One man’s trash

Corbin was just working his little hinder off to retrieve something from under the coffee table. I wondered briefly what he was so obsessed with. But with Corbin, if he’s not whining or fussing, I’ve learned not to rock the boat. I figured it was some diaper cream or other object he’s not supposed to play with and therefore must have.

So he works and works at it, and makes his little struggling grunt noises, and finally pops back up. With an old, broken Fruit Loop. He smiles and pops it in his mouth and does his little happy bounce like he just found twenty bucks in the street. And I just love it.

The cute stuff like that is so needed when he’s had a double ear infection and two emerging teeth and I’ve basically wanted to throw him out a window for a week now.

But then I notice what a cute little personality he’s developing, and I can’t wait to see more. 🙂



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