Okay, maybe ONE thing’s better.

I’ve said it in the past: people tell you that your kids getting older just gets better and better. And I never really believe them. (In fact, I think there are a lot of little lies surrounding parenting that people continually spout hoping they’ll be true.)

Well, yesteray my four year old was my personal lotioner. Yup, I got out of the shower and she put lotion on me while I plucked my eyebrows and put product in my hair and etc. It was kind of awesome! I was running late, so I would have probably skipped lotion otherwise. Now, she has her own methods that are a little …unorthodox. She insisted on lotioning up my belly button pretty well, for instance. But still. Kind of a fun part of the growing kids thing. Now just wait until they’re old enough for my husband and me to go see a movie, and I might just be singing the praises of how much better it is with older kids.

But I doubt it, because I just ran across this picture:
And about curled up on the floor and cried. Not because I look like that (give me a break, I was minutes out of a med free L&D.) but because I don’t want to be done with that!!!

And since I got an adaptor that allows me to easily put photos on my iPad, here is some more evidence of what a lucky lady I am.


8 thoughts on “Okay, maybe ONE thing’s better.

  1. Oh my gosh, you look so gorgeous in the first picture. I can’t believe THAT is how you looked after giving birth. Holy cow!!! Anyway, I also enjoy the unorthodox lotions. I also enjoy toddler conversations, semi-reasoning with older children, and that we can go places together and it is actually fun now — even shopping trips. I just held a 5-month-old yesterday. He smelled the best smell on Earth. Oh, that baby head smell. Still…not wanting another one. I guess that’s how you know you’re done.

  2. Um, yeah, I agree, if only I’d looked like that just after giving birth, you’re a total goddess! I looked like some poor schlep who’d been living under a bridge.

    Take those little milestones and run. The lovely lotion parties are so sweet. I love that time w/my girly. She’s 9 now, but still likes to give me lotion foot rubs. That part about your belly button made me LOL! Too funny!

    And your boy! that pic of him close up is just wonderful, what an adorable baby! He’s going to be a heartbreaker one day. Of course, Lola’s beautiful too, but that pic of him is just so striking. Enjoy every second, because I hate to tell you, before you know what’s hit you, there’s going to be drama or a surly teenager on your hands. I’m so not ready for it or used to it, but it’s happening and I’m not liking it one little bit!

    • You guys are crazy, that is not pretty! But thank you. 🙂
      I think Corbin is the cutest ever, but sometimes I feel like he’s gonna have a bit of a hard time. He is paler than pale, has reddish hair, has a big noggin, a bunch of birthmarks, crooked pinkies, and I think maybe allergies. He’s awesome though, so that should help. 😛

      I’m so scared of Lola getting older, she’s gonna be a rough one!

      • With that precious face and those big eyes, I have a feeling he’ll make it all work for him, crooked pinkies and all!

        I’ve got a rough girly, but not in the physical sense. Well, wait, she sort of is. Short fuse that normally results in swinging fists and consequences none of us enjoy. She’s definitely strong-willed, she’s partially a red head – I blame it on that!

        I wouldn’t have it any other way, I say now. Ask me again in 10 years when I’m medicated! lol jk

  3. Your right out of delivery picture is beautiful! I looked like a beached whale – lol. But really, I did. 😉 Your children are precious. I do miss the baby days sometimes – especially holding them in my arms. Sigh. But right now it is nice that my dudes are the ages they are because they are fun to chat with!

  4. Awww, what a couple of dang cutie pants! Now that we are finally outta the waking up ten times a night and getting some decent sleep I think I’m able to appreciate the work and worry of being a mom. When my kids were smaller I was just too tired. But you’re right, it’s so fun now. The funny things they say. The unexpected ways they interpret things. Now – as long as I get decent sleep and they haven’t been whining for than five minutes straight – I can laugh and find humor even in the way my son asks for M & M’s ten times in a row. Ok. That last part was a lie. I can’t stand the M & M thing – but I do find a lot more fun these days. I wish they would just freeze at their ages (until I changed my mind, that is).

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