Kids say the darnedest things

Funny things Lola said in the last 2 days:

– We were driving, and she pointed at some random lady out the window and said “That lady said Hi to me and I said Hi back.” (This didn’t happen.) Then, “She told me her name.” “Oh really, Honey? What is it?” “Hortatoria. I never said that name before and now I said it. She’s gonna be my friend. She has a real nice family.”
It was the wackiest damn thing, lol.

– I was using the bathroom, which all moms know never happens alone anymore, and she came in to chat. She sat on the tub in front of me and said, in a very serious and rule-setting tone, “We never drink pee.” “Well, that’s true Honey. We should never drink pee.” Then she told me “It will make us dead.” Which for some odd reason, I felt the need to correct. I mean, life would probably be easier if she thought drinking pee would make her dead, but I just couldn’t let her believe something so scientifically untrue.

– Last night I was tucking her in and gave her a hug, and I lingered a little extra long (who can resist?) and she told me, matter of factly, “Mommy, we can’t just hug forever.” Which of course made me think well why the hell not?

There it is, just a few things that made me laugh lately.

Also, here is a picture that Brian texted me yesterday of him and Corbin all ready for NFL draft day, and it warmed my heart.


7 thoughts on “Kids say the darnedest things

    • Yeah, you know, so much of it, when I think about it, I’m like, well, you probably had to be there. But every now and then I still wanna get down a few of the recent things. You know. For posterity.

  1. OMG! I love the things they come up with! My daughter was about 4 & was misbehaving at a store. I asked her why, she said ‘my brain ran out of batteries.’ My son, in kindergarten on the way home from school, when asked what flavor pudding he thought I’d made, guessed chocolate. I asked if it was his favorite. ‘Yes mom, chocolate is my passion.’ Hilarious!

    And wow, is Corbin a mini-me or what! That is such a great pic of them!

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