Confidently Average

I have to start this post with my new favorite thing. It is this:
Dude. Love it! I’ve been finding the ninja names of everyone I know. You’re welcome! (I’m Arichikunori, btw. Awesome.)

Now then.

You know those people who know more than you about everything, or the ones that can do everything better than you? Believe me, there are LOADS of people who know way more than I do on a variety of subjects (taxes, wine, pretty much anything having to do with electronics.) And DEFINITELY folks are better than me at doing pretty much everything except maybe, uh, using gel-based eyeliner, breast feeding, and googling stuff (I am not the best at any of these things, but I would be willing to put my skills up against those of the general public.) But I’m talking about the people that are better than you at everything, and know more ALWAYS, and revel in it. Like, it’s an important part of their identity.

I am not one of those people.

I am comfortable with my average-ness. Confident in it really. Or maybe I’m just too tired to care. I guess those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

It’s sort of like the fact that I’m very aware of what a flawed person I am. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I have lots of flaws I’m NOT aware of, lol. But overall, I know myself to be very flawed in many ways, and that knowledge is part of what keeps me from ever acquiring a superiority complex. So see, flawed is a GOOD thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I look at these things and think, “well, maybe that’s not a good way to be.” I mean, I suppose that being too comfortable with being average leads to not trying as hard. And when you start accepting your flaws, are you giving up on trying to be the best?

But that’s just the thing, I don’t really have a desire to be Better than others. Is my anti-competitiveness an unusual thing? It seems like it sometimes. I am totally flummoxed when people try to compete with me in any manner. And believe me, it happens all the time. When you’re a woman, ESPECIALLY a mom type woman, the unsolicited competition is FIERCE.

So I wonder sometimes if maybe I’m missing some human component and am somehow stilted because of it. But then I think, the world has so many self-righteous judgy pants, my lazy ass will just remain over here counting my flaws.

Last thing. Remember the movie She’s All That? Yeah, me neither really, I had to do a lot of weird googling to figure out what movie I was thinking of a little part from. But her dad in the movie watches jeopardy all the time, and gets every answer ridiculously wrong, and I remembered it probably because it’s the only truly funny part of the whole movie.

I tried and tried to find a clip, but no dice, so I’m settling for a brief description in Roger Ebert’s review.

Laney’s dad is watching “Jeopardy!” in the background and shouting out the answers. (To a question about the printer of the most famous Bible in history, he shouts out “Hewlett-Packard.” I couldn’t quite catch the question for which his answer is “Lou Rawls” and the correct answer is “the pope.”)

So anyway, I think it’s hysterical, and I am reminded of it EVERY time Lola watches Go Diego Go. At the end, they talk about whatever animal they rescued and do these little quizzes and Lola gets every. Single. Question. Wrong. Every time. To the point where I actually wonder if she’s messing with me. Does an octopus live in the ocean? Or in the desert? “The desert!” Do panda bears eat cheeseburgers? Or bamboo? “Cheeseburgers!”

And so on. She’s really confident in her answers too. And she’s a really bright kid. So I’m not sure whether she’s actually so bright that she not only knows all the right answers but understands irony and is doing this for amusement. Or if she honestly thinks that monkeys have feathers and grey wolves eat fruit snacks.

That was a really long winded way of describing something Lola does that amuses the crap out of me. Hopefully I can read these kinds of things when she’s 15 and insufferable to remind myself how great she is.

Well, that was a weird and disjointed post. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Confidently Average

  1. That is awesome. My name is Zukatuka. That rocks.

    I am totally with you. I do not understand why moms take every.single.thing about parenthood and make it into a competition. You never, ever, take your kid to a fast food place. I do. You feed your kid all organic. I don’t. You have your kid in a bunch of enrichment activities or sports. I don’t. You don’t let your kid watch TV. I do. You did a natural birth. I had an epidural. You bottle feed. I breast feed. Does this make you better than me? Or me better than you? Seriously? Who cares? We do what works for us and our family. And we shouldn’t be made to feel bad (or good) about that. It just is what it is. As long as our children have their needs met in a healthy way, we should be proud to parent the way we do.

    Lola makes me laugh.

  2. I’m Rinkashifu, pleased to meet you. And I’m also pretty non-competitive. I’m also not terribly ambitious, which has been a bit of a problem. I do love knowing things, or seeming like I know things, which often means I put my two cents in even if I don’t have two cents to put in. Huh. Maybe that’s how I got into debt.

  3. ikashimota here. Huh, it sounds more geisha than ninja, but how would I know?

    I love the ones that can’t wait for you to get your story out so they can tell you a better story about themselves. Hey, thanks for listening. Guess, I’m fine with my average-ness, too, because I don’t feel the need to out-do anyone (that’s assuming I were in a position to, which I’m not). Anyway, I have a Liebster to pass along…Don’t feel obligated to recipricate but if you do, please let me know so I can check it out! Check out my blog for details. Thanks!!

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