My Little Mermaid

Do you know that Lorelai means ‘Siren’? Come to think of it, do you know that my daughter’s name is Lorelai? Lol, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it. Anyway, with a name like that, you’ve gotta learn to swim, right?

My mom bought Lola a few private swimming lessons for Christmas. Which, I was all, “Hallelujah, praise Jesus, not another toy to add to the collection closing in around me and making me wonder if I should seek some anti-anxiety meds.” (Though, for the record, Lola was all, “My little brother’s toys and my little cousins’ toys are now going to be appropriated by me because, seriously folks, I’m four years old and have a hard time grasping the awesomeness of the lack of brightly colored plastic.”)

Of course, the toys are all kind of old news now, and only REALLY interesting to her when her brother wants them. But she’s super psyched about the swimming lessons we started yesterday.

So I had called to set them up, and the teacher who called me back did not instill confidence in me. (Maybe we should have a class in high schools on professional phone etiquette or something?) And then we got there yesterday, and I was informed that she was running a little late. And THIRTY MINUTES LATER, amid a bored and disappointed kid’s very sad “is my swimming teacher gonna be here soon?” I was cursing the YMCA for employing flakey teenagers. When finally, and surprisingly, in walked a totally adult-looking teacher. Who barely acknowledged me and offered almost no word of apology! I was so ready to bail.

And then she revealed herself to be the Kid Whisperer.

Seriously, I guess there’s a reason this woman is employed in this capacity. And it’s not because of her prompt professionalism. She was so calm and quiet and effective with my bean. Lola trusted her really quickly. And she phrased everything in perfect, calm kidspeak. And I sat there feeling like a spazz in my own approach and vowed to try this magical swimming teacher approach.

Corbin must have been a little jealous. Because when I gave Lola her bath a little later, I was rinsing her shampoo out when he splashed head first into the tub. With a onesie, a sweatsuit, a diaper, and socks on. They’re just inseparable I guess.

On an entirely different note:
Old guys! Seriously! What is with the hard candy!? I know you’re being kind, but I gotta be honest, no one wants to eat whatever just came out of your pocket!


5 thoughts on “My Little Mermaid

  1. Wow, that is awesome! Emilia had a great swimming instructor (N8), but it didn’t make her less afraid of the water. I KNEW I should have named her Lorelai. MOM FAIL.

    Also, how about that one old guy who gave my daughter an opened peanut butter cup? EW.

  2. How awesome! It looks like she had a blast!! I would love to have some cute pics of Lilly at her lessons, but I have to get in the water with her 😦 Love the time we spend, hate the part where I have to get in a swim suit!

  3. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t laughed in several months, I got too far from my computer! So I think it needs to be law that you continue to blog and I continue to read it. 😉

    Yay for the kid whisperer. That’s pretty cool.

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