Watering the Weeds

Well, my desire to be a gardener did not just instantly improve my very poor gardening skills. I guess that’s not surprising.

The best part so far, in fact, has been Lola being so cute about the whole thing. On Sunday, I finally got my beans in (and am likely to have to replant them, because apparently that one inch depth thing was not just a meaningless suggestion), and then Lola ran around in her overalls with her elephant watering can, watering the weeds, the trees, her swing set, and one small part of the middle of the lawn.





Please ignore the fact that Corbin started pooping in the tub (I swear I tried to think of a euphemism to make that less off-putting) right as I was in the middle of trimming Lola’s bangs. And I may have gotten a teensy bit distracted and sort of did a bad job.


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