeze?  With that little tongue sticking half out?  Heaven.  I think I’d maybe wait like one more month.  Just so the weather is really at its best, and Corbin is sitting longer and more confidently and maybe starting to crawl and eat some solids.  But by then, I just REALLY REALLY want a pause button.  I want to stay here for a good long time.  I’ll hit play eventually, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy the next phase too.  But this.  This I want to dwell on.  I want plenty of time to get sick of it.  Instead of feeling like it’s rushing away from me and I can’t do anything about it.  Because I would love to live in this time for a good long while.


P.S.- Rummage Sale-ing fun continues and boy did we hit the jackpot last weekend.  The best of which was a collection of My Little Pony Ponyville Ponies, with a little house and some accessories.  Problem: they’re all discontinued and I’m having trouble finding more for her set.  You guys have no idea.  We’re so obsessed with these things that we are seriously almost unable to control our impulses to spend like a hundred bucks trying to buy the discontinued stuff online for COMPLETELY unreasonable prices.  So…if anyone knows where to get one besides ebay where they’re too expensive OR if anyone’s kids have outgrown their little 2-inch Ponyville ponies and affiliated playsets- I would love to buy them.  🙂



18 thoughts on “Where’s the Plause Button?

    • Right! But that was just on such a whim that Lola’s hair isn’t even combed. Which is more true to life, i suppose, as I don’t know that her hair is ever combed for more than a couple minutes.

  1. O.M.G. Both your kids are very cute but the little one is way too adorable!

    And this: ‘ She says so many funny things (that I want to remember forever but then forget by an hour later.)” <== Man, I can SO relate to that! It makes me so sad that we didn't have smartphones and flipcams and all the super cool gadgets we have now. Not even fracking simple digital cameras. Or blogs, for that matter. So manyfracktastically hilarious moments lost forever!

    Write them down. Tape them. You will be so happy you did in years to come. And just think, you can always use them later to threaten your teenagers to show them to their friends if they miss curfew 😉

    I recently started a series I [ temporarily] call S*** my kids usde to say. But there is so little I remember 😦

    • THank you!
      I know! When it happens, you think you’ll remember it forever, but…nope. I need to get better about writing them down. I’m going to work on that. As far as the camcorder goes, sadly, I swear its NEVER gonna happen! I can barely manage to find a second to snap a picture. ALthough, my camera does have brief recording capability, so I’m going to give that a whirl next time. 🙂

      • hahahaha

        I hear ya. My kids are all grown up now but I’m having the same problem with the kitten. He starts doing something totally adorable but by the time I manage to get camera ready he’s moved on to grooming or something.

        OK, it’s not the same problem but still… 😛

  2. A plause button would certainly be nice some days, however there are also days when I think a fast forward button might also be nice. Lately I’ve been really wanting a mute button, though.

  3. I may have a line on some of the pony things. I suspect there’s an avalanche of ponys and petshop things waiting to crash on my doorstep from my youngest nieces. My Mom showed me 30+ years of Legos that we’re getting later on in the year, when Caleb is less likely to eat the tiny pieces…

  4. I’d hit PLAUSE and then I’d go out for a drink. My kids are so…so…whiny lately. Argh. They can be adorable, and intelligent, and funny, but MOST of the time they are whiny and infuriating. I can’t wait for this stage to end!

    • Yeah, I SOOO posted too soon. Lola was so naughty and obnoxious yesterday that I wanted to drop kick her ass. Luckily, I managed to restrain myself. Barely. But I did quickly make plans to have friends for margaritas tonight!

  5. It really does get easier, in some ways. My girly is 8 going on 18 these days. It is nice that she’s able to take care of most things herself, but at the same time, I so miss the days when she was sweet and cuddly. And not trying to wear eye makeup and lipgloss to church. (I had to remind her it’s only for play, can you imagine?) I’d def take that plause button. Or now it would be rewind. She’s very strongwilled like yours. I try not to say stubborn b/c it’s got a negative hint to it. And it can be difficult at times. We just try to roll with it. They are so cute and precious and I miss that stage. But there’s so much to enjoy as they get older too. When they’re able to play board games and hold conversations is fun. It’s great to see them grow and change and see what they’re lik as they get older. Cherish every second!

    • You’re so cool! We actually have the house part that I pictured. But if you have accessories to spare, I’d pay you. We’re hitting some rummage sales this weekend to see what we can turn up. But my email is sskavis at hotmail if you do have stuff you’re getting rid of. 🙂

      • So sorry, that little house is all we have. It was a gift many moons ago. I don’t even think she’s got the ponies anymore. Littlest Pet shop is all over the place these days in our house. Sorry to hear about the garage sale debacle. I’m sure that upset her. Not to mention you! What luck!

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