Mini Vacation

So last week we took a little mini family trip. Last Christmas, my sister was lovely enough to give our family a gift card to an indoor waterpark hotel instead of toys we don’t need. So awesome. The weather report was not good, and I was kind of crabby, and I wasn’t sure how all this would go.

And then it was all perfect. 🙂

When we got there, Lola was pretty eager to go swimming. If you can’t tell:

The waterpark was just perfect for our family. The little kid area was easily accessible, super warm, and fun and safe for Corbin while still being pretty fun for Lola. The lazy river was plenty long. And the big tube slide was a ton of fun! Lola and I couldn’t get enough of it. Corbin got bold enough that he was enjoying the little kid slide section almost independently; he cried at me every time I tried to hold his hand. I was too worried about my camera to bring it, but I wish I could have.

We considered making dinner in our room because it had a full kitchen, and I was worried the attached restaurant was full of overpriced, mediocre food. But it was getting late and the kids were exhausted, and we took our chances with the restaurant. And it was great! Very good food, the best cornbread we’d ever had, and the kids even behaved pretty well!

There was also a cute little arcade. Where Corbin’s favorite game was running up the stairs and down the ramp and up the ramp and down the stairs. I barely got a chance to even play a little skeeball!

So Corbin and I bailed because it was getting late. Which was fine with him, because running down the long hallway was the next best thing, I guess. Although, we apparently didn’t tire him out enough to prevent him from waking up at FOUR A.M.!

Everyone there was so very friendly, and it was just wonderful. Lola hit the waterpark again in the morning while Corbin napped. And then, when we were ready to go walk around Main Street, the weather decided to cooperate! We couldn’t have asked for a better day. We did a little shopping. Which mostly involved us quickly going through stores and noting all the cute stuff we’d love to come back and look at someday WITHOUT small children in tow. We had a fantastic lunch at a restaurant I love!

And then went for dessert. Three words: Salted. Caramel. Icecream!

Then it was really time to head home. Corbin needed a nap. And I decided to take Lola to a movie. Do you think she had a good time?


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