Yesterday you were so quintessentially you. I keep thinking of the little details and getting such a flood of, “Yay! I get to be your mom!”

You were having a naughty morning. You don’t like to listen! And I obviously don’t know the best way to help you out with that. But we’re both doing our best, right?

You found a Strawberry Shortcake doll in the basement of an antique shop. The older Strawberry Shortcake, the one you’re more familiar with. And when you asked the man at the counter how much, he said you could have it! What a great find. You need another plush toy like you need a hole in the head, but you love her.

You bought a hotdog slicer. You had your own money in your Dalmatian purse, and you wanted to buy a hot dog slicer. And then proudly told everyone who would listen about it.

You dripped Blue Moon ice cream on your white shirt. And didn’t notice or care.

When we found a grassy area to let Corbin run around, you immediately zoned in on a baby hanging out in her carseat. You have yet to grasp the concept of strangers. Or of respecting others’ personal space. You had no idea that a strange child in a dirty shirt reaching out to tickle the baby’s chin might be less than desirable to that mommy. The baby smiled at you.

You and I went to see a movie together. I was excited to take you, and you were excited to go. I let you get popcorn and a soda. You’re still too little to be comfortable in those fold up seats. So you watched most of the movie on my lap. You brought Strawberry too, and tried to cover the scary parts with your Strawberry. You talked just a little too loud.

You are such a special girl.


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