Are you smarter than a five year old?

So, there is now a grocery store in my town that has a child care service. For free! You can drop your kids off for up to an hour while you shop. So, of course I drove all the way across town to pick up a few items yesterday because, hello, peace! Also, there’s a Vietnamese restaurant next door with spring rolls. 🙂

Halfway through shopping I get paged overhead and panic like a crazy person. “Corbin is choking on crayons!” “Someone is bleeding!” “Lola is misbehaving so badly that we’ve been expelled!!”
None of those, actually; Lola just needs to go pee.

As she’s finishing up in the bathroom, she says to me, about the lady in the childcare room, “I’m going to ask her if she thinks I’m pretty. I bet she’ll say yes.”

And I’m not sure why exactly I think this is one of her more brilliant remarks, but in my head I just thought, “you really know where it’s at, kid.” I’m thinking it might be a benefit to my admittedly low self esteem to start asking people leading questions that leave them feeling obligated to tell me complimentary things about myself, lol.

When I think about it, she has a lot of wisdom. Other things to learn from Lola:

If you hate something, don’t do it.
Now, possibly this isn’t the best advice for mature adults. But then again, I don’t know… For example, Lola hates having the front of her hair washed because she never holds still enough to make sure she doesn’t get soapy water in her eyes and mouth. So she just refuses to wash her bangs. “But sweetie your hair is going to get really greasy and gross looking in the front.” Shoulder shrug. Lola knows that, in the scheme of things, partially greasy hair is just not as detrimental to one’s day to day life as some would imagine.

“You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”
She says this a lot. Mostly to Corbin. I’m sure she learned it at school where the teachers can’t spend all day making sure everyone’s craft paper that day is in their own personal favorite color, or whatever. And certainly there is a strong case to be made for NOT just accepting whatever life throws at you. But also, sometimes you just get what you get. And throwing a fit in those situations rarely proves fruitful. So just use your YELLOW construction paper instead of the purple, finish your art project, make it a really good one anyway, or don’t, and move on.

If you don’t know the words, just make them up.
You don’t have to know what you’re doing all the time. You don’t have to do something WELL, or even CORRECTLY, to enjoy it.

She also tells me often, “if you eat poop, you’ll die.” Less applicable than some of her other wisdom, but she seems to feel its so important that I think she’d want me to pass it along.




My Mom Confessions

You know, I really do wish I were a super mom. Like the kind of mom that just gets it right and does the right things all the time, or even most of the time. But most of the time I’m just kind of flailing. I was going to mention something I did the other day that was not really super mom like at all. And then, by the time I even got around to typing it, all the not so super stuff was just piling up like crazy! These are just from the past month or so!

– I lie to my kids.
Lola fell in love with the Sawyer Brown song “Some Girls Do.” It’s an oldie but a great-y. I hadn’t thought of it in forever, then I found the CD at my dad’s house, and boy did it put a smile on my face. But soon, every time we got in the car I heard, “I wanna listen to Some Girls!!” Which was cute at first, although its disconcerting to hear your small child use the term “white trash.” Then, after months of this, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I finally told Lola I lost the CD.

– I discovered that if I say “what?” to Lola enough times, she’ll eventually forget what she was asking or telling me. I know! Mean! In my defense, I discovered it by accident while actually being unable to hear/understand her. But then I realized it was handy for when she was wanting something and I didn’t want to deal with the meltdown after telling her no. But you have to use this one sparingly. Otherwise she might catch on. Or I might actually feel bad about doing it.

– This isn’t really a mom thing, but it’s delightful. When Brian has shirts that I don’t like or don’t think look good on him at all, I don’t wash them. 🙂 I gather the laundry, and every time I do, I just pass those shirts over. The ugly Alice in Chains t shirt with the little stain. The yellow thermal Henley that’s a little too tight. I was feeling proud of my genius. Until he finally decided to do a load of his own laundry.

– Sometimes I let my kids do stuff they shouldn’t just so I can have a few minutes of peace. The other day, I saw Corbin pulling wipes out of the container I left on the floor. I let him pull out every one so I could beat my Candy Crush level. How wasteful! And then we had to clean them up. Or there was the time the kids were playing in the bathroom, and I knew that was bad news, but having both of them in another room for 10 minutes was so heavenly that I willfully ignored my gut. Until Lola came and told me Corbin was doing something naughty. And I discovered that he had painted the bathroom counter, and his own hands, with blue toothpaste. 😦

– I throw away so much “artwork.” I’m so sorry kids if you someday read this! But every day they bring home something, and they’re not all gems! I hide it in the trash, because Lola has a habit of pulling it back out otherwise.

– I SUCK at the “why? Why? Why?” game. I try. Brian can go FOREVER. But I end up getting frustrated and just saying, “I don’t know, OKAY!?” My mom ends up resorting to, “because that’s the way God made it” a lot. I know because Lola asked me why the bathtub was curved, and added, “is it because that’s the way God made it?” Lol, no, I’m pretty sure God didn’t make our bathtub sweetie.

– When Lola brought home her valentines from school, we went through them together. And when I saw that one was a Fruit by the Foot, I totally made a silently exciting plan in my head to eat it the first chance I got. And I did. When she went to bed that night. She had so many treats, she had no idea. And I had almost forgotten how much I loved Fruit by the Foot! Look, I share stuff with her. Even my Birthday Cake Oreos. It doesn’t get a lot more selfless than that.

– I torture my kids by singing in the car. It used to be that I would rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody until a toddler Lola said, “that’s enough mommy.” Now she’s old enough to really kind of care what we listen to. I like to try to find stuff she likes. But I mean, if you don’t like Bruce Springsteen, that’s your problem. Last night she was literally crying because I left on Miranda Lambert instead of whatever she wanted. And then I decided to sing along. And I got, through tears, “mom! You’re making it worse!” I sang anyway though.

I know there are more. This is just the few most recent. That I’ve shared publicly for I’m not sure what reason. Maybe so other moms reading this can feel better about themselves. Like, “well, I didn’t get any educational activities in today, but Geez, I’m sure a better mom than THIS woman!”

Summer Manifesto?

I was poking around on the Internet, and stumbled on this blog post by Ali Edwards about a Summer manifesto. Which was then made into an awesome and creative book. That is way beyond my talent level. But inspiring nonetheless. (I secretly want to try art journaling but am too embarrassed.)

So for starters, I had to look up the word manifesto in the dictionary. It’s one of those words that I know a vague meaning of based on context. But, specifically speaking, I don’t know what the hell a manifesto actually is. “Public declaration of intent.” Okay.

Now then, what would make my Summer Manifesto?

1. Zoku! (I’m really excited to do some more of this.)

2. Take maximum advantage of the Harbor Market. (The harbor market is like an upscale, yuppie version of a farmers market down by the lake. It can get a little expensive, so I need to make sure I’m carving room in my grocery budget in order to be able to enjoy the local delights. I want to find the things there that are REALLY worth my money. And stop buying the steak tacos and 5 dollar juices, etc.)

3. Do some gardening. (I have whatever the opposite of a green thumb is. I SUCK. I have absolutely no natural aptitude, and usually even less time to bother. But I really want to have a handful of nice looking flowers and some veggies. That I don’t just let die because I’m so incompetent and uninterested.)

4. Try canning. (The only thing I’ve ever made is strawberry freezer jam like my grandma’s. It was really nice and I want to try some more canning. I am actively insisting to myself that I keep it simple and not try to get carried away so that it ends up becoming stressful. Just a few small batches for this year.)

5. Look nice sometimes. (I’m trying to practice body acceptance. And so rather than not ever buy any clothes because I’m too …whatever, I’m going to make an effort, SOME of the time at least, to really feel like I look nice. Buy some nice things for myself. Preferably at the thrift store for less than ten dollars!)

6. Make family outings happen! (We have such wonky schedules, that it can be really easy to let time slip away and never do anything special together as a whole family. So I have to prioritize and plan it. And make it happen now and then.)

7. Entertain friends and family at our home. (I don’t do this a lot. I get a little anxious about having huge groups over. And when I think about a smaller gathering, I worry that I’m boring and people don’t really want to hang out with me. But I really want to make it a priority to have various couples over for dinner and whatnot here and there.)

8. Show my parents how much I appreciate them. (I don’t really think they know. Expressing feelings is something that is difficult within my family dynamic. And I really worry sometimes that they don’t realize how much I appreciate them and all the little things they do for me and what they mean to my family. I want to try to find ways that I can show them how much I appreciate them. But I’m not sure what yet because I have no time and money. And I have that aforementioned weird complex where I don’t think anyone wants to spend time with me and I worry that I’m just bugging them. But I’m going to come up with some stuff here!)

Does eight seem like a good number? I like this list. I don’t know where the TIME is going to come from. But it’s good to have goals.

Maybe you want to make your own summer manifesto. It’s a good way to focus on the things you really want to spend your precious resources on.

Something of a Personal Hero

I got a bunch of messages yesterday as the news about Roger Ebert got around. The only response I could come up with was “sad face!” I was speechless yesterday. I’m not much more articulate today, but I want to say something anyway. Roger Ebert is something of a personal hero.

He was an excellent writer. And really, if that’s all I could say about him (it’s not,) that would be reason enough for admiration. Really good writing is not easy to come by. I LOVED reading his movie reviews because they did so much more than tell me whether he thought a movie was good or bad. They explained things. They put things in a new way. They were always filled with well turned phrases. They made me realize WHAT was so good about a movie. They contained so much wit and wisdom. Imagine, movie reviews making me feel! In many cases, his writing was better than the movie itself. I linked to a bunch of them in these posts.

Roger Ebert was also really inspiring to me on a personal level.
For starters, even though he was clearly a cut above the rest in many regards, he was not snobby. You know film snobs. They’re self important and act like good ol entertainment is something for lesser people. Not Ebert.
I always got the impression from Ebert’s writing that he could empathize with the downtrodden. With basically decent people who do bad things or make bad decisions. He seemed to appreciate humanity, in all it’s good and bad.
He wasn’t afraid to ENJOY things. I feel like some people think art and literature have to be depressing to be considered great. I reject that. And I think Ebert did too. On a related note, I feel like some people are too cool to embrace things like simple joy. Roger Ebert wasn’t a too cool guy; he embraced everything life offered. And then wrote about it so that I could take in some of the wisdom that came from his life well lived.

There are going to be so many things written about Roger Ebert in the near future. Most of them are going to be much better written than this. But I wanted to say something anyway.

Mostly, I am just going to miss the hell outta reading his stuff. I’m a big fan.

Dealing Well

My husband just sent me this, and it’s my new most favorite thing of all:


Or at least, it’s right up there among my top three, along with Coach and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights) and “Walk” by the Foo Fighters (soooo in love with that song I can’t stand it!)

Just thought I’d share. 🙂

This Mommy is Fablious

Lola picked out a sweatshirt today that says “my mommy is fabulous,” but she pronounces it fablious.  🙂

So, the most Fablious thing currently – I got an iPad!  I think I may be able to blog more now. (and I can totally hear you all saying “whats that, lucy? a football for me to kick?) Maybe. After I finish being obsessed with the maddening cupcake game that I can never win and that I now see when I close my eyes, like when you play too much Tetris.  Also, if I can ever get it away from Lola.  Who calls it an iPat.  I’m going to miss all these mispronounciations someday.

I’m still learning the keyboard though.  It’s sort of pissing me off.


I haven’t had to get up with Corbin the last TWO nights. Amazing!  He’s ten months now, and I really hope we’ve turned a corner here.  But he still only has two teeth, so I’m sure we’ve got some rough stuff coming.  I’ve pretty much weaned him at this point.  AND I’m pretty much past the part where I sob uncontrollably every time I think about that fact.  Which was particularly fun at work. 🙂

Overall the kids are good.  We had family photos taken a few weeks ago, which went really poorly.  So just imagine my surprise when I got the photos and a lot of them were super good!  I will definitely post some when I get around to loading them up.

you know, I was so excited to be able to post something that I forgot about the part where I ought to have something to say. Whoops!  Not that I would matter if I did, due to the fact that I can barely think with Lola climbing all over me, nagging, “WHEN CAN I TYPE SOMETHING?  Type a L!!”

okay then, be back later.