Summer Manifesto?

I was poking around on the Internet, and stumbled on this blog post by Ali Edwards about a Summer manifesto. Which was then made into an awesome and creative book. That is way beyond my talent level. But inspiring nonetheless. (I secretly want to try art journaling but am too embarrassed.)

So for starters, I had to look up the word manifesto in the dictionary. It’s one of those words that I know a vague meaning of based on context. But, specifically speaking, I don’t know what the hell a manifesto actually is. “Public declaration of intent.” Okay.

Now then, what would make my Summer Manifesto?

1. Zoku! (I’m really excited to do some more of this.)

2. Take maximum advantage of the Harbor Market. (The harbor market is like an upscale, yuppie version of a farmers market down by the lake. It can get a little expensive, so I need to make sure I’m carving room in my grocery budget in order to be able to enjoy the local delights. I want to find the things there that are REALLY worth my money. And stop buying the steak tacos and 5 dollar juices, etc.)

3. Do some gardening. (I have whatever the opposite of a green thumb is. I SUCK. I have absolutely no natural aptitude, and usually even less time to bother. But I really want to have a handful of nice looking flowers and some veggies. That I don’t just let die because I’m so incompetent and uninterested.)

4. Try canning. (The only thing I’ve ever made is strawberry freezer jam like my grandma’s. It was really nice and I want to try some more canning. I am actively insisting to myself that I keep it simple and not try to get carried away so that it ends up becoming stressful. Just a few small batches for this year.)

5. Look nice sometimes. (I’m trying to practice body acceptance. And so rather than not ever buy any clothes because I’m too …whatever, I’m going to make an effort, SOME of the time at least, to really feel like I look nice. Buy some nice things for myself. Preferably at the thrift store for less than ten dollars!)

6. Make family outings happen! (We have such wonky schedules, that it can be really easy to let time slip away and never do anything special together as a whole family. So I have to prioritize and plan it. And make it happen now and then.)

7. Entertain friends and family at our home. (I don’t do this a lot. I get a little anxious about having huge groups over. And when I think about a smaller gathering, I worry that I’m boring and people don’t really want to hang out with me. But I really want to make it a priority to have various couples over for dinner and whatnot here and there.)

8. Show my parents how much I appreciate them. (I don’t really think they know. Expressing feelings is something that is difficult within my family dynamic. And I really worry sometimes that they don’t realize how much I appreciate them and all the little things they do for me and what they mean to my family. I want to try to find ways that I can show them how much I appreciate them. But I’m not sure what yet because I have no time and money. And I have that aforementioned weird complex where I don’t think anyone wants to spend time with me and I worry that I’m just bugging them. But I’m going to come up with some stuff here!)

Does eight seem like a good number? I like this list. I don’t know where the TIME is going to come from. But it’s good to have goals.

Maybe you want to make your own summer manifesto. It’s a good way to focus on the things you really want to spend your precious resources on.


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