Cookies on a Stick

I decided this weekend that I wanted to try making those cute royal icing coated cookies on a stick. Which was an interesting decision considering I don’t have time to bake brownies these days, much less try out a complicated new thing. But the baking blogs, they call to me.

I was not quite as good at this as I hoped I’d be. But not a bad first effort. A coworker just found out he’s having a baby girl, so I went with a pink theme.

I used the cookie recipe from Sweetapolita.
And the icing recipe from Sweetopia.

It was a lot of steps. With the rolling and the freezing and the icing and the drying and the icing some more. And the Lola underfoot eating everything raw and begging me to squirt icing in her mouth.

But look what a cute little gift I have for my coworker:


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