Working on Our Smize

I am having a lot of trouble using WordPress on my iPad, but here goes. Above you SHOULD be seeing some of my photos. AREN’T MY KIDS CUTE!? 🙂 it was a pretty trying afternoon, family pictures are stressful, yo. So I’m really pleased that we turned out with some good ones. And this is only as many as I had the patience to load, there are more good ones!
Happy Friday folks.


This Mommy is Fablious

Lola picked out a sweatshirt today that says “my mommy is fabulous,” but she pronounces it fablious.  🙂

So, the most Fablious thing currently – I got an iPad!  I think I may be able to blog more now. (and I can totally hear you all saying “whats that, lucy? a football for me to kick?) Maybe. After I finish being obsessed with the maddening cupcake game that I can never win and that I now see when I close my eyes, like when you play too much Tetris.  Also, if I can ever get it away from Lola.  Who calls it an iPat.  I’m going to miss all these mispronounciations someday.

I’m still learning the keyboard though.  It’s sort of pissing me off.


I haven’t had to get up with Corbin the last TWO nights. Amazing!  He’s ten months now, and I really hope we’ve turned a corner here.  But he still only has two teeth, so I’m sure we’ve got some rough stuff coming.  I’ve pretty much weaned him at this point.  AND I’m pretty much past the part where I sob uncontrollably every time I think about that fact.  Which was particularly fun at work. 🙂

Overall the kids are good.  We had family photos taken a few weeks ago, which went really poorly.  So just imagine my surprise when I got the photos and a lot of them were super good!  I will definitely post some when I get around to loading them up.

you know, I was so excited to be able to post something that I forgot about the part where I ought to have something to say. Whoops!  Not that I would matter if I did, due to the fact that I can barely think with Lola climbing all over me, nagging, “WHEN CAN I TYPE SOMETHING?  Type a L!!”

okay then, be back later.