If you’re happy and you know it

Yesterday was Halloween. Which you probably already knew. Lola dressed up as little red riding hood, and I got to accompany her to her class party.

I don’t know what’s with the weird face there. Probably that’s her “Mom, it’s 40 degrees outside, can’t we take pictures inside?”-face. But everywhere I tried to take it in the house, there was so much mess in the background! Not pretty.

Anyway, didn’t her grandma do a great job on that costume!? I was excited when she told me she wanted to be little red riding hood, because I’m a big fan of simple and warm. And I’m not big on just buying something from the store. Corbin was a crabby baby with a sore throat for Halloween. I had such great plans for him, but he cried whenever I tried to put a costume on him.

Lola’s party was a cute experience. Brian does all the dropping off and picking up of the kids, so I almost never get to see them in that environment. I discovered some things.
1. Lola is a very good girl at school, and surprisingly quiet. WEIRD!
2. Lola sticks out from the gaggle of princesses. That’s starting already? Almost all the other little girls had on Disney princess dresses and they all sat at one table while Lola was content to sit with a couple of boys. I hope that’s not my fault somehow.
3. Lola is a toothbrush head. This according to a wee little batman named Brody, who didn’t SEEM to mean it as an insult. Any four year olds out there able to clear that up for me?
4. The kids and teachers are, overall, delightful. So that was nice to see. 🙂

Corbin learned to clap his hands yesterday. I’ve been trying to show him how ever since I read in Lola’s baby book that she was doing that by like 7 months. Corbin’s on his own timeline with everything it seems. But he and I were both delighted when he decided it was time to throw me a bone and clap his damn hands. The downside is that he’s so into his new skill that he wants to do it instead of sleeping. And then laugh about it.

Also, just because I love these comparison shots, here is Lola at right about the age Corbin is now:

And lastly, for funsies, here is Lola’s first Halloween costume. It’s nice when they let you dress them up without crying their little eyes out about it.

Happy November, y’all! My kids’ birthday is coming up quick, I can’t believe it! I’ve noticed that never do you hear a parent say “you know, they’re growing at a reasonable rate that is about what I expected.” No, you know why? Because they’re all growing up too fast!


5 thoughts on “If you’re happy and you know it

  1. Wow, when looking at those two at similar ages, they look soooo much alike. (Surprising only to me because I have two daughters who don’t look much alike.)

    Second wow, that Halloween costume is sensational. A lot of Emilia’s friends went as princesses (or cheerleaders) (or fairies), too. Emilia wanted to be Waldo. And she was.

    Third wow, Corbin is getting so big!

  2. Keira went as Woody from Toy Story. Caleb went as Buzz. I was surprised she didn’t want to be a princess but whatever. Evil mom that I am, I made her walk up and down all 3 aisles at Target to make sure Woody was her final choice!

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