Simple, Frugal, Pretty

It started with an itch. I was kicking budgeting ass, and then I got this itch to buy new home decor type stuff. Which led to me trying to keep my house cleaner, to prove to myself that it would be worth bothering with prettier home stuff. Which led to me trying to start a decluttering phase (which is slow going), in order to make the cleaner house thing a little easier. Which led to me briefly wishing we were Amish, until I remembered that I like variety. And the Internet.

And there was more. Basically, I have an urge to focus on making things in my life prettier, while also simpler, and keeping frugal. I don’t think all these things are all going to be achieved at the same time every time. But because they all came into my consciousness at the same time, they feel related. So lets see if I can keep this feeling going.

My list of little things I want for my home keeps growing. While my anxiousness about the difficulty of sticking to our super tight budget also keeps growing. So…that’s not fun. I’ve got to REALLY prioritize and probably won’t get to most of this. But my first priority?
Throw pillows!!
Our throw pillows are HORRIBLE. They are seriously effin ugly. And now somewhat stained. And one is ripped. But I don’t really have the money for new pillows right now. Boo. And then I looked at just throw pillow covers, on etsy. Yeah, not really cheaper. So I think I’m going to have to find some time for some sewing (blech) or some money for TJ Maxx.

I am also sooooooooooooo (get the picture) sick of my limited wall decor in my living/dining area. Mainly, a painting that Brian bought for me many moons ago, by Michael Parkes whom I LOVE. But I’m just ready for something fresh. Plus, I’m definitely not feeling all the crosses anymore. Who am I, Ozzy? But again, don’t have any money for replacements right now. So, what I DID was…
I hung up this shadow box next to the painting. I wasn’t sure if it looks a little tacky. It is something my mom made in high school that was hanging in the main hallway at my grandparents house for decades, certainly my whole life. It’s my grandparents wedding photo, and each little box has some photos and little bits of ephemera representing my mom, her parents, and her brother. I love that a PBR label made it in. Hipsters got nothin on Clarence Tobalsky from Wausau. 🙂

It was just sitting in my closet since my grandpa passed, so it was quick and free to hang there, and it just feels good to me to look at it again. I’m on a mission now to try to incorporate some more touches from my grandma and grandpa’s house (AKA the best part of my childhood.) Corelle in Spring Blossom Green comes to mind.

Also, beautifully, it was warm enough for sundresses the last couple days! Can’t wait for more of that.