Zoku Opening Day

It’s popsicle season, folks!

Well okay, it’s real hit or miss still on the weather, but there are some popsicle days. I kicked it off this year with chocolate and peanut butter stripe pops. I actually followed a Zoku endorsed recipe, even. Which was considerably more complicated and putzy than my usual “purée fruit and add some liquid” approach. But they were outstanding!

Except, moms of girls, see the problem with our Popsicle time last night? I forgot to tie her hair back. I’m so sick of her hair being completely stuck together all the time!

Also, our property has a new inhabitant.

A very cute and tiny inhabitant. We have a bunny hole right by the house, but I’ve only seen one little guy. I don’t know if there are more in there or not. But I’m pretty stoked anyway.

Here, also, is a picture of Lola that I meant to post a while ago. I got home, and she looked like this:
And when I told her I wanted to grab my camera, she ran and got hers too and insisted we take turns taking pictures of each other. It was cute. Look how grown up that kid is! I can’t take it! I miss THIS little girl so much:

Happy Weekend, everyone. 🙂


One thought on “Zoku Opening Day

  1. That popsicle sounds really good. I kind of want a Zoku now.
    I think the same is true of bunnies as of rodents: where there’s one, there are always more. I saw some tonight and they were Very cute.
    That is too precious- I love that she wanted to take turns taking each other’s photo. You’ve got a bff 😉

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