Wednesdays are back y’all.

I’ve been meaning to add a Wednesdays post. I never post anymore and these Wednesdays posts are a good way for me to continue to keep the occasional snapshot of our life. But this Wednesday, while busy, was super snoozy from a blogging perspective. I’m gonna just go ahead anyway.

Corbin slept in! Well, I mean he got up at like five like usual, but he came into my bed and instead of demanding “breakfast bar!” and insisting I get up, he fell back to sleep. Now, he slept in such a manner that I didn’t actually get much more sleep. And really, I’ve been waking up at five for the last 2 1/2 years so I can’t usually sleep in anymore. But still. 🙂

When we finally get up at like 6:30, Lola joins us shortly, and I offer to make pancakes. And what does Corbin say? “No! Breakfast bar!” My kids! They hate homemade things! I’m not even a bad cook, to be honest. I don’t LIKE to cook, but I’ve discovered I’m pretty ok at it. But no. Homemade applesauce? Gross. We only like apple sauce that comes in squeezable pouches. What about homemade applesauce in squeezable pouches? No. They can tell the damn difference. Just one small example. But Lola eats my pancakes. And then demands “a Tum.”

My kids think Tums are candy. One day I gave Lola one because she was complaining so much about her stomach hurting. And then of course shortly after I found Corbin in the bathroom with Tums all over the floor saying “canny, I want canny.” Now Lola asks for one like every day. “My stomach hurts. I need a Tum,” in a whiney, pathetic voice. I can’t decide if this is just a thing now, or if I should be asking her Dr about this.

Every Tuesday night I swear to myself that I’m going to wake up Wednesday and hit the ground running. Get up, get ready, get the kids ready, just like a work day, and I’ll get so much done! Today, in particular we have to grocery shop, clean the house, and do it all early because I want to take Lola to a county fair. Currently it’s 8:15, and all I’ve accomplished is breakfast and kicking the ass of Bubble Witch on my iPad. We are all in jammies, I haven’t even washed my face.

So I thought since Corbin slept in he would be in a particularly good mood today. That would be incorrect. He’s a particular little shit today. But we finally make it out the door and make it through grocery shopping ok. And since bribery is a-okay by me as long as it works, and the kids are actually pretty good at the store, I let them share some skittles. (With each other and with me because I love skittles.) And then I realize I don’t have my debit card (again! This happened to me the other day! I’m such a loser!) So now I’m having a little flip out in the checkout line. The man behind me is lightly admonishing my kids for eating skittles off the floor, and I’m pretending not to notice they’re doing it (because I don’t want him to judge me for the fact that if I DID notice I wouldn’t actually care,) while I try to figure out what to do. We have to go home and come back. Fine. Y’all don’t take IOUs then? Fine.

I then make the mistake of asking the kids whether they’d like to drive past the horses or the airplanes on the way home (a farm or a small airport.) It’s clearly a split decision. Involving yelling (loving this “NO!!!!” phase with Corbin, btw.) And then I realize that’s no prob, because we not only have to drive home from the store, we have to drive right back to the store, and then back home again. I love that seeing horses or planes out the car window is like a big to-do. Can you tell that my kids don’t have a real fancy lifestyle? Lol.

Now, generally I am as annoyed as anyone by my kids fighting in the backseat. When Lola’s in manic mode and won’t leave her brother alone, and he’s screaming his head off while I try and navigate construction traffic- that sucks. But once in a while, when it’s just hilariously over-dramatic arguing about whether that’s a horse or a pony and whether or not Corbin actually saw a motorcycle or just said he did, minus the high pitched screeching, I just find it pretty funny. This one ends in “Corbin you smell like dump!” as we drive by the yard waste place with the windows down. I probably shouldn’t have laughed out loud at that.

This is getting long, so I’m going to skip to the rodeo. 🙂

I had been kind of wanting to take Lola to a rodeo, mostly because I wanted to go to a rodeo. But I sort of sidelined that because none of the options seemed both fun and affordable. And then as we looked at the horses at the state and county fairs, she said “I wish I could see a cowboy riding one.” And I said, welllll…there’s this thing called a rodeo….

And then I saw that a county fair about an hour away, that I’d never been to but always heard was nice, was having a rodeo. And so we go. First we enjoy a bit of the fair. Meaning I eat Hot Wisconsin cheddar nuggets and check out the craft and agriculture buildings. Because those are my favorite parts. And Lola rides overpriced rides and plays an overpriced game, eats cheese fries, and refuses to even TRY a funnel cake. Wtf!? It’s fried dough with powdered sugar on it. She would eat powdered sugar off a spoon. But not off deep fried deliciousness? We settle on a caramel apple, no nuts, and head to the arena to find a seat.

When the main event finally gets started, she’s a little….troubled. By the violently bucking animals and cowboys being jerked around like rag dolls. And I realize, we didn’t actually talk specifics about what a rodeo involves. And it’s sort of like when I took her to see Epic, and she kept telling me it was scary, but when I asked if she wanted to leave, she said no she was enjoying herself. She loves the barrel racing though. And the drill horses with “sparkly hair and sparkly butts” (these things are COVERED in glitter glue or something.)

We have to leave a bit early because it’s late and she’s cold. But we have a really nice time.

When we get back to the car she tells me not to roll the windows down because it’s nighttime. This from the girl who is always asking me, to my constant devastation, when we are going to have a jeep again. I say, “Lola what if we had a jeep right now with the top down? I loved driving the jeep with the top down at nighttime. I can’t think of hardly anything I like better.” And she has a very well-reasoned response, “well, I like unicorns better.” So there.

About halfway home she tells me she loves me “as much as grandma.” So I guess she enjoyed the rodeo. And we both ride home, sticky with caramel. You try eating a caramel apple with no nuts on it!


Just a little update

Yay! I can access my blog again! I hope it sticks; I was panicking!

Corbin’s ear tube surgery went like this:

His surgery was done at the hospital where I work. But I had never been to the pediatric inpatient department. It’s an odd mix of adorable and disconcerting. Little hospital gowns with spaceships on them! Teeny tiny blood pressure cuff! Adorable! They even had little tiny versions of the non-skid hospital slipper socks. I joked that his stuff should all be yellow (for fall risk patients) because he definitely has a history of falls. Hee hee, hospital humor.
But at the same time, little kids + all this medical stuff = disconcerting. I was very glad we were just there for a simple, voluntary procedure.

It was a long morning, and he was not a happy camper coming out of anesthesia. But by that afternoon he was back to his usual self. I think he is definitely hearing better. Hoping to make some progress on the speech before too long. 🙂

Having Lola gone to Florida went like this:

(Imagine a photo of me sobbing uncontrollably. I was too upset to take pictures.) Though, right about when she was getting ready to come home, I was calming down and getting used to it and remembering how easy it was to have only one kid. I was glad to have her back, though.

You know who else is glad to have her back?

Or, well, he’s SOMETIMES glad.

Here are a couple more photos that I took yesterday:
Crystal Light and generic Apple Jacks is a totally nutritious snack, right? :

I had set Lola up with some stickers and markers and stuff, and she seemed to be enjoying her independent craft time while I did some cleaning. And I was feeling pretty pleased about how it was what I imagine the “good” households are like. And then I walked back into the kitchen to find this:

Is it inappropriate that I smiled and took pictures instead of disciplining? They’re washable markers. Except, for some reason they didn’t wash off of her belly that well. Leading Brian to panic a little when dressing her for bed that night. Which, really Baby? You thought she had some sort of condition that caused a faded purple spiral doodle to appear on her belly?

Here is one of my favorite parts of every week:
Lola getting all excited while helping with the groceries. “NEW PRETZELS!?!”

Lastly, here is my confession for the day:
I was cleaning under the couch (a VERY frustrating, never ending chore. Stupid hardwood floors.) and found a ball (they ALL end up under there!) that belongs to a toy set that I had packed away in the basement. And instead of reuniting it with its toy family, I just rolled it far enough under the couch that no one would ever see it. Hey, it’s better than when I eat the old, found fruit loop. What, too far?


– The kids are very trying today right from go. What with this being The Year That Winter Arrived Late, I blame it on a prolonged cabin fever period. Mostly so that I don’t have to waste too much energy blaming it on myself. I just can’t take that today.

– Brian has been doing that oh-so-hip “what’s that on your shirt?” thing with Lola. Where then you like poke the person in the face or whatever. I hope you know what I’m talking about because I don’t know how the hell to describe it. Anyway, she’s not as slick. She just says to me, “Hey, look down!” Then does it. Followed by, “Do you want me to do that again?” Well of COURSE I do, sweetheart! Who wouldn’t!?

– Corbin’s ENT visit is today. This speech delay business is for. The. Birds. Everyone I talk to tells me something different and I feel so frustrated by it all. Today we paid another $40 copay (after $160 on last week’s appointments) just to hear that I need to see, yet again, someone else. (Our audiologist appointment is next Wednesday.) But not before spending 50 minutes in a waiting room with my cranky one year old. Come on, doctors! I can accept that you can’t keep from making a one year old wait for an hour, but porcelain tchotchkes on low tables!? Really!? In the end, my only relief is to allow Corbin to turn the screen on my phone on and off while listening to it beep. When I am finally distracted by the Dr, he starts putting it in his mouth, and I am VERY grateful to notice early, because the whole reason I have this junk phone I hate is because he drooled on my other one and it was irreparable.

– The revolving door of kids’ appointments continues with Lola’s first trip to the dentist. Yes, her first one; I’m the worst. Thank GOD this is a pediatric practice. Kid friendly waiting room! They tell me they want to take her back by herself which, on the one hand, I can just chill for a bit and flip through a magazine. But it’s hard to relax, because I keep hearing muffled cries and wondering if that’s my kid.

Lola, it turns out, was a superstar. Her parents, on the other hand, are abject and total failures. She has cavities. I have all I can do not to cry from shame right there in the dentist’s office. And that’s BEFORE they tell me it’s going to cost about four hundred dollars.

– Later, on the way to the grocery store, I have to stop at the bank. And since I have a very special talent for always picking the slowest moving drive thru, I get lots of time to think about financial issues. I’m trying so hard to keep us on financial track, and it feels like it just gets harder. And as I try to estimate how much a hearing test and ear tube surgery will cost, I just feel like we’re never going to get to a stable place. Every time I do the math, all I come up with is that childcare costs and medical bills will never equal an amount we can actually afford.

– So basically I’m crabby. And then I notice the personalized license plate of the guy in front of me. It says “MIDLYF”. Since the car is red (well, maroon, but still) and a convertible, I can only assume this is a reference to this being a midlife crisis car. And all I can think is, “Who the hell has a Toyota as a midlife crisis car!?” Seriously, I don’t care how sporty you think this particular Toyota is, it takes a special kind of lame and boring to call this your midlife crisis car. But then, it is also most likely someone with a very responsible financial stability. I’m honestly not sure which one of us I want to be.

– The grocery store is cheering me up a little (now who’s lame and boring!?! Touché.) There’s a cute kid with a press on mustache. And a guy who looks about 20 dropping groceries left and right because he’s probably much too cool for a cart. It makes me laugh. And as I check out, with my target budget this week of $85 in my head, I watch the total creep up and up. And I stand there stressing, thinking we probably didn’t need the BIG jar of peanut butter or the yogurt puffs. But then she starts ringing the coupons. And all the hassle of those things (“should I buy the name brand cereal if it comes with a free gallon of milk?” “Is the expiration date on the milk far enough out for us to actually drink the whole thing?” “What is the actual difference in price per ounce for this brand with a coupon vs. the generic?”) pays off when I ring up at $84.76. 🙂

– So I’m feeling pretty good. But I should know better. I go to check the time on my cell phone. It’s ruined. Probably water damage again from Corbin’s drool. And now? I quit. Can I please quit? This whole being an adult thing? Or at least the getting by on a very limited income part of it? I just keep failing at it and I’d like to quit now. But then I’ve got Coach Taylor in my head* talking to Matt Saracen:
You know how many people depend on you to make good decisions? You better stop being so damn selfish and stop feeling sorry for yourself!

– Do you know who couldn’t care less about financial issues? Lola. She’s just excited to unload the groceries. And when I hear her squeal with delight, I turn around to see her hugging, of all things, a can of olives. With the happiest face in the world on. And I laugh like a crazy person.

– so I’m finding the bright side, though. Because that’s a thing I’m trying to do more often. And…all this stress about money leaves me with no mental energy to get down on myself about never having time to clean and organize my house properly! So, yay. Also! Lola ate her dinner tonight! Even the pork! You have NO IDEA what a big deal that was!

*I suspect Eric and Tami Taylor will be in my head a lot these days. Not least because:
Ok, you might need the full awesome, man-molding, wife-supporting, daughter-cherishing, upstanding, character-inspiring Coach Taylor experience to fully appreciate the picture.
But also, they are just the kind of people I wish I was.

Wednesdays #8

– Lola is always being some animal or another and insists that you refer to her as such. Like if you call her Lola she says “you mean Kitty!” This morning she is GiGi the Elephant (oddly, sometimes she’s Ella the Giraffe, but she insists she doesn’t have those names backwards) and I get many lessons in elephant behavior. “Did you know elephants can do a flip?” “Do you know elephants can wipe themselves?” Turns out elephants are really similar to four year olds.

– I don’t even bother turning on the radio in the car anymore because Lola has to talk about EVERYTHING! Some of my favorites from this ride: “What’s that big sign? Oh, it’s a truck. What’s that big truck for?” It carries cold things, honey. (it said cold storage or something.) “Cold things? Like penguins?”
“There’s garbage. That’s the dump. That’s where papa likes to go.” oh yeah, does he take you with him sometimes? “Yeah, but today he’s at Florida. Looking for a very special playhouse for me.” (My dad’s in Florida looking at possible vacation homes.)

– If it’s Wednesday, Corbin’s visiting the pediatrician! This is his one year well visit. He is 20lbs 12oz (25th percentile), 30 1/4″ (75th), and still has a big noggin (85th.) He takes all the poking like a champ. But it is nerve wracking when once again the Dr runs down the list of “Does he do this?” questions and I have to keep saying no. Pick easier questions next time! Also, when he investigates the inside of Corbin’s mouth, I secretly fear that he will find Oreo remnants, and I’ll have to get a lecture or a visit from CPS or something.

– Do you want to know how many times lately I’ve sworn up, down, and sideways that I’m going to spend the day getting my house really clean and then not cleaned at all? Well, I’m sure you do; I mean that’s the kind of fascinating info people are dying for. But I couldn’t tell you because it’s too many to count. Corbin is napping and Lola is occupied and what am I doing? Relaxing and procrastinating. I suck.

– Then there’s a rather boring and painfully long sequence where Lola feeds her baby doll in Corbin’s highchair while I sweep and scrub our hardwood floors and keep promising Lola I’ll make her lunch as soon as I finish. Don’t get hardwood floors! Dear god the dust and the crumbs and if I actually wanted things to be even remotely decent I’d be moving heavy furniture every other day. If you already have hardwoods…they really are beautiful aren’t they? Almost enough to make them worthwhile.

– I finally get Lola some lunch, and she has suddenly decided that one of her favorite lunches is now too yucky. 😦 I try being a hardass about it, but nothin doin. So I wolf down about half of it before I realize that it would be awfully nice to have something to feed to Corbin when he wakes up. Of course, it’s also grocery day so I have nothing else to give her. String cheese and applesauce counts as lunch, right?

– It’s then time to head to a meeting at my old alma mater to hear my (grim) prospects for ever completing a potentially employable degree while working full time and having a family. And the best thing I can say about how that went is that I got to catch Smells Like the 90s on 102.1 (Better Than Ezra? Gravity Kills? Good stuff!) I walk the halls with all the 20 year olds, reliving some of the worst parts of my life, and somewhere in the process I lose my only pair of sunglasses. Great.
Wouldn’t it be awesome if the degree I already have was useful in any way? If anyone has a job for an English major, send it my way.

– Brian and I are discussing the grocery list, and Lola’s offering helpful suggestions. It goes like this: Yogurt, Crystal Light… “Ice cream sandwiches!” Etc.

– My mom got Corbin this really cute farm set for his birthday, which it turns out Lola doesn’t like to share. This is what it looks like when Lola plays with the farm:

THIS is what it looks like when Corbin plays with the farm:

This is what Lola looks like when Corbin plays with the farm:

Forgive the horrible image quality. The camera on this very expensive iPad is the biggest piece of trash I’ve ever encountered.

– Just one more thing. Lola uses well/good appropriately and I love it. She says, “You didn’t do it very well,” for example. How many adults do you know who would use “good” there? Of course, she also said at dinner, “Ketchup is more better than Branch [that means Ranch dressing].” So I’m not getting too high and mighty yet. 🙂

Big Sisters Share

I don’t really have a Wednesdays post because it would mostly go like this:

“Damn it all to Hell!”

It was a trying day. Here’s a little episode that occurred that sort of sums it up nicely.

Me- Lola, what are you doing to Corbin?
Lola- Feedin him snot.
Me- WHAT!?
Lola- From my nose.

At the end of the day, as I wrestled Corbin into his pajamas for an inordinately long period of time while Lola tried to crawl all over me, I said to my husband, “Once upon a time, I would have been able to spend this evening sitting on the couch. By myself. Sigh.”

Anyway, here’s hoping for better things to share in the future. Like an improvement in my attitude. But not today, because I forgot to charge my iPad and it’s therefore likely to be a crappy day.

Happy Thursday!:)

Wednesdays #7

– Corbin’s up for the day at 4:30. Again. He’s sort of started kind of sleeping through most of the night lately (how’s that for a definitive statement? Lol.) but he is up so early every day and won’t go back to sleep. Which also means that by 6:30 he’s unbearably crabby. That makes two of us.

– In these bleary, early mornings I mostly sit around praying not to hear Lola’s feet hit the floor. I love her to pieces, but it’s so early! Every time Corbin makes a normal baby noise I’m like “don’t be so loud!!” So you can imagine how I feel when Brian’s alarm goes off loudly at 6:30. Who on God’s earth wants to wake up to a blaring, slightly garbled version of AC DC’s If You Want Blood? And then hit snooze!?

– So Corbin eating solids is great EXCEPT that I now have to share all my food with him or he cries. He has pretty much turned into a Hungry Hungry Hippo. The blue one. And I’ll be honest, I’m sort of into my food! The worst is that Lola once shared her cocoa puffs with him and now he FLIPS OUT if there are cocoa puffs in the vicinity and they are not in his fists/mouth (and, lets face it, hair/clothes/diaper.) Ten month olds don’t need cocoa puffs!! Well, not that three year olds do either.

– Thank God I now have a five hundred dollar iPad so I can screw around online more!lol. No one on my message board has answered my question about getting Corbin to sleep longer. Probably because if they know, THEY’RE STILL SLEEPING! But just for those who are interested, my favorite apps are Stumble Upon for me, and Scribble Press for Lola. She made the cutest book already. Also, Liv’s Cupcake House is the best game that ever existed, but i finally perfected every level, so bring on the game recommendations. I don’t want to have to spend much money, and I’m not into action type games, more those puzzle type, addicting ones.

– Ok, be honest, am I the only one who OCCASIONALLY runs a not TOTALLY full dishwasher just cause I don’t wanna hand wash all the bottles? I looked at it last night and thought “oh, I can definitely run this in the morning so we don’t have to wash bottles tonight. It’s half full already and by the time I put breakfast dishes in there…” Then I put in all my many breakfast dishes my oatmeal bowl (what the hell did I think I was going to have for breakfast? I don’t cook.) and realized, well, that I’m running it anyway. But I do feel guilty. NO ONE TELL MY COUSIN ASHLEY, she’s kind of a conservationist. Though, she’s also young and hot and in great shape even after having a baby, so she could use a little frustration. 😛

– Lola doesn’t wake up till 8 this morning and holy crap that’s like never happened. Also, OMG THE LEAVES ARE GORGEOUS AROUND HERE RIGHT NOW! So we take a drive to look at them all. I can’t remember the last time they were this good, so I try to figure out some great fall thing to fit in today between errands and Drs appts and housework. I think we’ll go get caramel apples and cider, but if you guys have suggestions, feel free. She goes to the pumpkin farm like every week with my dad, so I’m looking for other ideas. Maybe we’ll pick apples this weekend.

– I have developed a pimple on my chin that is so large that I am fully expecting other pimples to start orbiting it. That is all.

– I’ve noticed a recurring theme in my Wednesdays posts. That theme is Corbin Visits the Pediatrician. I think it’s hysterical that I wait with my kids for 45 minutes to be seen for literally less than 5. And by hysterical I mean infuriating. And it’s ear infections again!

– Lola is soooo obsessed with the color purple. Anytime she sees anything purple she immediately says “purplemyfavorite” all one word like that. I downloaded this coloring book app for her, and her pictures are mostly of purple princesses with purple skin and hair on purple backgrounds. And she cries if you try to sneak another color in there. Even, say, periwinkle.


– Weather’s kind of bummy so we’ve postponed our Fall festivities to the weekend. It’s just more fun when you have to fight crabby crowds and get clipped in the ankle with strollers. We do, however, go to Applebee’s. Because we’re just classy that way. After which I shower with both kids, and Lola uses the bath toys to play everyone’s favorite game, I Squirted Your Boob! You know, like ya do.

– I am now pretending to watch the debate while I play on my iPad and mull over whether I should call in to work tomorrow so I don’t get forced to punch some asshole right winger in the face. And by that I mean my boss.

Wednesdays with the Kids #6

Ugh, I’ve been so delinquent lately!  I guess it turns out that I’m too busy doing other stuff in the summer.  Yet, sadly, not stuff that’s all that terribly interesting.  How about a Wednesdays post!?

– Can someone please tell me what happened to my son who slept reasonably well for like a week there?  I’m pretty sure the downfall started when I mentioned out loud that he was sleeping better.  I knocked on wood!  Come to think of it, I think it was fake wood paneling.  Rats!  Will there ever come a day when I get to “sleep in” until maybe 7?  That would rock.  Today Corbin’s up at 4:15 and I just. can’t. do it.  I cave and give him to Brian, until I feel just too guilty and get up around 6.

– I have discovered that Lola can turn ANY word into an action verb.  It’s cute.  Some examples: She keeps climbing around and sliding off the couch saying “wee!”  When I tell her to stop her response is, “I was jus’ wee-in’.”  Or when she gets all up in a crying Corbin’s face saying, aggressively, “It’s okay it’s okay it’s OKAY!”  I tell her to give him some space and she says, “I was jus’ It’s Okayin’ him.”  This morning I tell her she needs to go potty and she informs me that first she has “to happy Corbin.” (I think that means she has to make him smile.)  A related favorite, re: Corbin, “He was bein’ happy at me!” 

– Corbin seems to be reaching the phase that Lola reached at about 5 months, where he can’t quite achieve forward motion and he’s CRABBY about it.  In order to get some peace to eat my cereal this morning (Quick side note: the different flavored Frosted Mini Wheats ROOOCK!), I give him an empty water bottle to play with.  Because I remember that Lola used to enjoy playing with my half full Diet Pepsi bottles, and I still seem to dwell on the “what’s good for the goose” way of parenting.  He loves this toy, but I discover the problem with giving a round toy to a kid who can’t crawl yet.  And then I have to get up roughly every 4.2 seconds to retrieve it for him.  Until FINALLY it occurs to me to crinkle it up so it’s not so round anymore and he can get his little hands around it.

– As I return my bowl to the kitchen, my bare feet stick to the random gooey spots on the hardwood floor and I can no longer ignore the fact that I have to spend my entire day off cleaning.  I am irrationally pissy about this. 

– Lola is very drawn to a Winx Club commercial for something or other.  “How to dress up like a fairy prostitute” or something.  I don’t know, I wasn’t paying that much attention because I was trying to get Polly Pocket’s tiny strappy sandal on while holding a crying Corbin.

– Normally, I can’t PAY the people living here to clean up anything (not that I’ve tried, money don’t grow on trees folks!).  And that trend continues for a while this morning, while Lola takes this opportunity, while I’m trying to pick up, to play with EVERY TOY SHE OWNS.  Although, this particular choice was very cute:

The adorable, baby-wearing apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  🙂

   But to be honest, that might be preferable to when she decides she wants to “help” me.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell the parents among you that having your 3 yr old “help clean” makes the process even more arduous.  Which I have no patience for this morning, so I finally cave to the sure-fire, long-term distraction technique.  Painting.  Of course, then I have to clean up THAT mess, but….

– And Corbin’s crabby again, so…Bathtime!  I also took a VERY cute photo of this, by the way.  But I don’t know what the deal is with posting bathtime photos on the internet…  A couple of things about bathtime, though.  1.  Why does Lola INSIST on drinking the water!?!  It drives me nuts!  I even tell her “you know, you’re drinking your brother’s pee right now.”  Doesn’t bother her in the least, apparently.  And 2. Corbin has the CUTEST FLIPPIN BABY BUTT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.  I never understood the idea of an attractive butt, until I saw Corbin’s.  Seriously, I’m thinking of stripping him down for everyone I know just so they can have that little slice of joy in their mental scrapbook, it’s that cute.

– The afternoon proceeds pretty boringly.  At one point, I look at my house and realize that, even though I’ve been cleaning for most of the day, I have way more left to do than I am likely to accomplish EVER.  Which is sad.  And then Brian finally gets home from class and I BEG him to take the kids and go get ice cream or something just so I can finish the bathroom floor.  He does, but I mostly spend my BLESSED hour of no kids (don’t judge!) sitting and watching TV while I fight the good fight against my desire for fast food.  And lose.

– Then my mom calls and says they’d like to pick Lola up to go get ice cream later.  And I agree.  DON’T JUDGE! lol.

– Here’s a little known fact: a baby skunk is called a “kit.”  I say “little known” because I didn’t know that, which is all the criteria I need.  I learned it while playing a Mommas and Babies memory game with Lola (Mommas and Babies memory is pretty much the best thing in the world, by the way.)  Have I told you guys that Lola can’t pronounce Ks and they all come out sounding like Ts?  Oh, yup.  So, you can imagine how vulgar our little game sounded.

– I guess that’s really all I have to share for today.  Here’s a picture of Corbin for good measure: