Random rambling with gazelle like intensity.

Hello to the three of you still reading this blog! I’ve been terrible at saying anything interesting lately. And I never respond to comments because I’m a busy jerk. And I haven’t looked at anyone ELSE’S blog since back in ‘Nam, so I haven’t kept up with my readers and that’s awful. But anyway, for the three of you still reading, just so you know, by the end of February I will probably not own the address stephicakes.com anymore. It’s expiring, and I don’t think I’m going to pay to keep it. But I can still be accessed at stephicakes.wordpress.com 🙂

Why is that? Well, ask this guy!
Okay, actually, I don’t know that much about Dave Ramsey. All his books were checked out at my library, and I sure don’t intend to PAY to learn how to save money, lol. But I did peruse his website, and it got a fire lit under me to pay off all our debt ASAP, and start saving more. (Gazelle like intensity is a Dave Ramsey thing, by the way.)

Here’s the thing though, I’ve been looking at all kinds of frugal living tips, and reading about these people who paid off $30,000 in seven months. “Stop spending so much on name brand clothes.” “Make your own coffee instead of spending four bucks every day.”

Where’s the Bitch, please emoticon?

Every article of clothing I own is either four or more years old, or was gifted to me by my mom. And if I could afford to drink four dollar coffees daily, I wouldn’t be scouring the net for budget advice! We have been cutting out frivolous spending for so long that there’s not much left to cut. But if any of you can talk my husband into canceling the cable, I will write you a sonnet. 🙂

Lastly, Corbin still doesn’t say any words. Like, not even Dada. Which is a little disconcerting. What he DOES do, however, that is ridiculously adorable is he nods his head emphatically any time you ask him a question. God I wish I could figure out how to post videos! It’s sort of exaggerated and slow, and very very affirmative. And it doesn’t matter what you ask. “Does daddy smell?” “Can you say ‘no’?” “Corbin, could you please unload the dishwasher?”

I ask him questions ALL DAY LONG just because the way he nods his head is so cute!


5 thoughts on “Random rambling with gazelle like intensity.

  1. Awww, there are surely more than three of us. But I haven’t seen Teyve in ages. (What did you do to him?!?!?)

    Oh man, I wish my kids would STOP talking and START nodding. Corbin is the best kid EVER!

  2. Great idea to save money 🙂 I hear ya, I don’t buy brand name clothes (except for last week from the Really Awesome thrift store in my neighborhood), and I don’t even *drink* coffee.

    My noticing-details skill seems impaired compared to other people, so if this is way-not-new sorry, but I want to tell you I love the mint green/seafoam theme on your blog 🙂

  3. Oh good luck with the gazelle-like intensity thing. Cutting back can be tough. I’d like to think we are thrifty simply because all my and my kids are resale, but I know there is plenty I should so without. I will look for you over at the other address – I’m so glad I didn’t miss the boat!

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