Things that made me laugh recently

– As I was using the curling iron on my hair, Lola asked if I was “making it look like circles.” 

– Lola loves cheese.  When she saw Brian eating hard boiled eggs she told him she wanted to eat the round “cheese part” inside. 

– You know those stickers people have on the windows of their soccer mom vehicles (nothing against soccer mom vehicles by the way, I drive one too!) that have little stick figures representing the members of the family?  I was mentioning at lunch yesterday that I didn’t get them.  I mean, I like bumper stickers well enough.  I sport a bumper sticker myself (mine says “make cupcakes not war.”)  I saw one the other day that said “I [heart] my wife.” No punchline or snarky remark following.  Coolest bumper sticker EVER.  But the little stick people ones, what’s the point?  Just to let other drivers know that you have a husband, 2 sons, and a dog?  Is there any reason in the world that other drivers might be inclined to care?  I just don’t get it, but I might be missing something.

Anyway, the funny part was, my coworker had a brilliant suggestion.  He said he wanted to decorate his own truck window with stick people stickers of something like 2 men, 3 women, and like 12 cats.  And maybe some random inanimate objects.  It makes me chuckle!  And now I’m DYING to see that on his window.  Can you imagine people trying to figure that one out?  Tee hee!

– I have a habit of singing to myself.  Having a little soundtrack going on makes me feel happier.  So I was sort of rocking out to my own a cappella version of Bruce Springsteen in the elevator and then the doors opened before I expected and I was embarrassed.  The funniest part is that it happened again in the stairwell when someone was in there and I didn’t know.  Where do you people get such quiet shoes!?

– I intended to add more to this before I published it.  But then the saddest thing in the world happened, and now nothing makes me laugh.  (A bit of an overstatement?  Maybe.)  You know how I mentioned I have been desperately searching for those Ponyville sets?  Well, DH took the kids to a bunch of rummage sales yesterday trying to find them (which is a lot of work.  He’s got that back problem.  And Lola is SUUUUUPER naughty all of a sudden for no discernible reason. And I had both the stroller and the Ergo in my trunk.)  No luck.  So I find a sale on craigslist that’s a ways away.  I email and she says she has the ponies.  So DH gets there, turns out it a HUGE neighborhood sale.  He takes the kids to like a dozen or more houses.  Finally, at the LAST one, he gets there just in time to see 2 other little girls buy all the ponies.


It was a TON of them for 5 bucks.  The kind of collection that people are asking 150 bucks for on ebay.  Can you imagine the luck?  I mean, how do you get luck that bad?  Now I’m back to searching, but feeling kind of over the whole thing.  😦

I’ll try to update with something that makes me laugh soon, so this isn’t just a totally pointless and mostly depressing post.  There’s a good chance I’ll have something good after lunch.  My coworkers are HYSTERICAL.  🙂

ETA: Well that was quick.  🙂

I headed out of my department and said “I’m headed to the ICU.”  And without missing a beat, Bill’s patient said “Bring back snacks!”  And I laughed and laughed.  First, because it was quick and clever and I’m gonna try really hard to steal it whenever anyone says they’re going anywhere (unless it’s to the grocery store or something, that takes the funny out of it.)  And also, everything in the ICU is either SUPER gross or entirely preposterous to bring back as a snack, but I thought of all of it anyway.



2 thoughts on “Things that made me laugh recently

  1. That part about watching some girls buy those ponies made my heart sink… It’s always the last one too. I’ve tried to get around that a couple times and look for stuff backwards but then its in the middle or back at the front!

  2. That’s lame about the ponies. Everything else was funny! I’ve been caught singing to myself multitudes of time. I think the most embarassing moment was I went to school really early (like normal) and I was singing along to my MP3 player when an awesome song came on and I had to get up and dance to it while I was singing. Well, there I am, incorporating the concrete staircase into my epic dance moves and I turned around to face one of my classmates. “Uh…I didn’t see anything.” was all he said before he walked past me into the building. :S

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