Wednesdays #8

– Lola is always being some animal or another and insists that you refer to her as such. Like if you call her Lola she says “you mean Kitty!” This morning she is GiGi the Elephant (oddly, sometimes she’s Ella the Giraffe, but she insists she doesn’t have those names backwards) and I get many lessons in elephant behavior. “Did you know elephants can do a flip?” “Do you know elephants can wipe themselves?” Turns out elephants are really similar to four year olds.

– I don’t even bother turning on the radio in the car anymore because Lola has to talk about EVERYTHING! Some of my favorites from this ride: “What’s that big sign? Oh, it’s a truck. What’s that big truck for?” It carries cold things, honey. (it said cold storage or something.) “Cold things? Like penguins?”
“There’s garbage. That’s the dump. That’s where papa likes to go.” oh yeah, does he take you with him sometimes? “Yeah, but today he’s at Florida. Looking for a very special playhouse for me.” (My dad’s in Florida looking at possible vacation homes.)

– If it’s Wednesday, Corbin’s visiting the pediatrician! This is his one year well visit. He is 20lbs 12oz (25th percentile), 30 1/4″ (75th), and still has a big noggin (85th.) He takes all the poking like a champ. But it is nerve wracking when once again the Dr runs down the list of “Does he do this?” questions and I have to keep saying no. Pick easier questions next time! Also, when he investigates the inside of Corbin’s mouth, I secretly fear that he will find Oreo remnants, and I’ll have to get a lecture or a visit from CPS or something.

– Do you want to know how many times lately I’ve sworn up, down, and sideways that I’m going to spend the day getting my house really clean and then not cleaned at all? Well, I’m sure you do; I mean that’s the kind of fascinating info people are dying for. But I couldn’t tell you because it’s too many to count. Corbin is napping and Lola is occupied and what am I doing? Relaxing and procrastinating. I suck.

– Then there’s a rather boring and painfully long sequence where Lola feeds her baby doll in Corbin’s highchair while I sweep and scrub our hardwood floors and keep promising Lola I’ll make her lunch as soon as I finish. Don’t get hardwood floors! Dear god the dust and the crumbs and if I actually wanted things to be even remotely decent I’d be moving heavy furniture every other day. If you already have hardwoods…they really are beautiful aren’t they? Almost enough to make them worthwhile.

– I finally get Lola some lunch, and she has suddenly decided that one of her favorite lunches is now too yucky. 😦 I try being a hardass about it, but nothin doin. So I wolf down about half of it before I realize that it would be awfully nice to have something to feed to Corbin when he wakes up. Of course, it’s also grocery day so I have nothing else to give her. String cheese and applesauce counts as lunch, right?

– It’s then time to head to a meeting at my old alma mater to hear my (grim) prospects for ever completing a potentially employable degree while working full time and having a family. And the best thing I can say about how that went is that I got to catch Smells Like the 90s on 102.1 (Better Than Ezra? Gravity Kills? Good stuff!) I walk the halls with all the 20 year olds, reliving some of the worst parts of my life, and somewhere in the process I lose my only pair of sunglasses. Great.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if the degree I already have was useful in any way? If anyone has a job for an English major, send it my way.

– Brian and I are discussing the grocery list, and Lola’s offering helpful suggestions. It goes like this: Yogurt, Crystal Light… “Ice cream sandwiches!” Etc.

– My mom got Corbin this really cute farm set for his birthday, which it turns out Lola doesn’t like to share. This is what it looks like when Lola plays with the farm:

THIS is what it looks like when Corbin plays with the farm:

This is what Lola looks like when Corbin plays with the farm:

Forgive the horrible image quality. The camera on this very expensive iPad is the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever encountered.

– Just one more thing. Lola uses well/good appropriately and I love it. She says, “You didn’t do it very well,” for example. How many adults do you know who would use “good” there? Of course, she also said at dinner, “Ketchup is more better than Branch [that means Ranch dressing].” So I’m not getting too high and mighty yet. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Wednesdays #8

  1. Oh my gosh, the farm. The whole post was hilarious as always, but when I got to that last picture I cracked up.

    Also: string cheese and applesauce totally counts as lunch at our house. Sometimes just applesauce.

  2. I know what you mean with the English degree. My husband has a Master’s in English lit and he still hasn’t found that job. Every now and then we’ll try to come up with the impossible list of jobs in America for English majors–it usually ends with rash ideas of leaving the country or something.

  3. I’m dying here Steph.

    We keep a whiteboard for the grocery list. Keira now knows to remind me/ask me to put whatever it is on the board. Currently it’s round chicken nuggets instead of the dinosaur shaped ones…

    And I love the hair. We keep Keira’s short because I don’t wanna deal with it. But she’s starting to want ponyt and pigtails.


    • I’m so glad to hear from you! I like the whiteboard idea.
      And I have so many cute ideas or Lola’s hair, but he has no patience. So it’s generally just ponytail or pigtails.

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