Run Lola Run

It’s important to me that my kids play a team sport. I think it teaches them a lot of good things. And hopefully they don’t wind up afraid or embarrassed to ever try anything athletic, like their mother is. Tee ball practice started this week. Lets just say it was …entertaining!





Now, I’m trying pretty hard to let the VERY PINK PINKNESS of all of this go. But I do have to say, when I found out it’s not coed (really? Four year olds playing tee ball and already we have to other-ize the girls?) and their jerseys are pink and their team is Stars, I was a touch …peeved. But of course, I’m a whackadoo, so you’ve got to keep that in mind.

And Lola’s only bummed that she’s not wearing purple, lol. In fact, Brian took her to pick out her mitt, and she picked the pink one (as did 99% of the others, natch.) He was tempted to suggest a less cliched look, but she definitely has her own strong opinions on matters such as these. And, well, okay I admit it! I liked it better when she was like a doll for whom I got to make all styling choices! Darn personal autonomy! (She also picked a pink hat, by the way.)

By the end of the first practice, she was finally starting to learn not to run with her arms straight down at her sides, so that’s good. 🙂 (Really, picture it, it’s funny!) And she is in HEAVEN with all those other little girls to talk to!

Corbin, on the other hand, took the entire hour as an opportunity to scream and cry. Awesome. Here are the two seconds where he wasn’t completely unbearable:


We have another practice tonight. Do you think if I just bring, like, a whole gallon tub of ice cream, it will last him at least most of the hour?


One thought on “Run Lola Run

  1. lol. is that a corn-dog or ice cream? yum. either way.
    Yeah, I don’t dislike pink per se, I do dislike uniformity and imposed gender norms. Plus, blue and green (and purple!) are super-awesome colors and just as feminine as pink… or more so. So my tee-ball team one day will be the tie-dye monSTARS!
    kidding…. but it would break some norms.
    the picture of Lola skipping merrily to home plate (yes?) is classic. Go Lola!!!!!!!!!!!

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