Wednesdays with the Kids #6

Ugh, I’ve been so delinquent lately!  I guess it turns out that I’m too busy doing other stuff in the summer.  Yet, sadly, not stuff that’s all that terribly interesting.  How about a Wednesdays post!?

– Can someone please tell me what happened to my son who slept reasonably well for like a week there?  I’m pretty sure the downfall started when I mentioned out loud that he was sleeping better.  I knocked on wood!  Come to think of it, I think it was fake wood paneling.  Rats!  Will there ever come a day when I get to “sleep in” until maybe 7?  That would rock.  Today Corbin’s up at 4:15 and I just. can’t. do it.  I cave and give him to Brian, until I feel just too guilty and get up around 6.

– I have discovered that Lola can turn ANY word into an action verb.  It’s cute.  Some examples: She keeps climbing around and sliding off the couch saying “wee!”  When I tell her to stop her response is, “I was jus’ wee-in’.”  Or when she gets all up in a crying Corbin’s face saying, aggressively, “It’s okay it’s okay it’s OKAY!”  I tell her to give him some space and she says, “I was jus’ It’s Okayin’ him.”  This morning I tell her she needs to go potty and she informs me that first she has “to happy Corbin.” (I think that means she has to make him smile.)  A related favorite, re: Corbin, “He was bein’ happy at me!” 

– Corbin seems to be reaching the phase that Lola reached at about 5 months, where he can’t quite achieve forward motion and he’s CRABBY about it.  In order to get some peace to eat my cereal this morning (Quick side note: the different flavored Frosted Mini Wheats ROOOCK!), I give him an empty water bottle to play with.  Because I remember that Lola used to enjoy playing with my half full Diet Pepsi bottles, and I still seem to dwell on the “what’s good for the goose” way of parenting.  He loves this toy, but I discover the problem with giving a round toy to a kid who can’t crawl yet.  And then I have to get up roughly every 4.2 seconds to retrieve it for him.  Until FINALLY it occurs to me to crinkle it up so it’s not so round anymore and he can get his little hands around it.

– As I return my bowl to the kitchen, my bare feet stick to the random gooey spots on the hardwood floor and I can no longer ignore the fact that I have to spend my entire day off cleaning.  I am irrationally pissy about this. 

– Lola is very drawn to a Winx Club commercial for something or other.  “How to dress up like a fairy prostitute” or something.  I don’t know, I wasn’t paying that much attention because I was trying to get Polly Pocket’s tiny strappy sandal on while holding a crying Corbin.

– Normally, I can’t PAY the people living here to clean up anything (not that I’ve tried, money don’t grow on trees folks!).  And that trend continues for a while this morning, while Lola takes this opportunity, while I’m trying to pick up, to play with EVERY TOY SHE OWNS.  Although, this particular choice was very cute:

The adorable, baby-wearing apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  🙂

   But to be honest, that might be preferable to when she decides she wants to “help” me.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell the parents among you that having your 3 yr old “help clean” makes the process even more arduous.  Which I have no patience for this morning, so I finally cave to the sure-fire, long-term distraction technique.  Painting.  Of course, then I have to clean up THAT mess, but….

– And Corbin’s crabby again, so…Bathtime!  I also took a VERY cute photo of this, by the way.  But I don’t know what the deal is with posting bathtime photos on the internet…  A couple of things about bathtime, though.  1.  Why does Lola INSIST on drinking the water!?!  It drives me nuts!  I even tell her “you know, you’re drinking your brother’s pee right now.”  Doesn’t bother her in the least, apparently.  And 2. Corbin has the CUTEST FLIPPIN BABY BUTT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  I never understood the idea of an attractive butt, until I saw Corbin’s.  Seriously, I’m thinking of stripping him down for everyone I know just so they can have that little slice of joy in their mental scrapbook, it’s that cute.

– The afternoon proceeds pretty boringly.  At one point, I look at my house and realize that, even though I’ve been cleaning for most of the day, I have way more left to do than I am likely to accomplish EVER.  Which is sad.  And then Brian finally gets home from class and I BEG him to take the kids and go get ice cream or something just so I can finish the bathroom floor.  He does, but I mostly spend my BLESSED hour of no kids (don’t judge!) sitting and watching TV while I fight the good fight against my desire for fast food.  And lose.

– Then my mom calls and says they’d like to pick Lola up to go get ice cream later.  And I agree.  DON’T JUDGE! lol.

– Here’s a little known fact: a baby skunk is called a “kit.”  I say “little known” because I didn’t know that, which is all the criteria I need.  I learned it while playing a Mommas and Babies memory game with Lola (Mommas and Babies memory is pretty much the best thing in the world, by the way.)  Have I told you guys that Lola can’t pronounce Ks and they all come out sounding like Ts?  Oh, yup.  So, you can imagine how vulgar our little game sounded.

– I guess that’s really all I have to share for today.  Here’s a picture of Corbin for good measure:


16 thoughts on “Wednesdays with the Kids #6

  1. Adorable!! So I had a thought… in your epic quest for a picture of your children together (which doesn’t resemble Calvin & Hobbes school photos), perhaps photoshop is in order? Because how freakin’ cute would these two above photos look as one photo? hmmmm?
    Like I said, just a thought. 😉

  2. Kira drinks the bath water too. It’s so gross! But now that I have two…I just shrug and pretend I didn’t see. If she’s not going to listen to me, then I’m going to pretend I don’t notice her drinking dirt and pee water. Yeah, I’m that mom.
    Lola baby-wearing is adorable. I love watching my kids pretend to be moms.
    Also, kids helping to clean is sometimes cute, but most of the time frustrating. They get so easily distracted!

    • I get irritated when she does it while I’m looking right at her! At least have the decency to wait until I’m looking at Corbin so that I, too, can pretend I didn’t see. I totally do that by the way, like, all the time. I get tired of yelling at her one day, and just start pretending I don’t see stuff. Hopefully I’m not causing irreparable damage to her character.

      • I think it would be worse to ‘see’ it and then have to act over and over again, because that would make me lose my temper. There would be much yelling and throwing toys away. Sigh.

  3. Cute 🙂 I’m with you on the ‘all day cleaning’ hatred – we decided to get some help with that once a week, and I’m telling you it’s SO worth it. When you have kids it’s exhausting 24/7, never mind keeping the house decent. It also stops the in-couple bickering of ‘whose turn is it to clean x y or z’. Where I live they have a back to work scheme which is supported by the government and you can get the hours the cleaner spends partially reimbursed, which helps. Gotta love a socialist government!

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