Catch Up

I’m thinking of staging a triumphant return.

I’ve been thinking of it for some time now, but that always ends up seeming like a lot of pressure. I can’t seem to come up with anything interesting enough to constitute a triumphant return. In fact, the reason I stopped blogging is that I stopped feeling creative and entertaining.

But I miss it. I miss having this chronicle of all the random thoughts and daily activities and things that make me smile. So, I’m going to let myself off the hook for the triumphant part, and just stage a return. And I still don’t have anything particularly compelling to delight the blogosphere with, so….how about some updates?

What we’ve been up to since last Summer.

Well, the kids turned 5 and 2. Between their birthday and Christmas, my house is so stuffed with toys that I feel we may be in danger of death by toy avalanche.

Lola started 4K. She’s doing well overall. Which I keep reassuring myself, because y’all know I’m self conscious about the quality of my parenting, and my first real parent teacher conference was some nerve wracking stuff! And when I get nervous I talk too much. I’m sure her teacher thinks I’m a whackadoo. And, lets be honest, she’s pretty much right.

I do feel like starting “real school” has coincided with an attitude change in Lola. And by that I mean she has too much damn attitude. And most of the time I’m kinda bummed about it. Except some of the time I’m secretly entertained. Which is crazy!

Funny things Lola said yesterday:

I sent her a lunchable to school, even though her school is kinda into healthy eating. That was nice when it meant they provided healthy lunches! But now that they don’t do that, it’s a little intimidating. Partly because sometimes I’m a lunchable kind of mom. So the director, according to Lola, told her she shouldn’t drink juice. And she’s telling me this story, and she ends with, “But sometimes it’s time to stop listening to other people’s rules and start following your heart!”

Hee! I was like, Honey I don’t know if that argument really applies to Hi C Fruit Punch. But in truth, I’m thinking of using that one for many situations. 🙂

Also, last night we were watching Cars (imagine that!) and Lola told me she had to go potty but didn’t want to miss the movie (which is silly because we all have it memorized verbatim by now.) So I told her to just hurry up, and as she’s running to the bathroom she says, “We gotta be fast, Peepee!” And then, “my peepee always listens to me.”

That kid wants to be in control of someone or something so bad.

Corbin is equal parts adorably delightful (that’s an understatement) and completely frustrating (possibly an even bigger understatement!)  He has a big boy bed now. Meaning no one in this house has gotten a good night’s sleep in weeks. (The bright side is, I am feeling more confident about not wanting any more babies!)

He still has a speech delay. But he is improving all the time. I kind of love his gibberish mixed with actual words. Brian will tell him no to something, and Corbin will come rat him out like this: “blidiprablaladla Daddy!” Complete with accusatory finger pointing. His other favorite thing is to bring me something that belongs to him, his blanket or a toy, and say to me very very emphatically, “mine! Mine!” Ridiculously forcefully, as though someone was arguing the point with him. No one was.

He’s also completely beyond obsessed with the movie Cars, actual cars, and all things with wheels. We drive around and he constantly points, “Car! Truck! TRUCK!” And I mean, we’re driving. In traffic. You’d think that game would get old. But no.

He doesn’t really talk enough to have a Funny Things section. But maybe I’ll report his latest words. This morning he learned a phrase. “Wake up!” Yay.

As for me, I’m my usual neurotic self. My closest thing to news is that I think I finally perfected my pie crust. 🙂  Actually, I could blab about a few fairly entertaining things, but HOLY CRAP WordPress does not work well on my iPad! It’s very frustrating! Each letter takes like a second to appear. Because that’s just what I need to help motivate me to blog more.

Instead, here are some recent-ish photos.





Oh wait, that last one is actually Charlie Hunnam. 🙂